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Oscar 2017 Hottest Brands

Sample Sale Givenchy

This year has been a turbulent one for the entertainment industry, with Sony and other media giants reporting less than profitable quarters. Nevertheless, we all need some entertainment in our lives and the Oscars still interest us! What we care about even more than who won the award is what people wore to those awards and how they looked. Stay glued on our app to find out when the iconic brands will be hosting sample sales near you!

Emma Stone stole the show with her nude colored gown by Givenchy Haute Couture. Lala land me some of those dresses!

Naomie Harris resembled a bride in the perfect white gown from Calvin Klein By Appointment

Sample Sales ShopDrop App
Naomie Harris in Calvin Klein By Appointment

Brie Larson wore black made by Oscar de la Renta – simple, classic and timeless.

Sample Sale ShopDrop App
Brie Larson in Oscar de la Renta


Charlize Theron shone in her metallic dress from Christian Dior – remind anyone of the Dior advertisement where the model is submerged in liquid gold?

Sample Sales ShopDrop App
Charlize Theron in Christian Dior


Halle Berry dazzled us all in the striking dress that was custom made for her by Atelier Versace.

Sample sale by shopdrop app
Halle Berry in Atelier Versace


Fashion Sample Sale

Tory Burch: Entering the Athleisure Market

Tory Burch, Tory Sport, Sample Sales, Sample Sales NYC,

As more and more millennials are trading in their high heels for a pair of casual, sporty sneakers, it seems like the athleisure trend is here to stay. Athleisure wear is like a good spray tan; who could tell if it’s from a can or an exotic vacation? So too, no one knows if you’re actually athletic and eat kale salads for lunch everyday, or if you just love the look. But hey, what’s the difference anyway? Tory Burch’s line is known for being slightly preppy, classy yet boho, and can be identified by her classic “T” medallion logo. Who knew it could be this versatile?

The once obsolete Juicy track suits can now be found front and center in Urban Outfitters windows, and the once “boyish” baseball cap is now filling up the shelves of many stores in materials including leather, velvet and corduroy. Tory Burch was not going to be left in the dark.   

Tory Sport is Tory Burch’s alter ego: With her second line, she redefines herself with a chic-comfort look that is designed around different sports, including tennis, swimming, golf, running, as well as yoga. Whether you’re a true athlete and want to dress up your look, or want a good motivator to start, Tory Burch remains your go-to brand. Come check out the first ever Tory Sport sample sale!

Where: The Clothing Line: 261 West 36th Street, 2nd Floor. New York, NY

When: Tuesday February 28th- Friday March 3rd

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Fashion Sample Sale

THE ARRIVALS NYC: Sample Sale of the Week

ShopDrop App Sample Sale The Arrivals

If you are into futuristic style just like I am, then The Arrivals NYC is the brand to pay attention to. Unlike most of their fashion competitors, The Arrivals weren’t inspired by the runway and did not draw inspiration from fellow shops. Rather, the brand is driven purely by three things: functionality, craft, and individuality.

Using this motto, the designers skipped the brick&mortar part and set out to create a brand that would create wearable pieces and sell them directly to the consumer online – thereby ensuring an honest price. Imagine our excitement when we learned that for a few blissful days, The Arrivals merchandise will be available in a physical retail space at a crazy discount. Yup, The Arrivals NYC brand is holding a sample sale in the last week of its concept pop-up store. Grab your futuristic friend, head down to Soho and then tag us in your pictures!

What: The Arrivals NYC Sample Sale
When: Tue, Feb 21-Sun, Feb 26 11AM-8PM
Where: 39 1/2 Crosby St, New York, NY

ShopDrop Spp Sample Sale
The Arrivals NYC
Fashion Sample Sale

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Eileen Fisher

Sample Sales, Sample Sale, Sample Sale NY, NYC,

Meet Eileen Fisher; designer extraordinaire and creator of her own eponymous clothing line. Her comfy high-end line features everything from pajamas to business casual clothing. Her unique flare manifests itself in each of her pieces, which are designed to be comfortable, yet fashionable. Eileen’s line was premised on simplicity. She was irked by the fact that men have such an easy time getting dressed in the morning, while women’s clothing is forever getting more complicated. She doesn’t believe in runways or huge in-your-face events, she believes that clothing is made for real life.

Despite Eileen’s rise to fame in the fashion world, she didn’t follow the most traditional path to the designer life. Check out these 5 things you didn’t know about Eileen Fisher:

1Fisher’s Lack of Fashion Background

That’s right folks, this savvy designer who makes clothes for everyday use is not a graduate of FIT or LIM. Rather, she attended University of Illinois, starting out as a math major, before switching to interior design.

2. The Inspiration for Fisher’s First Piece Was Derived From the Japanese Kimono.

Those who have been exposed to the Eileen Fisher line are quite aware that none of her pieces look anything like the traditional kimono. Rather than the actual garb itself, Fisher was astonished by how this traditional article of clothing has withstood the test of time, and is still incredibly relevant. “I was intrigued that the kimono was the only shape in Japan that they used for years, how can you make a design to last that long? A design that belongs to a moment, but also, transcends a moment.” (Ellen Fisher quoted in an article in Fashionista.) This inspired the quality of simplicity in her line.

Sample sales, NYC Sample Sales, NYC, NYC Shopping, Designer Clothing

3. She is an Entrepreneur as well as Designer

        As mentioned previously, unlike most famous designers with renowned brand name lines, Fisher had no formal education in neither fashion nor business. The first piece of clothing she made was done in her home, using a sewing machine and a pair of scissors. “If I had some technical training, maybe I might have gotten the idea off the ground earlier,” said Fisher.” On the other hand, because I didn’t know what I was supposed to do or how I should do it, I just did it differently in my own way.” (

4. She’s an Activist

         Not only is Eileen an established designer, she also plays a large role in assisting women and girls by activating their leadership potential. The “Activating Leadership Grant” funds programs that help women and girls activate their natural leadership qualities. Each year of the grant has its own unique theme. Non-profit organizations that fit the category apply, and are awarded on a relevance and need basis. 2016, the 7th year of the grant accepted organizations that follow the theme of applying leadership attributes.

5. There’s a Sample Sale coming up!

Want to see what all the hype is about? Come check out the Eileen Fisher sample sale at the boutique’s 9th street location. The sample sale will feature a peek at the spring line for up to 50% off in select sizes. Winter line in various sizes for 40% off. Keep in mind this sample sale is only two days long so save the date! March 11th and 12th

Fashion Sample Sale

5 Sample Sales in NYC This Week

ShopDrop Sample Sales NY Week Feb 17

Tuesday here… and that means another week of work, another week of winter and another week of wonderful shopping in New York City. If you are on the lookout for awesome designers selling merchandise for over 70% off, search no longer. Sample sales are your answer. Below I am listing 5 new sample sales this week in NYC. For more sales, personalized updates and details, check out the ShopDrop App. Only joy and no regrets.

1. Bruno Magli Sample Sale

Italian footwear is in and it is available at a 75% discount for both men and women for a few lucky days. Make sure to take full advantage and outfit your shoe-drobe with some elegant European styles.

What: Bruno Magli Sample Sale
When: Tue, Feb 14 — Sun, Feb 19: 10AM-7PM
Where: 260 Fifth Ave, NY
Hosted by: 260 Sample Sales

2. Hatch & Twobirds Sample Sale

Hatch Sample Sale From ShopDrop
Hatch & TwoBirds

If you have a bun baking in the oven and find shopping for clothing to be an extremely difficult and cost-prohibitive activity, worry no longer. All Hatch items are on sale — 70% off. Yup, that’s definitely the way to go!

What: Hatch & Twobirds Sample Sale
When: Tue, Feb 14-Thu, Feb 16: 11AM-7PM
Where: 412 Broadway, 5th Floor, NY

3. Cremieux Sample Sale

Cremieux Sample Sale ShopDrop

Men, listen up! French tailored suits are now in New York. Yes, and they are selling for 70% off. Although a credit card sale only, you can get all sorts of goodies for dreamy prices: shirts are 3 for $85, pants — 3 for $95, blazers-$99, suits-$199, and sweaters for only $65!

What: Cremieux Sample Sale for Men
When: Wed, Feb 8 – Fri, Feb 17: 10AM-6PM
Where: 166 Mercer St, Suite 6A, NY

4. Vaute Sample Sale

Sample Sale Vaute ShopDrop

Like the environment? So do we. Shop 100% vegan, made in NYC fashion at a 70% discount during the Vaute’s annual two-day sample sale. You’ll find clothes for every season: Summer, Winter and everything in between.

What: Vaute Sample Sale
When: Fri, Feb 17-Sat, Feb 18: 12PM-8PM
Where: 114 Stanton St, NY

5. The Line Sample Sale

The Line Sample Sale ShopDrop
The Line

260 Sample Sale is throwing a party! At The Line, you’ll find everything ranging from handbags to accessories to footwear and ready-to-wear. Bring your mother, daughter, brother and sister and go!

What: The Line Sample Sale
When: Tue, Feb 14 — Sun, Deb 19: 11AM-7PM
Where: 150 Greene St, NY
Hosted by: 260 Sample Sales


NY Fashion Week Spotlight: Inbal Dror

Inbal Dror

Inbal Dror is one of the rising stars in wedding fashion. Educated at the Shenkar school of design and Tel Aviv, Inbal reaches that perfects bridal style combining elegance, purity and sensuality. Although each gown is unique, the entire collection stands out in its brilliant use of sharp edges, created with thin lace, tiny sequins and form-fitting luxurious materials.

The Middle Eastern origins of this bridal designer are evident in the richness of the materials and the flow of the dresses. Yet something about the build of the dresses gives the brand a unique western and urban feel.

To close the 2017 NY fashion week in style, Tahor Group is hosting a “Happily Ever After” event featuring the famous Israeli bridal designer, Inbal Dror. To get a feel for the free-spirited designer yourself, secure your spot at the event make sure to RSVP.




3 Tips for Shopping in a NYC Snow Storm

NYC Snow Storm

Despite the overwhelming desire to stay home in front of the TV on snow days, munching on leftovers and catching up on Netflix, these frosty afternoons are actually the ideal time to go shopping. Only a few brave souls will choose to venture out onto the New York City streets, leaving stores vacant and merchandise untouched. However, as the thermometer slips to lower temperatures and the snow transitions from the purest white to all 50 shades of gray, trekking out into the city can be a little tough. Here are 3 quick tips to make your snow day shopping excursion doable and rewarding.

1. Wear a slightly lighter coat. Although one’s natural inclination may be to layer up in a bulky winter jacket, when it comes to shopping on a snow day, less is more. Although NYC does get rather chilly, running in and out of stores tends to have the opposite effect. Additionally, store managers are just as aware of the temperature outside as you are and tend to crank up the heat. A giant coat often is not ideal when half of your day is actually spent indoors, trying on clothes in a dressing room.

2. Make a route. Shop smart. Know where you’re going and what you’re getting before you leave the house. ShopDrop at your service! ShopDrop is an app that will tell you which sample sales are happening in your area. It also displays the sample sales on a map, so you know exactly where to find them as well as what hours they are open and what deals you can find. Don’t go out without a plan; use this guide to sample sales to know exactly where you should be going.

3. Wear Practical Winter Boots. Boots, not booties. It was a fun ride in the dry Manhattan fall when the fad of short boots took over the city streets. With every corner coated in deep, hidden puddles, and snow banks up to your shins, these cute little booties just won’t survive. It’s worth investing in a pair of waterproof winter boots that will keep your feet dry when roaming the streets of the city on days like today. Maybe mom was right when she told you that sometimes, practicality is more important than fashion

Sample Sale

Best 5 Sample Sales in NYC to hit up before Valentine’s day

With one week left to the international yet pagan festival of love, a lots of people are interested in surprising their loved one with a unique and valuable gift. Here at ShopDrop, the ultimate authority on sample sales, we are recommending five of the best sample sales to hit up in New York. At the prices offered, you are guaranteed to get great bang for your buck: to make someone else feel cherished without breaking the bank.

So whether you’re at home, or at work and looking for a quick lunch fashion activity, check out the below sales. For more sample sales and detailed info, make sure to check out the ShopDrop App.

  1. The Reese+Riley Sample and Stock Sale in NYC
ShopDrop Sample Sale Listing

The Reese+Ryley sample sale is one of the hottest in NY. Opening this Wednesday and staying open until Friday, February 10th — this sale will offer stock and brand new items for up to 75% off! RSVP to for an additional 10% off!

Who: Reese&Ryley sample sale (❤ ShopDropApp)
When: Wed. Feb 8th — Fri, Feb 10: 10AM-4PM
Where: 330 W 38th St, Suite #608 NY, NY

2. La Ligne Sample Sale in NYC

ShopDrop Sample Sale Listing

First ever sample sale from La Ligne and will be a hit with prices as low as $50! Make sure to visit and stock up!

Who: La Ligne Sample Sale (❤ ShopDrop App)
When: Friday, February 10th —Sat, February 11th, 10AM-5PM
Where: La Ligne, 265 Canal Street, Suite 402, New York, 10013

3. Ineffable Pop Up Shop and Sample Sale

ShopDrop Sample Sale Listing

This one day sale will be a hit for lovers of men’s fashion. Use your Saturday to grab a bright trendy jacket in New York’s East Village.

Who: Ineffable Pop Up Shop & Sample Sale (❤ ShopDropApp)
When: Sat, Feb. 11th, 11AM-8PM
Where: 434 East 9th St, New York, NY

4. NY Charisma Knitwear Collection Sample Sale

NY Charisma Sample Sale ShopDrop App Sample Sale Listing

We could all use a bit of charisma in our lives! Especially when it comes in the form of fashionable knit sweaters. This one-of-a-kind brand offers priceless items at 80% off! Open on weekdays only!

Who: NY Charisma Knitwear Sample Sale (❤ ShopDropApp)
When: Tue, Feb 7th — Thu, Feb 16th, 1PM-6PM
Where: 330 West 38th St, Suite 601, New York

5. Valentine’s Day Pop Up Market — One Day Only

ShopDrop Sample Sale Listing

And if you want Valentine Day specific themed items, head to this unique love filled sale featuring jewelry, scented candles and other symbols of love! Make sure to RSVP to this one!

Who: Valentine’s Day Pop Up Shop
When: Thursday, Feb 9th, 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Where: WeWork Harlem, 8 West 126th Street, New York

And of course, Thank you Chicmi NY for all the inspiration!


Why Online Shopping is Ruining Your Friendships

No group of friends would be complete without that one preachy member, intent on convincing everyone that technology is ruining their lives. “Our phones have become our extensions! Our news feeds have become our home screens, and let’s face it, we don’t talk in person anymore,” she’ll rant. The rest of the group will ignore them, but you’ll sit there pondering, what if she’s right? What if she has a point?

​The other day I was walking in Greenwich Village and stumbled across a pet store. I could see puppies playing in the window. A little girl was gawking at their cuteness, begging her mother to hand over her iPhone so she could take a picture, before the puppy shifted to a slightly less photogenic position. When I was a kid, I was begging to pat, hold and play with the puppy, today’s youth merely wants to capture it on a screen.

​​Yes, there is value to the statement that technology is ruining human relationships, despite its undeniable benefits and conveniences. But that could only refer to endless scrolling and browsing. Could it be that online shopping has the same effect?

​​Throwback to the days when hanging out in the mall with your friends used to be the thing to do on weekends. The mundane act of purchasing a new jacket or pair of shoes used to serve as a unifying activity for a group of otherwise bored people. I still remember entering stores with a mission: to find that perfect new blazer, or the jeans from the famous ad. This carefully selected item would then become the prize you used to decorate your wardrobe, your friends were your comrades ‘in hunt.’

​Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying the convenience of online shopping. There’s nothing that makes you quite as happy to be living in the 21st century as ordering your basic necessities from the comfort of your bed. However, what I am pointing out is that group shopping is now becoming a relic of the past. Hanging out at the mall with friends, asking for their opinion on how I look in that dress with the pink flowers, on what to buy doesn’t happen anymore. Instead, we send links from our Facebook and Instagram pages hoping for the same effect. Let’s not give up those Lizzie McGuire days when shopping with your friends served as a social bonding activity. Don’t get trapped behind a computer screen. Next time you need to buy something, grab a friend, leave the house, and check out some great brick and mortar stores. Trust me, you won’t regret it.