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Fashion Sample Sale

Top 5 NYC Sample Sales This Week

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By Lexi Zimmer

This week’s top 5 sample sales all have one thing in common, they are not being hosted by major sample sale venues, but rather in the stores themselves. We’ve often found that these sample sales have something special about them, a charm and a unique selection of inventory, but you can be the judge. Check out some of these awesome sales and embrace the first week of summer. DM us on Instagram to share your finds, we’re always happy to share 😉 Now, without further ado, check out our top picks for sample sales coming up this week.

1. Lilla P x Leo & Sage Sample Sale

Where: 402 West 13th Street, New York, 10014

When: From Tuesday June 20th 2017 to Thursday June 22nd 2017


**(Thursday 8-4)

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You’ve got three whole days folks to nab both Lila P and Leo and Sage women’s wear at 70% off. We can’t wait to see what’s in store!

2. Jonathan Simkhai Sample Sale

Where: Jonathan Simkhai Studio, 252 W 37th St, 3rd Fl, NY, NY

When: Wednesday June 21st- Thursday June 22nd


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Established in 2010, the Jonathan Simkhai brand provides luxury ready-to-wear for the modern woman. The core aesthetic philosophy plays with the tension of feminine strength and sensuality; this is reflected in the employment of customized fabrics, romantic detailing, linear lines, and contoured silhouettes. For two days only, the brand will be hosting a sample sale in their own store on West 37th St.

3. Alice & Trixie and Love Sam Sample Sale

Where: Alice & Trixie HQ, 265 West 37th Street, 11th Floor, New York, 10018

When: From June 20th 2017 to June 22nd 2017


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Don’t miss out on this dual brand 3 day sample sale. Find ready for summer, bohemian tops, pants, shorts silks and cottons from both Alice & Trixie and Love Sam. Prices start at $20!!

4. Micky London Sample Sale

Where: Micky London, 231 West 39th Street, Suite 202, New York, 10018

When: From June 12th 2017 to June 23rd 2017


micky london sample sale, sample sales nyc, sample sales ny, designer discountsThere’s nothing quite as discouraging as a  “fake sample sale.” As far as I’m concerned, if the prices are not at least 70% off, the brand doesn’t have the right to call it a sample sale. 50% off sales take place every so often, but unless the merchandise is more off than it is on, don’t you dare call it a sample sale. Micky London has got you covered this week with $1 hair accessories and women’s clutches and bags for just $10. (Now that’s what I’m talking about.) Shake up that little white dress with some fun accessories. For those looking for a way to keep your hair under control in this humidity, you can’t go wrong with a funky head band or scrunchy.

5. Babajaan Sample Sale

Where: Juju The Showroom, 135 West 20th Street, Suite 602, New York, 10011

When: From: June 19th 2017 to July 28th 2017

Weekdays 9-5

sample sales nyc, sample sales ny, designer discounts

Let’s be real, New Yorkers are a unique breed of humans. The first time I walked into Central Park and saw a group of people tanning in their bathing suits I’ll admit I was slightly taken a back. No ocean, no sand, just sun, squirrels and high UV rays. You don’t need to live within walking distance of the beach to own a beautiful, designer bathing suit. You also don’t have to sacrifice your rent this month… All one pieces and bikinis $75, normal retail price between $300-$800. The sale will also feature high end hats, ya know, those ones that make you look like you just got off the plane from Florida.

Use these awesome in store sample sales to truly take control of your summer wardrobe, for a mere fraction of the price. Find more summer sample sales here! Happy shopping ladies!






Fashion Sample Sale

Sample Sale Review: Eleventy

Eleventy sample sale menswear ny

By: William Guzman

Eleventy Sample Sale: Contemporary Italian fashion for men at an irresistible 80% off!

Shopping at the Eleventy sample sale was an outright therapeutic experience for me – the aroma of extravagant Italian fabrics and leathers invited me in to peruse the eclectic variety of classy yet stylish collection. Jackets, pants, ties, shoes, and messenger bags lined the shelves of the store. The experience was uniquely satisfying, and highly addictive. Located on the 9th floor of 80 W 40th St in Manhattan, Eleventy’s sample sale is super convenient to reach regardless of what part of New York City you’re visiting from- not to mention the ideal place for some post-brunch shopping. 

At 80% off, what would otherwise be an intimidating price tag becomes a huge steal, especially considering the craftsmanship and tangible quality Eleventy’s collection boasts!

Unfortunately, just as all good things must come to an end, so must Eleventy’s sample sale. But it’s not too late, you still have until Friday, June 16th to bask in the graces of the discount gods and deck out your wardrobe with fresh apparel worthy of Mr. Bond himself! Enjoy my photos from the sample sale. 

What: Eleventy sample sale
When: Monday, June 12th – Friday, June 16th
What time: 9AM-6PM
Where: Eleventy, 80 W 40th St, NY, NY

Eleventy sample sale menswear ny

Eleventy sample sale menswear ny

Eleventy sample sale menswear ny

Eleventy sample sale menswear ny

For more great sample sale sites, see here:

Fashion Sample Sale

J Rosen Showroom: The Never Ending Sample Sale

By: Francine Szerer


Sample sales may just be retails gift to mankind. Nothing equates to the excitement that follows scoring an incredible deal on designer merch. The only problem is when they come to an end, or even worse— the despair that follows missing a sample sale. Well, ShopDrop solves the latter problem. But, for most sales, the end is inevitable.

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Buuuut… Not for the J Rosen Showroom! Located on the 11th floor of 231 W 39th St in Manhattan, the J Rosen Showroom wholesales a bunch of luxury swimwear and beach brands and get this— THEY ALWAYS HAVE SAMPLE SALES. The J Rosen Showroom is the never ending, year round sample sale for all of your beachwear and accessory needs. You could imagine my excitement at this discovery.

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Instantly, as I entered, I noticed, bathed in incredibly flattering lighting (amazing for trying things on and seeing what looks good), the fabulous selection of top brands housed by J Rosen Showroom. As you can imagine, my shopaholic senses began tingling and adrenaline skyrocketed as I went from rack to rack, box to box checking everything out! Also, there is a changing room which is always a major plus for showrooms and $10 boxes scattered all around.

sample sales ny, sample sales nyc, sample sale, designer sales, J Rosen sample sale, J Rosen Showroom

My obsession with my niece led me straight to the children’s section where I scored big on Onda de Mar swimwear and beachwear clothing. Sample sale shopping for the whole family has never been this easy— there was even a small selection of boys swimsuits!


sample sales ny, sample sales nyc, sample sale, designer sales, J Rosen sample sale, J Rosen Showroom

In addition to the $10 boxes, everything else is being sold at wholesale sample prices: all cover ups from $35-$85, jewelry is set at $10-$40, beach bags and clutches go for $15-$65, flip-flops $10-$20 and swimwear range from $30-$45 a piece— which you can mix and match!

sample sales ny, sample sales nyc, sample sale, designer sales, J Rosen sample sale, J Rosen ShowroomJ Rosen Showroom makes sure your summer needs are met, whenever you may need. Whether it’s a winter stock up pick-me-up— which let’s be real, we all need— or some last minute summer shopping, the J Rosen Showrooms’ wide selection of samples guarantees that you will find something truly great!

Check out more sample sales here!




Fashion Sample Sale

Sample Sale Review: Helmut Lang at Chelsea Market

Helmut Lang Sample Sale Review

If you’re wondering how the Helmut Lang sample sale went over, this post is for you. I spent the weekend hitting up the Helmut Lang sample sale at Chelsea Market and here are my three takeaways. First, great merchandise. Second, love the layout of Chelsea Market. Finally, the discount was significant but not significant enough for many.

So the merchandise. We’ve been to a number of ‘fake’ sample sales where you show up to find two and a half items hanging limply in the closet. That wasn’t the case here. The showroom at Chelsea Market was filled with all the merchandise you can imagine: men, women, shoes, dresses, pantsuits, jackets, outwer-wear, tops, lingerie… you name it. Everything was sorted by category and size, so finding your ideal size and item wasn’t difficult at all.

Second, we love the layout and feel of Chelsea Market. It’s located on the ground level and feels like any other store. They don’t make you check your bag in at the beginning, although they do check your bag when you exit, and there are dressing rooms at the back. That being said, you get what you paid for. Which brings us to point three.

Prices: although the discount was 60% for most items, the items were still quite pricey, and if you chose two items at random, chances are you would be spending more than $500 on your purchase. The funny thing is that the nicer showrooms (like Chelsea Market) charge the brands to run the sample sales, which makes the ultimate price more expensive. If what you’re after is the best deal, then look out for the sales happening in the offices of the brands (i.e. 25th floor or Suite 1608). These are usually marked super low because the brand just wants to get rid of excess merchandise – the last sale I was at had everything marked at $20, when the retail prices were over $300. It was crazy. Okay, okay, back to Helmut Lang. The signs indicated that if the retail price was between X & Y, price would be Z. So for example, at the jacket section, if a jacket was between $595 and $795 at retail, at the sale it would be $295. There were some adorable furry shoes for $189 down from (!!) $595.

Here are some images below about items and prices. All of the images are from our instagram stories, so make sure to follow us there at @shopdropapp. As always, your feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

What: Helmut Lang sample sale
When: Wednesday, June 7 – Sun, Jun 11, 2017
What Time: Wed-Sat, 10:30 AM – 7PM, Sun 10:30 AM-5PM
Where: Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave, NY, NY

Helmut Lang sample sale
Helmut Lang sample sale
Skirts at the Helmut Lang sample sale at Chelsea Market
Skirts at the Helmut Lang sample sale at Chelsea Market
Cute furry heels at the Helmut Lang sample sale
Cute furry heels
Funky Helmut Lang heels at the sample sale
Funky Helmut Lang heels at the sample sale
White Helmut Lang jacket
White Helmut Lang jacket
Helmut Lang coat
Helmut Lang coat selling for almost $600
Helmut Lang sample sale skirts
Helmut Lang sample sale skirts
Fashion Sample Sale

Top Five Sample Sales of the Week

sample sales nyc, shopdrop app,

Happy Monday fashionistas! For those who checked the weather for the week and are slightly less than thrilled, ShopDrop is here with a bit of sunshine. As a wise sales rep at a sample sample once told me, rain is bad for retail. No one is standing in line during their lunch break or schlepping out through the wind to make it to the sales. This means that all of those designer discounts belong to those who are brave enough to claim them. Here’s where you come in; the educated, ambitious shopper who isn’t intimidated by a 75% chance of showers. Check out five of our favorite sample sales that are worth trekking out in the rain for this week.

1. REPEAT Cashmere sample sale

Monday June 5th 2017- Tuesday June 6th, 2017: REPEAT Cashmere HQ, 141 W 36th St., 7th Floor, NY, NY: 9am-5pm

cashmere sample sale, sample sale app, sample sales nyc, designer discounts

I don’t know about you guys, but rainy, sub par weather makes me want to buy comfy, light wardrobe essentials that I can literally just look comfy in. The REPEAT line is all about timeless fashion for affordable price. Be smart and invest in everlasting fashion. Indulge in wardrobe essentials at amazing prices. From silk tops and blouses to cashmere sweaters and cardigans. At REPEAT you will find that timeless piece to complete your everyday outfit. 

There’ll be up to 80% off on blouses, pants, accessories and of course plenty of knitted apparel at this two day sample sale from REPEAT Cashmere in New York.

Warning! Sample sales consist of mostly small and extra small. Other sizes will be available in limited quantities.

2. Chaser Brand sample sale

Monday June 5th 2017- Thursday June 8th, 2017: Chaser Brand Showroom, 231 W 39th St., Suite 924, NY, NY: 11am-4pm

chaser brand sample sale, sample sale nyc, sample sales ny, sample sale, designer discounts, bargain hunter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this season, you’ve probably noticed that graphics and patches aren’t going anywhere fast. Chaser takes that classic California beach blend to the New York City streets with their laid back prints and graphics. We can almost pretend that the weather is on our side this summer while purchasing their summer ready-to-wear clothes. The sample sale will feature 70% off of the women’s collection and graphics.

3. Vince Camuto sample sale

Tuesday June 6th, 2017- Thursday June 8th, 2017: Clothingline, 261 W. 36th St., NY, NY: 10am-6pm

vince camuto sample sale, sample sales nyc, sample sales ny, shopdrop app, designer discounts

That’s right, it’s finally happening. You can finally get out of Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor, Vince Camuto is coming to you at a price that’s right for you. Enjoy a 60% off this luxury, easy-to-wear brand at their sample sale starting this Tuesday. Women’s merchandise only! We plan on checking this sale out for ourselves so stay tuned to our Instagram stories for more insider information on prices and merchandise. Maybe we’ll see you there 😉

4. Nineteenth Amendment sample sale

Thursday June 8th 2017: 335 Madison Ave., New York, NY: 10am-4pm

nineteenth amendment sample sale, sample sales nyc, sample sales ny, 19th amendment

No, we’re not talking about the amendment to the constitution which gave women the right to vote. (Or maybe we kind of are.) For those who may not be so familiar with this wicked brand, Nineteenth Amendment is a marketplace and production platform for designers from around the globe. Shop and discover fashion made sustainably and on-demand, just for you. For their one day sample sale you can find items between $5-$50. Don’t miss out on these treasures made by independent designers.

5.  Carmen Marc Valvo sample sale

Tuesday June 6th, 2017: Carmen Marc Valvo Showroom, 132 W 36th St, Suite 2S, NY, New York:  10am – 6pm.

carmen marc valvo sample sale, sample sales nyc, sample sale ny, designer sample sales

Raise your hand if all your friends and all of their friends seem to be getting hitched this summer. That’s right folks wedding season is most definitely upon us and we want to make sure you look your best for it. (Even if you aren’t the bride just yet.) Come check out the Carmen Marc Valvo showroom to receive up to 80% off on gowns, cocktail dresses and separates for one day only.

And there you have it my fellow sample sale shoppers, your top five sample sales of the week that are certainly worth trekking out for. Remember a little rain and frizzy hair can’t hurt you but missing out on a major sale sure can 😉