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Fashion Sample Sale

Top 5 NYC Sample Sales to Discover this Week

By Lexi Zimmer

Similar to music, I love discovering new brands. With new online luxury brands coming out of the woodwork, it’s hard to keep up. It’s also not so desirable to pay top dollar for new a brand I’m not familiar with, especially without actually getting to touch the merchandise before purchasing.
What better time to discover a new brand then when their merchandise is going for 60-90% off at a sample sale? Check out our top 5 NYC sample sales this week.

1. Chelsea and Walker Sample Sale

chelsea and walker sample sales, sample sales nyc

Chelsea and Walker claim to be breaking the boundaries of contemporary fashion, designed for those not searching to fit a mold.

The NYC brand focuses on attainable luxury with their line of high quality shirts, tops and knits. Chelsea and Walker fuses quality materials with a laid back look, using silk, lace and sheath to create every day wear. Take up to 80% off of ready to wear styles at the Chelsea and Walker 3 day sample sale.

Where: CHELSEA AND WALKER, 525 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1606, New York, 10018

When: August 1st 2017 to August 3rd 2017

10am – 6pm

2. Vivienne Tam Summer Sample Sale

vivienne tam sumer sample sales, sample sales new york, sample sales nyc

Vintage doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast… If you ask me, raiding your grandparent’s closet is the best way to get access to this trend… An easier way would probably be to check out the Vivienne Tam summer sample sale, and get 80% off original vintage samples at their three day sample sale. Yep, that sure does sound easier.

Where: 260 West 39th Street, 11th Floor, New York, 10018

When: August 2nd 2017 to August 4th 2017

Wed Aug 2 2017 9:00am – 8:00pm

Thu Aug 3 2017 10:00am – 7:00pm

Fri Aug 4 2017 10:00am – 6:00pm

3. Privé Summer Sample Sale Part IIalice and trixie sample sale, sample sales nyc

So many cool brands.. all in one place… for sample sale prices. Come check out Free People, Bonobos, Alice & Trixie, Kendall & Kyle and more. This luxury sale will feature all sizes and plenty of stock as well as samples. Expect a lot of great summer pieces including T-shirts, shorts, dresses swim and so much more. You can find this sale at Chelsea Market.

Where: Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave, New York, 10011

When: From August 2nd 2017 to August 6th 2017

10:30am – 7:00pm (Sunday closes at 5:30)

4. Khirma New York Sample Salekhirma new york sample sale, sample sales nyc

For those of you who have been following us this summer, you know that you’ve had copious opportunities to snatch up designer hand bags for a fraction of the price. We’ve got another great opportunity for you if you haven’t found that perfect summer tote or clutch just yet. Get 80% off of Khirma New York handbags at their Greenwich village boutique. You will also find apparel from M.PATMOS, coats from Michelle Waugh and hats from Lisa Battaglia (yes fall is coming so accept it.)

Where: Khirma New York, 102 Charles Street, New York, 10014

When: From August 3rd 2017 to August 6th 2017

11am – 8pm

(Closes at 6 on the weekend)

5. In God We Trust Multi Designer Sample Sale

sample sales nyc, sample sales new york

Speaking of discovering new brands, this sale could be your best opportunity to find some up and coming designers before any of your friends do. Check out this multi designer sample sale featuring several different independent designers, hosted by IGWT in Brooklyn. Brands include:  Hannah Kristina Metz, Ilana Kohn, Light + LadderLoupNikki ChasinNOMIASamantha Pleet and many more! Check out the Facebook event for more information on this sale.

Where: IGWT Greenpoint Studio, 70 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, 11222

When: From August 4th 2017 to August 6th 2017

11am – 7pm


Trends on the Rise in NYC

sample sales new york, sample sales ny, sample sales nyc

By Maura McNulty

This is my first summer living in New York so I’ve had the privilege of witnessing people from around the world in hundreds of looks, styles, and forms of self expression – and that’s just on my fifteen-minute walk to work. While walking through the streets in NYC, the odds of seeing two people in the same outfit is highly unlikely, despite the fact that 8 million people live in the city. The street-hardened people here follow their own rules, fashion included; this is why when most people are first hearing about trends, the New Yorkers have already tried it, worn it, and discarded it. Below are a few of those current trends that you may start seeing the next time you go shopping.

1970’s Influences


sample sales new york, sample sales nyc

The 70’s have been back ever since Gucci embraced the flowy silhouette and floral neutrals of the decade in their AW 2014 show. Yet, three years later, platform shoes are replacing heels, and crochet patterns are seen as more interesting than basic knits.

Look for: neutral colors, brown jackets, embroidered denim, soft textures, turtlenecks

Formal Hats

sample sales new york, sample sales nyBaseball caps with ironic or funny messages have been on the industry’s radar ever since Instagram models opted for them for a touch of humor to add to their looks, with big floppy hats soon following the baseball hats. Chanel’s AW17 show at Paris’ fashion week featured black wool boater-hats, as a nod to Chanel’s start as a hat shop. Boater hats are more sleek, vintage, and romantic than the fun baseball hats of summer; I’m expecting a more serious tonal shift in terms of hat usage

Deconstructed Shirts

sample sales new york

This happens to be my favorite upcoming trends: reconstructed menswear shirts.  I’ll catch a glimpse of a girl walking down fifth avenue in a dress that looks like an oversized men’s shirt, the sleeves tied at the waist, and immediately think, “why has nobody done this yet?” A few years ago, a rise in women wearing mens shirts was noted due to the influx of DIY content made available to us through Pinterest. It seems that designers have been reading these posts, because a prominent trend on the SS17 circuit were pinstripe shirts cut artistically and strategically to make a more feminine silhouette. The feeling is similar to playing dress up with your father’s clothes, and taking a pair of scissors to the shirt to make it more romantic.


Fashion Sample Sale

Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale Review

Manolo Blahnik sample sale, sample sales new york, sample sales nyc

By Maura McNulty

I’ve been to the promised land; on a balmy Tuesday afternoon, I took the Q train up to 57th and attended the Manolo Blahnik sample sale at their 54th street store.

I was glad to see a modest line outside of the brick building; this event hasn’t been extensively advertised, so security was able to limit the maximum number of customers inside of the shop to 20. With a line of only 10 people, this event was remarkably small, and the line-wait was only 20 minutes long.Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale, sample sales new york, sample sales ny, sample sales nycThe store was gorgeously organized, with a long table extending one side of the front room into another room that held shelves of shoegasm-inducing heels and sandals. However, the other side of the room was discretely marked “not part of sale”, leading to a broken dream of owning a pair of hot pink stilettos with that signature-Manolo Swarovski buckle. Sigh.

Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale, sample sales new york, sample sales ny, sample sales nyc

Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale, sample sales new york, sample sales ny, sample sales nyc Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale, sample sales new york, sample sales ny, sample sales nycUltimately, I was able to swipe two pairs of heels for $195 each (originally priced at $845). The prices are amazing for Manolos, so if you have an afternoon to spare, I highly recommend checking it out*. Just be warned if you have a foot size of less than 10: they seemed to be running low.


*Sample Sale Ends August 3rd

Fashion Sample Sale

5 Unexpected Trends for Fall 2017

sample sales new york, sample sales nyc, sample sales ny

By Francine Szerer

I know that no one is quite ready to hear this yet, but fall is definitely on it’s way. (Yes the high was only 75 yesterday, and it’s July)

Beautiful weather and Pumpkin Spice Lattes aren’t the only things to look forward to in the upcoming season. As the Summer heat slowly fades away we are hit with the windy chill of reality, a new beginning. For some it may be the start of a new school semester while for others it may just be trading those flirty mini skirts and summer threads for fall ensembles. As for me, it’s the excitement of a whole chapter of fashion and color palette.

sample sales new york, sample sales nyc, sample sales ny

Enter deep burgundy, hunter green and plum purple— all of my favorite colors arriving with my favorite season.

…. Well, enough about me and my fall expectations, let’s get down to the top unexpected trends for Fall ’17.

1. Red

sample sales new yorkEveryones’s favorite Taylor Swift song has finally resonated with fashion designers world wide 😉 Red seems to be the power color of Fall 2017. Not only did we see polished coats from Givenchy, monochromatic outfits at Tod’s and flashy Fendi boot—red is the soon to be seen street style of the fall.

2. Puff Coats and Vintage-Inspired Furs

sample sales new york

From Miu Miu to Marni, pastel puff coats appeared everywhere this season. In colors that will remind us of our favorite summer day, these coats are known to be poppin’ in high fashion street style. In contrast to these glamorous colorful puffs, fall of 2017 may also be going back to basics with unadorned vintage-inspired furs.

3. Retro Hatssample sales nycNot only is vintage fur making a comeback but get pumped for retro hats that will surly replace the millennial beanie. Everyone from Marc Jacobs to Maison Marginal to even Coach 1941 are bringing back brimmed and bucket hats that showcase vintage cloths like shearling and fur.

4. Victorian Collarssample salesThis fall you’ll be extremely warm as the Victorian collar takes center stage. High necks are all the rage. Brands like John Gilliano and Kenzo took the Victorian inspiration seriously with a more conservative look while my personal favorite, Valentino, took this look above and beyond in a stunning red (two trends in one look!) detailed dress.

5. Leisure Suitssample sales

Athleisure is out. It’s time to stop pretending to hit the gym and just embrace the comfy. Well, fashionably comfy of course. The latest in luxury convinience is the leisure suite, or as Elle Magazine likes to call it “The Tracksuit-Adjacent.” This is far from your current athleisure getups, with Chloé’s delish suede set to Ashish’s multicolor sequins. As the years go by comfortable clothing have become more acceptable, and so that you feel okay wearing sweats outside style them with a pair of stilettos— the Kardashians do it all the time!

Fashion Sample Sale

Guys Can Shop at Sample Sales Too

men's sample sales

By William Guzman

It’s time we finally lay to rest a sample sale myth. As a guy in his early twenties who grew up in NYC, up until a couple of months ago, I never knew what samples were. In fact, I had never even heard of the term. With that in mind, I’ve got a hunch that most men are probably in the same boat I was in; living a life oblivious to the world’s wardrobe-goldmine a.k.a. sample sales.

When it comes to sample sales, there seems to be a misconception about them, a general consensus that they are gender exclusive to women. I can tell you first hand, that is definitely not the case. Yes, women’s clothing is a bit more prevalent in the sample sale world, but there are still a plethora of men’s brands who host sample sales, and plenty more who cater to both.sample saleJust this month alone there have been many sample sales hosted by men’s brands such as Stephen F., Cremieux, Michael Bastian, Dr. Denim, J. Crew, Theory, Eleventy, Asics, Drake’s X Ring Jacket, and more including upcoming ones like Bottega Veneta and J. Brand. That amount of sales is enough to satisfy even the most compulsive of shopaholics.

Whenever I visit a men’s sample sale, I’m always shocked to see that they are either completely void of shoppers, or just two or three who are in on the secret. I used to ask myself: “How can this place not be packed with eager customers taking advantage of all these savings?!” I soon realized that this phenomenon can probably be attributed to most men either not being aware of sample sales, or perhaps they identify sample sales as being solely for women.

theory sample saleIt’s a bit of a shame because sample sales really do make life a little easier. After discovering sample sales, my wardrobe selection has improved exponentially, and no longer do I have to save up for weeks just to purchase from my favorite luxury brands. Sometimes I wish I could have found out about them much sooner. Which is why i urge you to enlighten your boyfriend, your guy friends, your brothers, your dad, even your grandpa! Let’s put an end to this ridiculous myth that keeps so many in the dark. Men don’t deserve to pay full price for clothes when there are so much savings to be made… no one does. Guys can shop at sample sales too!

Fashion Sample Sale

Top 5 Luxury Sample Sales in NYC This Week

sample sales nyc, sample sales new york

By Lexi Zimmer

We’re back with your sample sale forecast for the week! This week we’re shaking it up with 5 luxury brands – the average sample sale shopper is probably not filling up their carts at these sales. However, scoring 1 – 2 luxury items for 80% off the usual cost does tend to result in a happy dance… or two.You never know what you may find!

From sneak peeks at the new spring collection, to accessories, to gowns, we’ve got copious amounts of sample sales to satiate your shopping need. Put up your umbrella and brave the storm, these sales are definitely worth it!

1. Adam Lippes

sample sales nyc, Adam Lippes sample sale,
via Adam Lippes

Hosted at the Adam Lippes showroom, check out spring and pre spring 2017 stock for discount prices for three days only. The Adam Lippes collection is made up of luxury sportswear, as well as RTW and formal wear. The brand is known for being the highest of quality in both design and tailoring alike.

Where: 1133 Broadway, Suite 426, New York, 10010 from

When: Tuesday July 25th 2017 – Thursday July 27th 2017

8:30 am – 7:00 pm

2. Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta sample sale, sample sales new york, sample sales nyc
via Bottega Veneta

Hereee we go folks. Call up the men in your life and bring them with! This annual sample sale features ready to wear, handbags, travel accessories, shoes and sunglasses for both women and men. Although we don’t have actual prices yet, I’d forecast these prices to be pretty high, even on sale, due to the luxury status of the brand. Share your finds on Instagram and us our handle in the caption @shopdropapp, ya know, because bragging rights are still a thing 😉

Where: Metropolitan Pavilion Upper Events Space, 123 West 18th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, 10011

When: Tuesday July 25th 2017 – Thursday July 27th 2017

Tuesday 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Wednesday & Thursday 9am – 7pm

3. ANTHOM Sample Sale

ANTHOM Sample Sale, sample sales new york, sample sales nyc

Expect some major discounts on the spring and summer 2017 collections, as well as some special, never before seen pieces by an eclectic variety of designers including: Gray Matters, Yune Ho, Haerfest, Priory, Achro, Kaarem, and Veda.

Where: ANTHOM SoHo, 25 Mercer Street, New York, 10013

When: From July 26th 2017 to August 3rd 2017

11am – 7pm

4. cooper & ella Sample Sale

cooper & ella Sample Sale
via cooper & ella

You’ve got four days to shop contemporary women’s shirts and dresses at the cooper & ella sample sale. Not to worry if you can’t make it to this sale on the first day! Merchandise will be re stocked on the daily with new beauties to bc snatched up.

Where: cooper & ella, 260 West 39th Street, 10th Floor, New York, 10018

When:  Tuesday July 25th 2017 to Friday July 28th 2017

10am – 5pm

5. Carmen Marc Valvo Extended Sample Sale

Carmen Marc Valvo Extended Sample Sale
via Carmen Marc Valvo

For the 17 weddings you have coming up this summer and  fall, shop gowns for just $200, cocktail dresses for $100 and evening separates for $50. Be warned that sizes at this sale are limited! (Between 2-6.) You should also be prepared to find some gems fresh off the runway.

Where: Carmen Marc Valvo Showroom, 132 West 36th Street, Suite 2S, New York, 10018

When: Tuesday July 25th 2017 to Thursday July 27th 2017

10am – 5pm


Once again, we certainly encourage bragging! Send us your glorious finds and you may just find them here next week.



Fashion Sample Sale

Altuzarra Sample Sale Review

Alruzarra sample sale, sample sales ny, sample sales nyc

By Melissa Atkinson

The Reasonable Style

We are half way through summer and it is time to start thinking of Fall. But not so fast, consider picking up at least one statement piece from the Altuzarra Sample Sale before summer ends. With items from the Spring 2017 Collection I’m sure that you will find the perfect item to add to your wardrobe.

There is a wide selection of fine pieces from stock items to true samples available for purchase.

Alruzarra sample sale, sample sales ny, sample sales nyc Alruzarra sample sale, sample sales ny, sample sales nyc Alruzarra sample sale, sample sales ny, sample sales nyc

Alruzarra sample sale, sample sales ny, sample sales nyc


Coats $200

Jackets $150

Shirts / Tops $75

Skirts/ Pants $75

Dresses $125


There were also bags and shoes available at discounted prices.

In addition to above prices, when you purchase 3 items from Spring 2017, you receive an additional 20% off already 70% off discounted items.

Are you feeling tempted yet? I bet you are. Head over to the Woolworth Building, 14th floor and start shopping! Don’t forget your Debit/Credit Card because you will need it! Hope you enjoy the sale and shop responsibly.



Fashion Sample Sale

Catherine Deane, A Sample Sale Encore

Catherine Deane sample sale nyc

Photos and Blog by William Guzman

As New Yorkers, it’s inherently part of our nature to try to utilize our time most effectively. We tend to try and squeeze a gazillion different activities and errands into our daily schedule. Therefore, it isn’t rare for us to miss out on certain things. But when those things happen to be that one sample sale with killer deals and rare items, it makes us start kicking ourselves for not having kept a closer eye on it. (Downloading the ShopDrop App turns out to be the best way to avoid this from happening to you by the way ;).) Last week, London luxury-dress brand Catherine Deane held a five day sample sale which sadly came to an end last Friday the 14th. You can take a look at some of the dresses that were being sold below:  

Catherine Deane same sale nyc
 YASMIN BRIDAL CREAM R.P. $880, D.P. $100FREYA R.P. $2000, D.P. $100
Catherine Deane sample sale nyc
HATSU R.P. $690 D.P. $75
Catherine Deane
FREYA R.P. $2000, D.P. $100

Now before you call up your therapist, hold the phone because I’ve got some exciting news that should make you feel better. Starting Wednesday July 19th, Catherine Deane is reopening their sample sale with even better discounts of up to 80-85%!!

Their doors will be open for three more days until Friday July 21st from 10am to 6pm. Their location will remain the same: within the Garment District on 209 West 38th Street, Suite 1001, New York, 10018. Second chances don’t come often, I wouldn’t squander this rare gift from the sample sale gods.


Fashion Sample Sale

How to Make the Most out of Sample Sale Shopping

sample sales nyc, sample sales new york, the reasonable style

By Melissa Atkinson

Most people like myself shop sample sales to get designer items at affordable prices. Pro tip number 1, In order to make the best out of your shopping experience, you need to go to the sale with a plan. To plan appropriately, you should know when the sale will be, where it is located, and what the hours are. Often sample sales can be a bit inconsistent with their times, so don’t plan your excursion for the last hour they claim to be open. Know what items will be on sale and most of all, the price range if it is available. Your time is valuable and I wouldn’t want you wasting it at a sale that’s either out of budget, or irrelevant to you.

But before you plan, you should definitely know what type of shopper you are.

sample sales nyc, sample sales new york, the reasonable style
Valentin Flauraud/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Knowing who you are as a shopper will definitely give you an idea of how to approach sample sales, especially if you do not frequent them often.

The Product Conscious Shopper

Ask yourself, am I the shopper that is more concerned with the product or the price? Something special that a lot of sample sales offer are one of a kind inventory; they call to the true fashionista who doesn’t ask their audience to “swipe up” to “shop their look.” Rather, they have that craving for something that they won’t see another human wearing, ever. If that sounds like you, consider yourself the product conscious shopper. Map out the sales you plan on going to by merchandise, don’t waste your time at sales that offer last season’s merchandise for 90% off. For the product conscious shopper, it is best that you get to that sale on opening day and if the sale is for a huge brand, you need to get there early! Getting to the sale on opening day will definitely give you the opportunity to snatch those limited quantity items.

a rack of clothes at a sample sale in nyc

The Price Conscious Shopper

If you are the shopper that is more concerned about the price and don’t care about others having what you have or purchasing items in less than perfect condition, you are the price conscious shopper. At the end of the day, you like many of us, are looking for a deal.  Whether you are a price conscious or product conscious shopper, there are still ways to make the best out of your shopping experience.

A lot of the time, the price conscious shopper will come out on top in the sample sale game. When you go to sample sales at the tail end, prices drop even more and you can get more bang for your buck. Yes the items may be picked over but you still can find some gems in the chaos if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and dig in!

All in all, sample sales are a fun experience. You get to shop designer items for a fraction of the price with like minded people, how cool is that? Which sample sales are you headed to this weekend? Remember to plan ahead to make the most out of your shopping experience!



The Reasonable Style

Fashion Sample Sale

Ivy Kirzher Sample Sale Review

ivy kirzhner sample sale, sample sale new york, sample sale nyc

By Maura McNulty

On Friday, I decided to treat myself to a little retail-therapy. So, I headed out into the rainy Manhattan streets to check out the Ivy Kirzhner sample sale.

When I got into the little storefront, there was no one there, except for a super helpful salesman. He told me that the rain had warded off a lot of customers, so there was still a lot of inventory for me to check out.

ivy kirzhner sample sale, sample sale new york, sample sale nyc ivy kirzhner sample sale, sample sale new york, sample sale nyc

The store was full of shoes on display tables, and a rack of soft, colorful Lovebinetti dresses towards the front door. Looking back, I wish I had taken advantage of the dresses, all priced up from $80, but my mission was shoes. ivy kirzhner sample sale, sample sale new york, sample sale nyc ivy kirzhner sample sale, sample sale new york, sample sale nyc

Ivy Kirzhner is typically priced in the $600 range, but are currently selling shoes in the $100-$300 range. When I told the salesman who was helping me that I was interested in a pair of black Santa Fe boots, priced $325, he offered me an additional 20% off.

ivy kirzhner sample sale, sample sale new york, sample sale nycAnother thing that caught my eye were the Starstruck boots, originally listed for $700, is now being sold for $150. Head down to Ivy Kirzhner at their West Village flagship (750 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10014) for the final day of the sale tomorrow (Sunday 7/16) for great deals on chic shoes!

ivy kirzhner sample sale, sample sale new york, sample sale nyc