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Veronica Beard’s Big Debut at 260 Sample Sale

veronica beard sample sale april 2019

By: Angelica – @TheArtOfTheDealHunter

260 Sample Sales is hosting the Veronica Beard sample sale for the first time right now at its 5th Ave location.  This had many people on edge because as history shows, when 260 works with a brand, prices typically rise. Until today, Veronica Beard used to host its own sample sale in its showroom spaces with affordable prices on samples and stock. Once we saw prices for this sale, I noticed they went up from last sale, but they are still reasonable and fair! I spent nearly two hours in the sale this morning and it was so worth it. My knee jerk reaction is that it was well stocked with a big variety of merchandise.  As someone who LOVES blazers, and the Veronica Beard brand (I have even paid retail for it *shhh) this sale was well worth the wait and the madness. I rate it a 7 out of 10! Let me break this down below.

I knew I wanted to be early to this because the samples are usually pretty good.  I got there at 7:45 and was the 8th person in line, call me crazy, but it was the smartest move.  When the sale opened at 9 am, I went straight back to the samples and had first pick at everything. Everyone else was swarmed around the stock blazers. The samples included pants, skirts, dresses, tops, blouses, sweaters, and blazers. I grabbed this yellow check blazer that is on their website now on sale for $452 and retails for $645. I paid $115. Great deal. The sample shoes didn’t wow me and I didn’t see any sample dickies. That shocked me! I asked the staff and they said they had no more and they only had stock dickies. At that point I was willing to forgo because I picked up a couple good ones at the last sale.

On to the stock, I went to the blazers. I love, love their blazers. I wear a lot of color and was dying to find a red one. I went down the blazer rack and grabbed six or seven blazers I liked and figured I would edit later. They had plenty of leather blazers this morning, but they were going fast.  I ended up with a beautiful, black leather blazer with gold buttons. When I got home I realized they charged me only $175 when the price list had leather at $250. SCORE! The retail tag on the blazer says $1,295. Double SCORE! I didn’t end up getting a red one, but the black leather was a great find. I also ended up with a leopard blazer. Thanks to the most helpful saleswoman, who went to the basement and got me my size and carried it up to me. That was so unexpected and really nice. They had some really cute shoes all priced at $100. That was sort of odd, because leather boots were the same price as a flat sandal with one leather strap.

At this point, about an hour in, the sale was starting to get really crowded and the dressing room line was about ten minutes long. Simultaneously, the line to check out was growing and the amount of people shoulder to shoulder lead to some short tempers. Stock was also all unorganized by now. I was standing in line, but so close to a rack, people had to jump between people to look at clothes on the rack.  Organization could have been better as well as the fitting room situation.

They didn’t restock any samples when I was there, but they were continually bringing armfuls of stock blazers to put on the racks. Blazers were aplenty and, in my opinion, the best bang for your buck.  They retail $500 and up, some as much as $845, so for $175 or $115, that’s still a deal for me.  The quality of clothes is stellar and the prices match the quality. I liked this sale because the shoppers knew what they wanted and were there for business. There was no one fluttering around casually. You could tell the shoppers knew the stock and were there to buy.  That makes a big difference! The help was really great at this sale too. I totally recommend stopping by if you’re a Veronica Beard fan. I am also really curious about markdowns and if they’ll come in the next couple days. If so, I might go back! The only downside to 260 hosting this sale is now more people will learn about it.

What: Veronica Beard sample sale
Where: 260 5th Ave, NY, NY
When: Apr 30 – May 5, 2019

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The Kooples Sample Sale is Worth the Trip for their Dresses and Leather

By: Riva Neumann 

The Kooples Sample Sale is definitely worth the trip to the city to snag some great deals on some great clothes. The racks were full of high quality clothes just waiting to be purchased! Prices ranged from $45 for a T-shirt (a bit pricey for my liking) to $360 for a leather jacket (a STEAL). I found the nicer pieces, like the dresses and leather items to be the best bang for your buck. Dresses and jumpsuits were around $115 while leather items were $150. The shoes were all $120 which made me happy.

I found some items to be very overpriced, like cowboy hats for $60 ( I mean seriously, who even wears those anymore) and $100 for a poncho. For the most part, anything worth getting was seriously worth it.

Overall, 7.5/10. Most of the product available was good and there was lots of it, but it was pretty crowded and some pieces were way overpriced. Happy Shopping!

What: The Kooples Sample Sale
Where: 150 Greene Street NY,NY
When: April 30, 2019- May 5,2019

the kooples sample sale

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Calvin Klein Bedding Sample Sale 2019 Blew Us Away

calvin klein bedding sample sale

The Calvin Klein bedding sample sale is by far one of our favorites: showroom setup, rock-bottom pricing, a ton of merchandise to choose from. We’re giving it a 9/10 and recommend it as one of the best to deck out your bedroom.

Setup: the sample sale is at a showroom (and not a 260 or clothingline) which means that no one else is taking a cut and the prices are as low as can be. On the down low, the sale is cash only, so you have to hit up an ATM before going. The merchandise is in boxes and there are price sheets on the wall.

Merchandise: Definitely a solid amount of bedding and towels to choose. The sale included comforters, quilts, shams, curtain panels and even mattresses for dogs.

Pricing: The sheet sets with high thread count were $20. After buying sheets at the Sferra sample sale for $300, I can vouch for how ridiculously low that is. At retail, these items aren’t ridiculously expensive but cost ~$250, so still a great deal and close to 90% off.

The hours are a bit rough for working folks, but this sample sale definitely makes it worthwhile to sneak out a bit.

What: Calvin Klein Bedding Sample Sale
Where: 261 5th Ave, 16th Fl, Manhattan, NY
When: April 30 – May 2, 2019

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The Hard Tail Sample Sale is Indeed Forever

hardtail sample sale april 2019

The Hard Tail sample sale was held in the brand showroom – and it’s one of the sample sales that follows the pattern of what real sample sales used to be like. Cash only, cheap prices, a ton of merchandise, and bring your own bag. Okay, maybe we’re not crazy about the last part, but overall, the sale gives a worthwhile way to shop for adorable workout clothes without breaking the bank.

Pricing: Every item was $20 a piece. Sadly, there were no five-dollar boxes this time and no additional discounts either. At retail, items are priced at $50-$150. That’s a solid ~80% off on most things.

Merchandise: There were 7 racks total, two of them with tops, two with slacks and one with skirts. The remaining racks had leggings and other random accessories.

Sizes: Women sample sizes mostly. If you ate too much over the weekend and your jeans don’t fit, you’re probably not going to be thrilled with this sale.

Fitting Room: Yes, there was a fitting room at the sample sale.

We are giving the HardTail sample sale a 8/10. Hit this one up if you’re in the area and need workout gear in sample sizes for cheap.

What: HardTail sample sale
When: Apr 29 – May 10, 2019
Where: 231 West 39th Street, 1102 NY, NY

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The James Perse Sample Sale is the Worst Sample Sale Out There

james perse sample sale

The James Perse sample sale was not a f*** sample sale. You’d do better with a white tee at a five below store. First of all, this is the second time this season that James Perse is having a sample sale – that must mean that the brand isn’t doing well. And still, they keep the prices sky-high.

$40 t-shirts, $70 sweatpants – what are they made out of, gold? We still remember the days when the t-shirts at the James Perse sample sale had t-shirts selling for $15-$20. Someone dm’d us on Instagram mentioning that the sample sale takes place in LA at the same time, and LA prices half of NY. So we ask you – WHAT THE F***!

The sample sale was completely empty and that serves the brand right. Sample sale shoppers are smart and savvy – and they won’t go to a “sample sale” that barely resembles a sale at all. Don’t fool us – we won’t go. Stay home and skip this one.

What: James Perse sample sale
Where: 666 Broadway, NY, NY
When: Apr 25 – Apr 28, 2019

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The Janis Savitt Sample Sale is Every Sale Shopper’s Dream

By: Jacqueline Munro

I cannot stress just how amazing the Janis Savitt sample sale is. If you are in need of jewelry for any reason or no reason at all, this is 100% the place to go… seriously, get off your couch and go to this sale RIGHT NOW.

Although the space is a little small, given that the sale is in an apartment style office, it is well organized and there are several kind, helpful staff members readily available to help in any way you might need. At the sale, there are tons of classic pieces (like the Cobra bracelets) going for extremely low prices starting at $10! I mean, how incredible is that?! There are lots of other cool pieces too; stunning earrings, chic necklaces, and endless drool-worthy bracelets. All of the pieces at this sale are impressively discounted and in great (if not perfect) condition. Prices range from $5-$100+ and each piece is more beautiful than the next!

Overall I’m giving this sale a 9/10. If the space wasn’t so cramped I would definitely give it a 10, but unfortunately, it triggered some claustrophobia. I highly recommend going to this sale if you’re in search of cool jewelry. Don’t worry if your wallet has been light lately because the deals are excellent.

What: Janis Savitt Sample Sale
When: Wed. Apr 24th – Tue. Apr 30th, 2019
Where: 200 West 58th St., Suite 12B, NY, NY

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Bag Studio Sample Sale is Drowning in LeSportsac

By Jacqueline Munro:

When I saw the advertisement for this Bag Studio sample sale I was really excited; I mean who doesn’t want to shop for discounted purses on a beautiful spring day? But to be honest, when I got there and shopped around for a bit I was let down. Unless you’re looking to stock up on LeSportsac merchandise, don’t bother going to this sale.

At this sale they had all different kinds of bags; there were plenty of totes, makeup bags, backpacks, wallets, shoulder bags, and even large roller suitcases. I was surprised by the number of products, but the quality of the selection wasn’t that great. I was expecting more French Connection and Christian Siriano to be at the sale, but boy was I wrong. Out of the three rooms at the location, there was only one wall with non-LeSportsac merchandise. The showroom was decently organized, all of the pieces were in great condition, and the discounts were alright.

Overall, I’m giving this sample sale a 6/10. Unfortunately, the cute patterns throughout the merchandise and organization were not enough to excite me. If the pricing was better and there was a greater variety of merchandise, I’d be happy to reconsider. But since those things aren’t going to happen I’d say sit this one out.

What: Bag Studio Sample Sale
When: Wed. Apr 24th – Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
Where: 10 West 33rd St., Suite 528, NY, NY

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Alice and Trixie Sample Sale Was HeartBreaking

To understand how devastating the Alice and Trixie sample sale was, you have to understand what the Alice & Trixie sample sale used to be like in the good old days. In the old days, the sale would take place in the brand showroom and all the items would be priced in the $5-$35 range. That included silk dresses, tops, pants and everything else.

This time around (and the last sale as well), the sample sale was still in the brand showroom, the merchandise was still great, but the pricing was awful. There was a chart with utterly confusing prices – different for white labels, black labels and different categories. Here’s the bottom line: tops were $59 or $69. Dresses were $69 or $79. Some November category was $49. Pants were $29 and so were shorts. True, Alice & Trixie has nice quality cute items, but the brand is not elite. This cannot compare to Sandro or DVF, both sales happening at the same time and selling tops for exactly the same prices.

While I was there, no one purchased anything, there were only a few shoppers. Whoever entered left empty-handed. Brands should know that sample sale shoppers are smart and savvy – if the prices aren’t worthwhile, people won’t buy. I almost hope the brand won’t do well at this sample sale so that the next one will go back to true sample sale pricing. Given all of this, we’re rating the sale a 4 out of 10. Skip it and go to a better sale instead where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

What: Alice & Trixie sample sale
Where: Apr 24- Apr 26, 2019
When: 265 West 37th St, 11th Fl, NY, NY

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The DVF Sample Sale is the Place for Insane Discounts

dvf sample saledvf sample saledvf sample saledvf sample saledvf sample saledvf sample saledvf sample saledvf sample saledvf sample sale

By: Riva Neumann 

The DVF Sample Sale had a superb selection of clothing as well as accessories for insane discounted prices. Though it was a bit crowded, there was no line to get in, which was a (surprising) plus. I loved the amount of product they had at the sale; from gowns to ready to wear to accessories, they had it all. Also, everything was fairly priced, i.e. nothing was over $250. For DVF that is insane!

The accessories were my favorite part!  All of the bags were under $100 with most being $65. Also the smaller bags and wallets were a steal at only $20. The shoe selection was underwhelming, but each pair was $75, which made me happy. There was also a $45 rack of random items, which only added to my delight.

Given the merchandise, pricing, and no-line situation, I gave the DVF sample sale an 8/10, go check it out for some insanely priced DVF items! Happy Shopping!

What: DVF Sample Sale
Where: 260 5th Ave NY,NY
When: April 23, 2019- April 28, 2019

dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale dvf sample sale

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Long Lines and Beautiful Clothes at the Sandro Sample Sale

Sandro Sample SaleSandro Sample SaleSandro Sample SaleSandro Sample SaleSandro Sample SaleSandro Sample SaleSandro Sample SaleSandro Sample SaleSandro Sample Sale

By: Riva Neumann

The Sandro Sample Sale had me waiting for half an hour to get in. Once in, the sale was extremely crowded, which made for a very rough shopping experience. The clothes, however, were really well organized as well as good quality. That was definitely a plus. Most of the clothes were reasonably priced, i.e. the $95 dresses and $65 jeans. Some of the items, like the t-shirts, were be a bit pricey at $55 each.

The shoes were a very good deal at $95 a pair, but the selection was underwhelming. The accessories at the sale were also very underwhelming –  there was nothing other than scarves available when I got there. I preferred the selection of clothes and jackets available since there were so many to choose from and all were absolutely gorgeous.

Overall, I gave this sale a 7/10: the clothes at the sale were amazing, but the long lines and underwhelming accessories took the 3 marks away. This one has a green light – enjoy!

What: Sandro Sample Sale
Where: 150 Greene street NY,NY
When: April 23,2019- April 28,2019


Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale Sandro Sample Sale