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Raised Prices at the Peter Thomas Roth Sample Sale

peter thomas roth sample sale fall 2019peter thomas roth sample sale fall 2019

We checked out the Peter Thomas Roth sample sale earlier this week. Were the prices cheap – yes. That being said, there was a definite price hike from the year before. I bought an eyelash serum and a cc cream – but when I went home, users started writing in that they bought items which were too close to expiration date for comfort. With skincare, expiration dates are no joke – especially if you’re acne prone like me.

The sale was in a nice large showroom – items were either stacked up or in buckets. The room was split into a Peter Thomas Roth section and a June Jacobs section. Masks were the best deals – they started at $2 a pop for mini-masks. Then there were sets of 6-7 large marks for $35.

If you have the patience to sit and check expiration dates, then it’s worth checking out. Otherwise, skip.

What: Peter Thomas Roth sample sale
When: Mon Nov 4th – Wed Nov 13th, 2019
Where: 460 Park Ave, 4th Fl, Conference Room, Manhattan, NY

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Sweaty Betty Sample Sale

sweaty betty sample sale

A huge thank you to Di.ShopNonStop for covering the Sweaty Betty sample sale! The sale was in a small showroom and was priced by category, which was marked by color stickers. There was also a section of items in bins organized by size.

Our favorite items were knapsacks, bras and leggings. Other items include pants, tees and swimwear. Sizes went from small to XL. If you’re a fan of the brand, hit it up!

What: Sweaty Betty sample sale
Where: 80 Warren St, Manhattan, NY
When: Nov 7 – Nov 9, 2019

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Naeem Khan Sample Sale – Prices Too High, Selection Too Low

name khan sample sale fall 19

We hit up the Naeem Khan sample sale, which was co-hosted with Shelly & Renee. As any sample sale with Shelly & Renee, the items were overpriced. There were a few items that cost $200-$300 but most items were priced north of $1,200. The space could have been lighter and larger but not much complaints in that area.

We were disappointed in the lack of selection. The sample sale seemed like one huge Neiman Marcus return that the brand was stuck with. There were a few evening gowns but not close to a generous selection. If you could find a gown at that sale, you would probably be very happy.

Overall, the items that were at the sale were beautiful, the prices expensive. We’re giving the sale a 6 out of 10.

What: Naeem Khan sample sale
Where: 260 West 36th St, 10th Fl, NY, NY
When: Nov 5 – Nov 7, 2019

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The S’well, Nest, and Moleskine Sample Sale is ANYTHING BUT SWELL.

By: Jacqueline Munro

I’ve never seen such a big shi* show in my entire life… Bravo 260, you’ve outdone yourselves! Looking at the line for this sale you would’ve thought they were giving away free diamonds… but sadly, no. Just overpriced candles, water bottles, and notebooks.

By the time I got there, there were hardly any S’well bottles left, and the ones that they did have were not cute. Ther larger bottles were going for $17 and the medium (normal) sized ones were going for $10. In my opinion, that’s how they should be priced in the first place, so I’m not going to praise them for dropping their sample sale prices to those numbers. As for the Moleskine notebooks, there were a ton. They had lots of cute colors and sizes, and some even had cute characters like Batman on them. With that said though, the prices were….. what they should always be? I just can’t imagine paying any more than the sample sale prices for one of those things. And last but not least, Nest. Before I got into the sale there was a man with a megaphone announcing the scents that they had sold out of. It sounded like a lot of the good, non-holiday scents were gone. But I’m not a Nest fanatic so what would I know. There were still a decent amount of candles, diffusers, and perfumes left but the discounts were BLEH!!!!! A follower of ours pointed out that there are currently Nest products on Nordstrom Rack for cheaper!

Overall I rated this sale a 5/10. I can NOT recommend going to this sale. To be honest, I was going to give it a 0/10, but the number of crazed people in the sale made me feel like there had to be something good about it. I just genuinely hope that none of you are foolish enough to wait on line to get in. I only did it because I had to. Good luck, shoppers. You’re going to need it for this sale.

What: S’well, Nest, and Moleskine Sample Sale
When: Tuesday, Nov. 6th – Sunday, Nov. 10th, 2019
Where: 260 5th Avenue, Manhattan, NY

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Belstaff and Re/Done Sample Sale is so Stuffed

By: Riva Neumann 

Ok, I have some THOUGHTS on the Belstaff and Re/Done Sample Sale . First of all, it is literally so crowded with merchandise that I am pretty sure it breaks some sort of fire code because there is barely any space to move it’s so full. Second, it is pricey as hell and I’m not at a sample sale to be spending that kind of money. Belstaff is great for outwear and maybe 3 t shirts but for the most part, it is racks of leather jackets (I am just stating facts) all for about $300.

Re/Done has jeans for $90 and Levis for $120. The lines to try on jeans are almost throughout the store so if you go, know your size and don’t waste your time trying on, you get maybe 6 minutes to try on everything and you can wait on line forever or just buy it and hope for the best.

Overall, I gave this sale a 6.5/10. Know what you are getting into and good luck with the crowdedness.

What: Belstaff and Re/Done sample sale
Where: 151 Wooster street New York, NY
When: Nov 5,2019- Nov 10,2019

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Park Yourself at the Parker Sample Sale

By: Riva Neumann 

The Parker Sample Sale has some great merch, if you are a size small. I was disappointed in the lack of sizes at this sale but other than that, they literally have so much and all for under $100. All samples are $35 and they have a ton of gorgeous dresses and gowns on the sample racks. All leather is $70 which is such a discount for the amazing leather pieces they have. Everything else for the most part is $50 besides for Parker Black which is $70 for short dresses and $85 for gowns.

They have a small selection of shoes for $20 which is very worth it to check out. I scored a pair of thigh high boots for $20 and I am not mad! Overall, I gave this sale an 8/10, the only thing that could have been better was having more sizes but other than that you should be checking this sale out!

What: Parker Sample Sale
Where:234 West 39th Street, 3rd Floor, Manhattan, NY
When:Nov 5,2019- Nov 7,2019

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Brooks Brothers Sample Sale – This Time for Men Only

brooks brothers warehouse sale 2019

We caught wind of the Brooks Brothers warehouse sale at the last minute. This is a sale our guys look forward to for months, because that’s when they get to look all British and proper without spending the big bucks. The warehouse sale took place in the same warehouse as last year near their flagship store in midtown. The place was organized well, with large pricing signs.

Sadly, there were no shoes at this sale and there were no items for the ladies. However, whatever they did have was gorgeous and well-priced. There was definitely a buy-more save-more thing going on, where 1 tie was going for $25 but 6 were selling for $100. One suit was $500, 2 – $900 – see how you saved $100 bucks right there. There was a room and a half of shirt boxes – 3 for $100. Plenty of coats and sport coats as well. Vests were selling for $60, pants for $80 or $110.

For men who like to look sharp, this sale is a definite go! 8 out of 10 for me.

What: Brooks Brothers Warehouse Sale
Where: 11 East 44th St, Ground Fl, NY, NY
When: Nov 4 – Nov 8, 2019