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BA&SH sale had unlimited options but still pricey

By: Gabriella Rose

Set up: The sale was a hit and very crowded, but I was surprised that there was no line out the door. The front of the room consisted of all types of gowns: from casual, to night, to weddings. As you walk in, there were skirt and pants racks, and then some coats and shoes. The set up was fairly organized, however there were tons of black dresses that all looked similar so it was hard to go back and get a new size if need be.

Merchandise/pricing: The sales prices still remained pretty high: Dresses were $95, skirts $80, blazers $100, jeans/shorts $55, t-shirts $40. There were tons of everything in stock, and even in multiple sizes. The people working there were very sweet and were able to go downstairs and get you additional sizes. I saw gorgeous gowns for events beside the wall, all in awesome colors. This sale is worthwhile to go to- there is something for everyone. All of their clothing is gorgeous and great for events. Compared to retail pricing, the prices now are great.

What: BA&SH sample sale

When: Tues March 10th, 2020- Sunday March 15, 2020

Where: 151 Wooster St NY NY

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Devon Woodhill: Beautiful Jewelry, Not So Beautiful Prices

The first-ever Devon Woodhill sample sale features discounts of 70%. Featured are bracelets, earrings, anklets, charms, and necklaces. The jewelry is without a doubt stunning—the designs are delicate but intricate (plus super wearable). However, I would only recommend going to this sale if you’re ready to splurge. 

The fine jewelry prices range from $100 all the way to $3,400. There are also leather cord necklaces for $15. 

The staff here are now my new favorite people. They were so sweet and friendly! And, most importantly had hand sanitizer!!!!

I give this sale a 4/10 due to not so accessible pricing. But I do give some points for jewelry I wish I could buy. Applications are now open if anyone is interested in sponsoring my jewelry addiction. 

What: Devon Woodhill
When: March 11–12, 2020
Where: 1123 Broadway, 3rd floor, suite 304


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Gray Matters

This Gray Matters sample sale features shoes such as flats, heels, and boots. The items range from $95–$225. The discounts were around -$300 on retail price. Honestly, a lot of the merchandise here wasn’t stylish, and the discounts were a total snooze fest. 

The shoes are separated by price. The space is well-decorated and has a modern, minimalist vibe. Most of the shoes are sizes 37–39.

The shoes were either flat out ugly, just okay, or just slightly interesting. Maybe I just don’t “get” the brand as a whole, but this sale didn’t make so much sense to me. I would recommend (more like strongly urge) you to skip this one! Cuter shoes and better deals can be found from the safety and comfort of your quarantine—I mean home.

1/10. Poor discounts, ugly (and sometimes even stained) merchandise, and limited sizes=🙄👎

What: Gray Matters sample sale.
Where: 213 Bowery, NY, NY
When: March 11–15, 2020



Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review

Gottex sample sale makes us want to work out!

By: Gabriella Rose
Set up: Gottex sample sale took place in a small showroom, with tons of racks filled with merchandise. Each rack carries a different size. Gottex has tons of sports bras, leggings, t-shirts and hoodies. Each and every item hangs neatly, which is always a plus at a sale. The Gottex sample sale is definitely worthwhile you need more work-out clothing.
Merchandising/pricing: The pricing for this sale is CHEAP. Everything was between $10 and $20. The catch – cash only. Make sure to hit up an ATM before you go.
The quality of the merchandise is amazing as well, and all the prints are unique. This sale had TONS of leggings and sports bras. The staff was also super sweet and helpful.
There is plenty of stock, but I still would not wait until the last day to attend this sale.
Rate: 6.5/10 Amazing athleisure items at phenomenal prices.

What: Gottex sample sale

When: Tue Mar 10th – Thu Mar 12th

Where: 230 W. 39th St, NY NY

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Hard Tail sample sale: 5 racks filled with great merchandise

By: Gabriella Rose

Set up: The Hard Tail sample sale took place in a large room with 5 racks. Each rack was extremely organized and was categorized by item. It was very easy to find the exact type of leggings or exact type of t-shirt you were looking for! However amazing this sale was, there was only one small fitting room. All of the customers were basically on top of each other, and the employees were extremely strict with no pictures. This sale had good finds – worthwhile to go to if you need some new basics.

Merchandise/pricing: The pricing of this sale was as follows: 1 for $15, 2 for $25, and 3 for $30 – CASH only. I was pleasantly surprised that one sweatshirt vs. one t-shirt would both cost as low as $15 each. This sale had great finds, for great prices. There were tons of options in stock, however mostly one of each exact item. There were a few tie-die hoodies, and tons of plain classic t-shirts. It was quiet and rather empty, which made the experience all that more relaxed.

Rate: 6.5/10 Great prices and finds – small fitting room and no pictures allowed.

What: Hard Tail sample sale

Where: 230 W. 39th St, NY NY

When: Mar 9-Mar 12, 2020


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Jacadi sample sale: is the line down the block worth it?

By: Gabriella Rose

Set up: This sample sale had a line down the block, and was extremely crowded inside as well. The sale was organized for the most part- there were bins throughout labeled with both the size and age. There were tons of merchandise in stock, but defiantly more clothing than shoes. There was a line for the register that looped around half of the whole store – this sale is only worthwhile to attend if you have a few hours of free time.

Merchandise/ pricing: The pricing of this sample sale was as follows: shoes $30, dress $25, top $12, swim $10, baby bodysuit $8, and outwear $40. The prices of this sale were great and very discounted, and there tons of everything in stock. There were great dresses for all sizes and ages, both fancy and casual. I also saw adorable winter boys coats- in blue and grey shades. There was tons of merchandise in stock and it did not look like anything was going out anytime soon.

Rate: 5.5/10 great prices, line down the block- tons left

What: Jacadi sample sale


Where: 260 fifth ave, NY NY

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Parker and Apparis: Lots of Cute Merch!

This Parker and Apparis 260 sale features tons of adorable pieces at discounts that don’t suck! The Parker merchandise has discounts of up to 80% off. While there isn’t a blanket discount for Apparis the pieces fall from $95–$175. Compared to the brand’s website the discounts aren’t that great though.

The sale is organized by brand and item. The Parker section has dresses galore and some tops and pantsuits as well. The sizing is kinda all over the place for both brands, but that’s usually a given at sample sales. The prints are flirty and fun—perfect for this upcoming spring/summer! 

Apparis’s (say that ten times fast) section is filled with impossibly soft vegan fur and leather coats. There are a lot of cool patterns but also some more neutral coats. There is also a quality range of sizes.

As always, wait until the last day for 260 sales to get those extra discounts!!

This sale is a solid 6/10. I’m sure you’ll end up walking away with one or two nice pieces, but it’s not a must go. If you’re not in the area it’s not worth the trip.

Shoutout to the people working the sale: your music was popping!!           

What: Parker and Apparis sale
When: March 4—8, 2020
Where: 150 Greene Street

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Vita Fede Up with Bad Sales

By: Eve Orbach

This Vita Fede sale features discounts of up to 60% off on sample and one of a kind (***clears throat*** mistake) jewelry. There are bracelets, necklaces, and rings galore in a range of metals of styles. You have everyday pieces, costume jewelry, some fine jewelry, and everything in between here.

The small but organized showroom had boxes and boxes of merchandise separated by price. Although the jewelry was exciting, the prices—not so much. I am not wowed by prices this high for the jewelry of this quality. Seriously, brands shouldn’t be able to label it a “sale” if the prices are still higher than what the merchandise should actually be priced at. 

One area that this sale scored well in was sizes: no matter what size finger you are you‘ll be able to find something. This may seem like just one small step for the brand, but it is also one giant leap for womankind. But when the ring sizing was the most exciting part of a sale, that’s one bright, glaring red flag. Also on a side note, I honestly could not tell who was working the sale and who was a customer, which isn’t usually the best sign. 

I think you should just save yourself the trip with this one. Instead of being disappointed about bleh prices, go outside and enjoy the stunning weather!

Cash and credit cards accepted. All sales are final.

What: Vita Fede sale.
Where: 25 West 26th Street, 5th floor.
When: March 5–7, 2020

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Vince Camuto – a mad house with no fitting rooms

By: Gabriella Rose

Set up: This sample sale was very crowded and everything was everywhere. None of the racks were organized based on the item- this is the kind of the sale that you just have to look at every single rack. There were tons of customers all over the room, and since there were no fitting rooms, people were just trying on their clothing in public. I would suggest going to this sale- there were tons of gorgeous pieces for low prices.

Merchandise/pricing: Customers were walking out with huge bags filled with clothing because the prices were THAT low. Tops and bottoms were $15, and everything else was $25. There were tons of clothing, but mostly one of each item. I saw that this sale was a majority dresses and blouses. There were only 1-2 racks of pants. There were a lot of cozy and pretty sweaters, some had cool prints on it as well. This sale is worthwhile to go to- you will most likely walk out with tons bought.

Rate: 6/10 Great prices, tons of items- no mirrors or fitting rooms

What: Vince Camuto sample sale

When: Tues March 3- Thurs March 5, 2020

Where: 261 W 36th St, NY NY

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Sand by Saya: Filled with Flip Flops & Jewelry!

By: Gabriella Rose

Set up: The Sand by Saya sale was in a small and crowded space. Jewelry, hair clips, headbands, and rings, were everywhere in sight. The display of the merchandise was a fail- everything looked poor in quality. The room had flip flops on one side, and it took over the entire wall. It was rather easy to find the exact size that you wanted. This sale is only worthwhile to go to if you are interested in purchasing a random piece of jewelry- other than that, it was not a hit.

Merchandise/ pricing: The pricing of the sale was as follows: jewelry $15-30, flip flops $25-$35, hair clips/ hair ties $15, and sneakers $59. There was not a lot of shoes left in stock, and there was only one of each piece of jewelry as well. I saw some gorgeous earrings and necklaces, and one cute rainbow ring. There were also some hair clips that were all different colors. This sale had some great finds but was very hit or miss at the end of the day. I would recommend stopping by if you are nearby.

Rate: 4.5/10 Some pretty rings and necklaces, but mostly not such a great sale

What: Sand by Saya Sample Sale
When: Mon Mar 2nd – Fri Mar 6th, 2020
Where: 37 W. 39th St. NY NY