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5 Unexpected Trends for Fall 2017

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By Francine Szerer

I know that no one is quite ready to hear this yet, but fall is definitely on it’s way. (Yes the high was only 75 yesterday, and it’s July)

Beautiful weather and Pumpkin Spice Lattes aren’t the only things to look forward to in the upcoming season. As the Summer heat slowly fades away we are hit with the windy chill of reality, a new beginning. For some it may be the start of a new school semester while for others it may just be trading those flirty mini skirts and summer threads for fall ensembles. As for me, it’s the excitement of a whole chapter of fashion and color palette.

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Enter deep burgundy, hunter green and plum purple— all of my favorite colors arriving with my favorite season.

…. Well, enough about me and my fall expectations, let’s get down to the top unexpected trends for Fall ’17.

1. Red

sample sales new yorkEveryones’s favorite Taylor Swift song has finally resonated with fashion designers world wide 😉 Red seems to be the power color of Fall 2017. Not only did we see polished coats from Givenchy, monochromatic outfits at Tod’s and flashy Fendi boot—red is the soon to be seen street style of the fall.

2. Puff Coats and Vintage-Inspired Furs

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From Miu Miu to Marni, pastel puff coats appeared everywhere this season. In colors that will remind us of our favorite summer day, these coats are known to be poppin’ in high fashion street style. In contrast to these glamorous colorful puffs, fall of 2017 may also be going back to basics with unadorned vintage-inspired furs.

3. Retro Hatssample sales nycNot only is vintage fur making a comeback but get pumped for retro hats that will surly replace the millennial beanie. Everyone from Marc Jacobs to Maison Marginal to even Coach 1941 are bringing back brimmed and bucket hats that showcase vintage cloths like shearling and fur.

4. Victorian Collarssample salesThis fall you’ll be extremely warm as the Victorian collar takes center stage. High necks are all the rage. Brands like John Gilliano and Kenzo took the Victorian inspiration seriously with a more conservative look while my personal favorite, Valentino, took this look above and beyond in a stunning red (two trends in one look!) detailed dress.

5. Leisure Suitssample sales

Athleisure is out. It’s time to stop pretending to hit the gym and just embrace the comfy. Well, fashionably comfy of course. The latest in luxury convinience is the leisure suite, or as Elle Magazine likes to call it “The Tracksuit-Adjacent.” This is far from your current athleisure getups, with Chloé’s delish suede set to Ashish’s multicolor sequins. As the years go by comfortable clothing have become more acceptable, and so that you feel okay wearing sweats outside style them with a pair of stilettos— the Kardashians do it all the time!

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