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260 Sample Sale Beach Chic Caroline Constas & Lemlem Fashion Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Stripes and Gingham Galore – The Caroline Constas and Lemlem Sample Sale

By Ashley Randall

Today we had the opportunity to check out the combined Caroline Constas and Lemlem Sample Sale downtown at 151 Wooster Street. Dreamy and colorful patterned apparel lined all the racks, a majority of which were dresses, skirts and tops.

The Caroline Constas and Lemlem Sample Sale felt as if you were transported from the rainy streets of New York to a bright and sunny day at the beach. The sale offered a lot of chic striped and gingham patterned merchandise. Caroline Constas offered both clothing from her collection as well as a section full of samples. The Caroline Constas samples were more limited and cheaper than the normal collection. Lemlem had a large collection of both maxi dresses, rompers and beach accessories but a limited selection of shoes.

We rated the Caroline Constas and Lemlem Sample Sale a 7 out of 10. The clothing was incredibly cute and chic but offered limited variation, especially Lemlem who seemed to only have striped merchandise. The apparel offered by both Caroline Constas and Lemlem felt as if it were designed solely for the summer months. The merchandise was still priced quite high and there was an extremely long line for both the fitting room and register. Yet all the  merchandise made us feel as if we were relaxing in the Hamptons with a glass of rosé in hand. If you are in need of chic summer clothing and have a larger budget, we recommend you take a look!

What: Caroline Constas and Lemlem Sample Sale
When:  Thurs. May 31 – Sun. June 3, 2018
Where: 151 Wooster Street, New York, NY




260 Sample Sale Athleisure Fashion Fitness Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

A Workout Girl’s Paradise – The Bandier Sample Sale

By: Ashley Randall

Today we had the opportunity to check out the Bandier Sample Sale at 260 Fifth Avenue Location. The racks are filled with a variety of merchandise and an assortment of different sizes. Including fun and colorful leggings, tops, bras and matching sets.

The Bandier Sample Sale was a dream to anyone women who loves fitness, as well as those who spend their days dressed in athleisure. The sale offered everything from high intensity workout pants to chic bomber jackets and everything in-between. The Bandier Sample Sale had an amazing selection of both performance and leisure sneakers, including brands such as Haus by Golden Goose, Athletic Propulsion Lab, Adidas and Nike.

We rated the Bandier Sample Sale a 7.5 out of 10. Although the Bandier Sample Sale did have a great selection of merchandise and sizes available, the prices were still quite high. There was no line to get inside but the environment was hectic. They did have a great selection of both clothing and shoes so we recommend you check it out!

What: Bandier Sample Sale
When: Tues. May 29 – Sun. June 3, 2018
Where: 260 5th Avenue, New York, NY

Bandier Sample Sale
Bandier Sample Sale
Bandier Sample Sale
Bandier Sample Sale
Bandier Sample Sale
Bandier Sample Sale
Bandier Sample Sale
Bandier Sample Sale
Bandier Sample Sale






Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review

$10 – $20 Sample Sale – Wooden Ships Knits

The Wooden Ships sample sale has to be the most affordable sale I’ve ever been to. They offered a large variety of knit sweaters, ponchos, pull overs, cardigans, and cold weather accessories! The sizes varied, a great sale for women who are a 4-12! You will definitely find something that fits and compliments your body type! The price break down was as followed:

  1. Blend Fiber Sweaters (Wool/ Mohair/Acrylic/ etc) were all $20!
  2. Cotton Fiber Sweaters were all $15!
  3. Hats and gloves were all $10!!

Honestly, such a great deal for really cute winter gear! If I were you, I would head out to the Wooden Ships sample sale during your lunch break or after work to stock up on winter gear! The place is quite small and you have to take a few turns once you get off the elevator. You’ll see signs on the wall, directing you where to go. I got lost my first time trying to find the sale, then I followed the papers on the walls with directions. This sale is *CASH ONLY* so make sure you go to the ATM and withdraw a few bucks to go shopping!


NY Fashion Week Spotlight: Inbal Dror

Inbal Dror

Inbal Dror is one of the rising stars in wedding fashion. Educated at the Shenkar school of design and Tel Aviv, Inbal reaches that perfects bridal style combining elegance, purity and sensuality. Although each gown is unique, the entire collection stands out in its brilliant use of sharp edges, created with thin lace, tiny sequins and form-fitting luxurious materials.

The Middle Eastern origins of this bridal designer are evident in the richness of the materials and the flow of the dresses. Yet something about the build of the dresses gives the brand a unique western and urban feel.

To close the 2017 NY fashion week in style, Tahor Group is hosting a “Happily Ever After” event featuring the famous Israeli bridal designer, Inbal Dror. To get a feel for the free-spirited designer yourself, secure your spot at the event make sure to RSVP.




3 Tips for Shopping in a NYC Snow Storm

NYC Snow Storm

Despite the overwhelming desire to stay home in front of the TV on snow days, munching on leftovers and catching up on Netflix, these frosty afternoons are actually the ideal time to go shopping. Only a few brave souls will choose to venture out onto the New York City streets, leaving stores vacant and merchandise untouched. However, as the thermometer slips to lower temperatures and the snow transitions from the purest white to all 50 shades of gray, trekking out into the city can be a little tough. Here are 3 quick tips to make your snow day shopping excursion doable and rewarding.

1. Wear a slightly lighter coat. Although one’s natural inclination may be to layer up in a bulky winter jacket, when it comes to shopping on a snow day, less is more. Although NYC does get rather chilly, running in and out of stores tends to have the opposite effect. Additionally, store managers are just as aware of the temperature outside as you are and tend to crank up the heat. A giant coat often is not ideal when half of your day is actually spent indoors, trying on clothes in a dressing room.

2. Make a route. Shop smart. Know where you’re going and what you’re getting before you leave the house. ShopDrop at your service! ShopDrop is an app that will tell you which sample sales are happening in your area. It also displays the sample sales on a map, so you know exactly where to find them as well as what hours they are open and what deals you can find. Don’t go out without a plan; use this guide to sample sales to know exactly where you should be going.

3. Wear Practical Winter Boots. Boots, not booties. It was a fun ride in the dry Manhattan fall when the fad of short boots took over the city streets. With every corner coated in deep, hidden puddles, and snow banks up to your shins, these cute little booties just won’t survive. It’s worth investing in a pair of waterproof winter boots that will keep your feet dry when roaming the streets of the city on days like today. Maybe mom was right when she told you that sometimes, practicality is more important than fashion

Sample Sale

Best 5 Sample Sales in NYC to hit up before Valentine’s day

With one week left to the international yet pagan festival of love, a lots of people are interested in surprising their loved one with a unique and valuable gift. Here at ShopDrop, the ultimate authority on sample sales, we are recommending five of the best sample sales to hit up in New York. At the prices offered, you are guaranteed to get great bang for your buck: to make someone else feel cherished without breaking the bank.

So whether you’re at home, or at work and looking for a quick lunch fashion activity, check out the below sales. For more sample sales and detailed info, make sure to check out the ShopDrop App.

  1. The Reese+Riley Sample and Stock Sale in NYC
ShopDrop Sample Sale Listing

The Reese+Ryley sample sale is one of the hottest in NY. Opening this Wednesday and staying open until Friday, February 10th — this sale will offer stock and brand new items for up to 75% off! RSVP to for an additional 10% off!

Who: Reese&Ryley sample sale (❤ ShopDropApp)
When: Wed. Feb 8th — Fri, Feb 10: 10AM-4PM
Where: 330 W 38th St, Suite #608 NY, NY

2. La Ligne Sample Sale in NYC

ShopDrop Sample Sale Listing

First ever sample sale from La Ligne and will be a hit with prices as low as $50! Make sure to visit and stock up!

Who: La Ligne Sample Sale (❤ ShopDrop App)
When: Friday, February 10th —Sat, February 11th, 10AM-5PM
Where: La Ligne, 265 Canal Street, Suite 402, New York, 10013

3. Ineffable Pop Up Shop and Sample Sale

ShopDrop Sample Sale Listing

This one day sale will be a hit for lovers of men’s fashion. Use your Saturday to grab a bright trendy jacket in New York’s East Village.

Who: Ineffable Pop Up Shop & Sample Sale (❤ ShopDropApp)
When: Sat, Feb. 11th, 11AM-8PM
Where: 434 East 9th St, New York, NY

4. NY Charisma Knitwear Collection Sample Sale

NY Charisma Sample Sale ShopDrop App Sample Sale Listing

We could all use a bit of charisma in our lives! Especially when it comes in the form of fashionable knit sweaters. This one-of-a-kind brand offers priceless items at 80% off! Open on weekdays only!

Who: NY Charisma Knitwear Sample Sale (❤ ShopDropApp)
When: Tue, Feb 7th — Thu, Feb 16th, 1PM-6PM
Where: 330 West 38th St, Suite 601, New York

5. Valentine’s Day Pop Up Market — One Day Only

ShopDrop Sample Sale Listing

And if you want Valentine Day specific themed items, head to this unique love filled sale featuring jewelry, scented candles and other symbols of love! Make sure to RSVP to this one!

Who: Valentine’s Day Pop Up Shop
When: Thursday, Feb 9th, 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Where: WeWork Harlem, 8 West 126th Street, New York

And of course, Thank you Chicmi NY for all the inspiration!


Why Online Shopping is Ruining Your Friendships

No group of friends would be complete without that one preachy member, intent on convincing everyone that technology is ruining their lives. “Our phones have become our extensions! Our news feeds have become our home screens, and let’s face it, we don’t talk in person anymore,” she’ll rant. The rest of the group will ignore them, but you’ll sit there pondering, what if she’s right? What if she has a point?

​The other day I was walking in Greenwich Village and stumbled across a pet store. I could see puppies playing in the window. A little girl was gawking at their cuteness, begging her mother to hand over her iPhone so she could take a picture, before the puppy shifted to a slightly less photogenic position. When I was a kid, I was begging to pat, hold and play with the puppy, today’s youth merely wants to capture it on a screen.

​​Yes, there is value to the statement that technology is ruining human relationships, despite its undeniable benefits and conveniences. But that could only refer to endless scrolling and browsing. Could it be that online shopping has the same effect?

​​Throwback to the days when hanging out in the mall with your friends used to be the thing to do on weekends. The mundane act of purchasing a new jacket or pair of shoes used to serve as a unifying activity for a group of otherwise bored people. I still remember entering stores with a mission: to find that perfect new blazer, or the jeans from the famous ad. This carefully selected item would then become the prize you used to decorate your wardrobe, your friends were your comrades ‘in hunt.’

​Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying the convenience of online shopping. There’s nothing that makes you quite as happy to be living in the 21st century as ordering your basic necessities from the comfort of your bed. However, what I am pointing out is that group shopping is now becoming a relic of the past. Hanging out at the mall with friends, asking for their opinion on how I look in that dress with the pink flowers, on what to buy doesn’t happen anymore. Instead, we send links from our Facebook and Instagram pages hoping for the same effect. Let’s not give up those Lizzie McGuire days when shopping with your friends served as a social bonding activity. Don’t get trapped behind a computer screen. Next time you need to buy something, grab a friend, leave the house, and check out some great brick and mortar stores. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


6 Funny Fashion Ads

Although commercials usually present opportunities to click the ‘skip’ button or to search for other videos to watch or catch up on emails, there are always a few that pleasantly surprise me… Below I am listing some ads that inspired a laugh or at least a chuckle on my end. As always, comments and additional funny ads are welcome!

  1. Rolling on the floor from this Satis Fashion Footwear commercial

2. H&M by Madonna

Count on Madonna to bring you to tears from her “be like me” attitude…

3. Although a BMW commercial, this one has a lot of fashion innuendos.

4. Lambuji Fashion

Hey, who said Americans have to always be the funny ones? This Lambuji commercial had me laughing on the floor.

5. H&M recycle your clothes

And trust H&M to make recycling sexy by questioning every single stereotype under the sun.

6. LittleWoods Christmas “Own It”

Finally, this beat filled and exciting commercial brings a new meaning to the two words ‘own it’


Five Things to Know About Athletic Apparel


If you live in an urban area, you’ve probably noticed the transition from tank tops and jeans to fashionable leggings and workout tops. Well, in reality women are spending more and more time in athletic apparel than ever before and are inspiring a boost in sales for retailers. Here are five things to know about the trends of sports fashion.

Active Apparel on the Rise — ShopDrop
  1. Activewear sales predicted to reach $83B by 2020

According to a report by Morgan Stanley, sales of sports apparel are estimated to grow to $83B by 2020. This is nuts. Part of the reason for the boost is the fact that teens are participating in sports activities now more than ever. Participation in sports has gone up from 21% in 1980 to 36% in 2010.

2. Now it is acceptable to wear sports items for a number of activities

Additionally, while people restricted the wear of leggings to the gym and the gym alone, now it is acceptable to wear leggings for almost any activity: grocery shopping, school and yes, in some places, even work.

3. Regular apparel brands recognizing the trend

In response to the growing athletic apparel trend, companies that traditionally focused on high-end fashion are now introducing sports lines to their collections. Take, for example, Tory Burch. The designer took the timeless elegance and applied it to a number of sports items such as leggings, wide workout trousers and fashionable tops.

Tory Sport New Collection (

4. A new term “Athleisure” has been added to the NYTimes Dictionary

And yes, there is nothing akin to the legitimization by the NYTimes. The Merriam-Webster dictionary is adding the following definition for the term athleisure: “casual clothing designed to be worn for both exercising and for general use.”

VS Sports (ShopDrop)

5. Some of the up-and-coming Athleisure brands in 2017 that do not include Lululemon

The rise of athleisure has seen a parallel rise in brands catering to the demand in sportswear. Here are some you should keep your eyes on. First, Athleta — the brand that is owned by Gap is building more and more storefronts complete with classes and in-store events. Then there is Lily Lotus, an eco-friendly brand that sells stylish designs in fashion boutiques around the world. And for the racy gals, there is the Victoria’s Secret yoga offerings in the VSX and Pink Lines.

Sample Sale

So What Is a Sample Sale? 3 Facts


If you’re one of millions who loves to shop designer stores but doesn’t quite know what a sample sale is, do not despair for you aren’t alone! Plenty of people don’t quite recognize the exact definition of sample sales, and therefore, don’t know how much utility and value they can get from it. Below are three key things for you to know about sample sales — so read on, enjoy and don’t forget to comment!

ShopDrop App Image Fashion
  1. How Top Designers Get Rid of Excess

Versace, Lacoste, Morgane Le Fay — you name it! All fashion brands renew their inventory at least twice a year. And when they do, they need a quick and neat way to get rid of their excess inventory. Walla — come in sample sales. The designer rents out a warehouse and displays all the merchandise for a limited period of time.

2. a Way For You to Buy Near Perfect Merchandise @ a Fraction of the Price

That’s right — knowing what you know now, you could skip classic department store shopping. Instead, you could have mercy on your wallet and dress just as fashionably by attending different sample sales. Traditionally, sample sales used to display merchandise from runways in sample sizes only, but not anymore. Nowadays, sample sales display a wide array of merchandise in many sizes.

ShopDrop App Image

3. How to Find’Em Sample Sales

The only catch is that sample sales were traditionally difficult to find. Designers wouldn’t advertise them, since they wanted customers to buy items at full price, and so only the most fashion-savvy would comb the garment district in search for designer gems. Thanks to the 21st century, there are websites and apps that comb the world-wide web to feature them in the best manner. Some of the best websites are Lazars, 260SampleSaleand The Choosy Beggar. The best app for sample sales is by far the ShopDrop app, featuring more than 265 sample sales per month in all the fashion capitals of the world: New York, LA, Paris and London.

This blog was inspired by one of our readers, Matt Kosman.