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The Row Sample Sale, More Like the Woah Sample Sale

By: Riva Neumann 

The Row Sample Sale is a great place to get merch from this awesome brand , but damn is it expensive. Though discounts were between 50% and 70% off (50% exotics, 60% bags and 70% ready to wear , you need a pretty penny to get anything good. I mean, a white top for $420 retail is a lot but after the discounts its $126 which is still A LOT, especially at a sample sale. There was a gorgeous suede jacket for $1047 after the discount which is cool and all but way too expensive for me.

There was so much at the sale and it wasn’t too crowded which I like at the sales I go to. The amount of racks of clothes were honestly so great and they had a lot of sizes available. They had a decent amount of shoes  but not a lot of sizes which was a bummer. The bags were good in the amount they had but they were still so expensive after the 60% off.

Overall, I gave this sale a 7.5/10, go at the risk of your wallet!

What: The Row Sample Sale
Where:123 West 18th Street, 5th Floor, Manhattan, NY
When: Oct 17,2019- Oct 20,2019 

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Get Your Coat at the Soia and Kyo Sample Sale

The Soia and Kyo Sample Sale is the perfect place for coats, especially with this fall weather coming in (loving it so far!). The staff is so sweet and great and the merch is definitely good quality. They also have a good selection of activewear (only $20). The fall jackets and coats are between $130-$325 which is really great. My favorite is a pink long coat for $144. Hats are also a great deal, from $55 to $20.

There wasn’t much merch at this sale and really only focused on jackets and activewear. There wasn’t much else but its a good sale for those specific things. Overall, 5.5/10, check it out if you need a fall coat or if you just love the brand.

What: Soia and Kyo Sample Sale
Where:231 West 39th Street, Suite 1020, Manhattan, NY
 When: Oct 16,2019- Oct 18,2019

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Don’t Waste Your Time at the Hanky Panky Sample Sale

The Hanky Panky Sample Sale was such a disappointment! Undies on SALE were $12, like excuse me? the fabric is probably $1 a yard and also you have to dig through boxes of gross panties that you couldn’t pay me to wear. Also, you can probably find better deals online that are way more sanitary. The only reason to *maybe* go is for some of the lingerie. Nightgowns are $30 and and bras are $17 but even then I would still be cautious. Also, who displays sexy panties on a poster like material? they didn’t even look cute.

Also. what is up with the staff at 260?!?!! the 5th ave location staff has been especially mean and gross these last few sales that have honestly deterred me from wanting to go to the sales in those locations (the downtown locations are so much better, the staff is way nicer). You would almost think that they don’t want people coming they are that mean.

2/10 for this sale, DON’T BOTHER! it’s a lot of money for some strings!!!!

What: Hanky Panky Sample Sale
Where: 260 5th Ave New York,NY
When: Oct 15,2019-Oct 20,2019

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

The Heroine Sport Sample Sale is Definitely Addicting

By: Jacqueline Munro

The Heroine Sport Sample sale is taking place in a tiny showroom between 20th and 21st on Broadway. The selection is small but all of the stuff is really cute! There are about five racks of merchandise including bras, tops, shorts, leggings, sweatpants, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, leotards, jumpsuits, and biker shorts. Although most of the leggings are eccentric colors and/or patterns, there are a couple of nice, classic black pairs that I regret not buying. Prices range from $25-$75 which is good considering their retail prices.

My only problem with this sale is the organization. Although the racks are somewhat neatly organized, they are all tightly packed and the bins with the steeply discounted items are a wreck. I have a love-hate relationship with bins– I love the deals, but I absolutely hate the mess. I don’t understand why brands can’t just put the items on racks and make our lives easier. Overall I’m giving this sale a 7/10. The staff members are super sweet and the discounts are impressive, but as I said, they need to work on their organizational skills a little bit. If you aren’t a piece of s*** like me, and you actually work out, definitely go to this sale for some cute, reasonably priced workout clothes! Or in my case, athleisure.

What: Heroine Sport Sample Sale
When: Tue Oct 15th – Fri Oct 18th, 2019
Where: 907 Broadway, Suite #305, Manhattan, NY

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

The 260 Multi Brand Sale is a hit or miss

By: Jacqueline Munro

260 Sample Sale is currently hosting a multi-brand sale including Derek Lam, Cushnie, and Pierre Hardy at its 151 Wooster location. I love multi-brand sales because if you don’t luck out with one of the brands, there are always others that might offer something you like!

At this sample sale, the Derek Lam selection was by far the largest. The Derek Lam (collection and 10 Crosby) merchandise took up most of the first floor. The discounts were mediocre, to be honest, but the selection was fabulous. The pants ($95 for 10 Crosby and $225 for collection) section was superb and there were a bunch of amazing coats ($250 for 10 Crosby and $300-$400 for Collection) and blouses ($85) as well. Sweaters were $150 which seemed a bit outrageous to me, but there were a lot of cute ones. As for Cushnie, the selection was very small. There were almost no gowns and the activewear selection was more plentiful than the dress selection. The discounts for Cushnie ranged from 70%-80% off and the sample pieces were as marked. The Pierre Hardy selection was downstairs and it was pretty big– in addition to the women’s selection, there were a lot of options for men and a few for children too! There were tons of flats and heels but not as big of a sneaker or boot selection. And as if the small boot selection wasn’t sad enough, all of the sizes were on the larger end. So if you have small feet you’re out of luck. The boots were $250, “dress” shoes were $180, and sneakers were $150. These prices seemed a bit steep to me but at least they had good stuff.

Overall I rated this sale a 6/10. It was not very well organized and the prices were a bit steep, but if you’re willing to splurge on some cute pants for the fall, it might be worth checking out.

What: 260 Multi-Brand Sale
When: Tue Oct 15th – Sun Oct 20th, 2019
Where: 151 Wooster, Manhattan, NY

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Reiss Sample Sale Not Worth it, Cheaper Online

The Reiss Sample Sale was honestly a waste of time. Not only were the clothes cheaper online, the staff were just not nice. I don’t know what it is about this sale, but the staff were extremely mean. When I went, there were some additional discounts, such as  jeans and trousers being $40 instead of $60 and blazers being $90 instead of $110. While they had some cute stuff (the dresses are really nice), they didn’t have a lot of sizes available.

This sale had a pretty good selection of menswear which is really great to see, but other than that this sale was pretty disappointing on a lot of levels. Overall, I gave this sale a 4.5 out of 10. The selection wasn’t great, the sale was claustrophobic and the mean staff was just so off-putting. This sale is honestly not worth the time, just get it online at Bloomies.

What: Reiss Sample Sale
Where: 260 5th ave New York,NY
When: Oct 8,2019- Oct 13,2019

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Black Diamonds at the Karen Karch Sample Sale

karen karch sample sale 2019

We went to check out the Karen Karch sample sale before VIP night. The Karen Karch brand sells jewelry, that is exquisite in quality and looks. The room had a number of tables with different merchandise: rings, necklaces and earrings. The jewelry was in trays, and is perfect for layering.

In terms of pricing, the lowest cost item we could find was $66. The more expensive items though cost $3,500. Some of the pricier items were made with black diamonds. And the style is so Stella, perfect for layering and makes beautiful gifts. The more expensive items are lined in shelves along the wall. There was also a small selection of jewelry for men.

On the plus side is the merchandise, the pieces are special. The pricing is too high for what we would like to spend at a sample sale. Most of the items were 25% off retail.

What: Karen Karch sample sale
Where: 38 Gramercy Park North, New York, NY
When: October 15 – October 20, 2019

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Hugo Boss Sample Sale Great for Mens Suits

By: Riva Neumann 

Listen up guys, this sale is for you! The Hugo Boss Sample Sale is the perfect place to get a good suit for a fraction of the retail cost. Suits start at $395 with a deal 3 for $1095! They also have a good selection of sportcoats with a deal of 2 for $395. They also have a huge selection of mens shoes, much more than they had for women (shocking) and a whole wall of dress shirts for $75 each.

Now ladies, don’t worry, there was still plenty for us! Dresses and blazers are $195 and there were some really nice ones to look out for, especially the blazers, they are so perfect for fall. Shoes were ok, sparse but not terrible. Prices ranged from $125-$225. They also had some bags available, ranging from $100-$350.

Overall, I gave this sale 6/10, the sale was pretty crowded when I went and it was a bit pricey, but its a good sale to get a new suit!

What: Hugo Boss Sample Sale
Where:  317 West 33rd Street, Manhattan, NY
When: Oct 10,2019- Oct 14,2019 


Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

The Prive Sample Sale is a No Go.

By: Jacqueline Munro

The Prive Sample Sale is being hosted at the Chelsea Market and it kind of sucks. I was super excited when I read the flyer for this sale, but when I got there it was a total let down.

Although the prices were decent (shoes were $159, outerwear was $249, dresses were $109, and sweaters and sweatshirts were $89) the selection was terrible and most of the clothes looked like they’d been sitting in a ball in the back of a warehouse for the last 100 years. The only respectable items at this sale were the shoes. There were a couple of cool pairs by Marni, some cute Gianvito Rossi pumps, and one awesome pair of Moschino shoes, but other than that I was unimpressed. The outerwear options were okay but the shirts, sweaters, and bottoms were atrocious. The men’s selection was definitely better than the women’s selection. There was a ton of Dsquared stuff and the jackets that they had were super on-trend. I think today was the first time that I ever wished I was a man.

Overall I gave this sale a 5/10. If I hadn’t been able to walk out of this sale and buy $25 worth of chocolate in the same building I probably would have given it a zero. Avoid this sale if you can help it.

What: Prive Sample Sale
When: Wed Oct 9th – Sun Oct 13th, 2019
Where: 75 9th Ave, Manhattan, NY

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Coats Galore at the Gerard Darel Sample Sale

By: Jacqueline Munro

The Gerard Darel sample sale is being hosted by Eclipse NY in Chelsea. When I heard about the sale, I had never heard of the brand, so I didn’t know what to expect going into it. But I was very pleasantly surprised!

There is a ton of merchandise at this sale and sizes range from XS to XXL. Out of everything that they had in the showroom, the coats were my favorite. There were tons of gorgeous styles in various sizes for just $250! Now that might sound like a lot, but there were high-quality parkas with mink fur hoods and shearling collars, cashmere coats with fur hoods, and other fancy peacoats. There were tons of cool sweaters and super chic blouses priced at $85. Oh and if you’re in the market for some new pants, you’ll definitely find some at this sale. There were about 10 huge racks filled with different kinds of pants ranging from black leopard jeans to plaid slacks. On average the discounts ranged from about 75%-85% off.

Overall I gave this sale a 9/10. Aside from the great pricing, beautiful organization, and awesome selection, the staff members were beyond kind as always. Eclipse, you’ve done it again! Bravo!!!

What: Gerard Darel Sample Sale
When: Wed. Oct. 9th – Sun. Oct. 13th
Where: 450 W. 14th St., Manhattan, NY