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Brooks Brothers Spring 2019 Sample Sale – Heaven for Men in Suits

brooks brothers sample sale review ny

Last year the Brooks Brothers sample sale only sold accessories and shoes. This year they stepped it up a notch and added suits and shirts to the mix as well. The sale was in a side showroom close to the main store on 44th St. The space was large, very well organized with very sweet and helpful staff placed all over the place.

Suits were in two categories: $399 and $599 (they are all well over a thousand at retail). Shirts were selling for $39 or $69, depending on the box. Ties were selling 1 for $29 and 4 for $100, shoes 80% off for women, 70% off for men. There was a small table of alligator belts, a few handbags for men and women, and a few boxes of accessories at 80% off such as wallets, scarves, gloves and keychains.

Shoes were definitely a killer find. The items from Brooks Brothers is extremely high quality and lasts for a lifetime, so we definitely recommend investing in a good pair of boots or suits. Giving this sale a solid 9 out of 10 – very impressed.

What: Brooks Brothers sample sale
Where: 11 East 44th St, Manhattan, NY
When: April 2 – April 4th 2019

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Dion Lee Spring 2019 Sample Sale – Plenty of Evening Gowns

Dion Lee sample sale NYDion Lee sample sale Review NY

Dion Lee sample sale was hosted at the brand downtown showroom. The showroom was quite small, and to be honest, there wasn’t a ton of merchandise.  We found a few good  repeats from the last sale, however. this time the prices were a lot, and we mean a lot, better. Tops were going for $30-$50 and skirts for $50 – they are hundreds at retail!

Despite the amazing prices, there weren’t too many items to choose from. Some items were stained or ripped. If you decide to go to the Dion Lee sample sale, we recommend you go as early as possible because otherwise, there won’t be much left.

In our opinion, the jackets and skirts were the best deal! Come on, $50 skirts and $100 jackets! Another bonus was that a lot of the merchandise was from Spring and Fall 2018. For the good pricing and current merchandise we gave the sale a 7 out of 10! (the other 3 points would be given if there was more to choose from)

What: Dion Lee sample sale
When: Apr 3 – Apr 5, 2019
When: 410 Broadway, Suite 1910, NY, NY


Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

The Bandier Sample Sale is a Workout for your Wallet

By: Jacqueline Munro

The Bandier sample sale is located at 260 5th Ave; it is well organized and fully stocked with great merchandise. The only downfall is that the prices are a little steep, so I’d say wait for the markdowns before coming to this sale.

At the Bandier sample sale, there are several racks filled with t-shirts, tank tops, outerwear, leggings, sweatpants, and sports bras. There is also an amazing selection of shoes including (but not limited to) brands like Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, Nike, and Adidas by Stella McCartney. There are lots of vibrant colors and soft fabrics that excited me but I am slightly disappointed by the limited selection of plain black leggings. At this sale, there are also a lot of adorable accessories including (*trend alert*) leather fanny packs and nylon gym bags.

Overall I’m giving this sample sale a 7/10. Although this sample sale has a lot of good merchandise, the prices are just too high. Most of the products were going for about 50% off retail which is not enough of a discount for a sample sale. 260 tends to cut prices as their sales come to an end, so I think it is worth waiting; even if it means sacrificing some of the best merchandise.

What: Bandier Sample Sale
When: Tues. April 2nd – Sun. April 7th, 2019
Where: 260 5th Ave, Manhattan, New York

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Discounts Galore at the Scotch & Soda Sample sale

Scotch & Soda Sample Sale

By: Riva Neumann 

The Scotch & Soda sample sale had me feeling luxurious without the luxury price. The insane discounts made me want to buy literally everything, with not much stopping me because it was so affordable.The space was absolutely gorgeous with everything neatly organized by size and item. There was nothing that was over $150, with most items ranging between $20-$50. That being said, there was not much variety in what was available but everything that was there was really beautiful and worth the trip.

I would rate this sale a 9/10 since I loved almost everything about this sale. Would highly recommend going if you need more Scotch & Soda in your closet, or if you don’t but just want since the prices are so good. Happy shopping!

What: Scotch & Soda sample sale
Where: 37 East 18th Street, 10th Fl, NY,NY
When: Apr 1, 2019- Apr 3, 2019

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

C and C sample sale for kids review

c and c sample sale for kidsc and c sample sale for kids

The C & C sample sale for kids is one of our favorites – there are multiple brands and multiple sizes. Pricing is by sticker ranging from $5 to $100, with most of items in the sale ranging from $15-$50. Sizing started at 0-6months and went up all the way to 9-10 years old. There was clothing for both boys and girls, both fancy and casual.

If you’re looking for some amazing Passover/Easter outfits for your kids, this sample sale is a must. If you’re fine with H&M and Zara outfits for your kids, then this sale will still be a bit pricey. The good stuff sell out pretty fast so make sure to hit this one up on the earlier side.

What: C & C sample sale for kids
When: April 1 – April 3, 2019
Where: 12 West 32nd St, 9th Fl, Manhattan, NY

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Billionaire Boys Club Sample Sale is Loaded with Cool Streetwear

By: Jacqueline Munro

The Billionaire Boys Club sample sale is perfect for street-wearers looking to stock up on some trendy merchandise. The cleanly styled showroom and music playing throughout fit the brand’s vibe and enhanced the already awesome shopping experience.

At this sample sale there were hoodies for $50, crewnecks for $40, t-shirts for $20 and hats for $15. Additionally, they had lightweight outerwear for $50 and non lightweight outerwear for $90. They had nice variety of Yeezy ready to wear items as well as their signature vintage hard denim which retails for over $500. But at this sale the denim is going for $40!  All of the products were displayed on racks but fully stocked in cardboard boxes; this was really helpful and made the digging process a lot easier. All of the merchandise came in a wide variety of sizes and was in great condition. And girls, don’t be too upset about the exclusively male clothing; the t-shirts and sweatshirts come small enough to fit tiny girls too!

Overall, I’m giving this sale a 8/10. Yes the merchandise was plentiful, high quality, and well priced, but what really sealed the deal was the staff. I have never encountered nicer sample sale employees! They were all extremely helpful, patient, and enthusiastic; it made my shopping experience 10x better! I would definitely recommend going to this sale if you like the brand or are in need of some new streetwear. Thanks Billionaire Boys Club for making me feel welcome!

Diesel Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Get Your Diesel Denim toDay: The Diesel Sample Sale

Diesel Sample SaleDiesel Sample SaleDiesel Sample SaleDiesel Sample SaleDiesel Sample SaleDiesel Sample SaleDiesel Sample SaleDiesel Sample Sale

By: Cristina Martin 

Tried to make a three-word alliteration up there, but probably not as successful. What was actually successful was the Diesel sample sale hosted by 260 Sample Sale. Diesel, famous for their denim, brought items for men and women for you to shop. We noticed all merchandise was organized by color, which not only makes it appealing to the eye (#Aesthetic) but also easy to shop. Diesel has more of an edgy vibe. However, you can still shop for dresses, just expect more of a rocker look over romantic.

We rated the Diesel sample sale an 8 out of 10. Discounts were huge and there was an array of merchandise. You can also find lots of leather goods perfect for this transitional season. Accessories were also largely represented at the Diesel sample sale. Shoes, not so much. We were expecting a bit more.  Get out there and grab that leather jacket and pair it with the perfect jeans at the Diesel sample sale. Happy shopping!

What: Diesel Sample Sale
When: Tue. Mar. 26 – Sun. Mar. 31, 2019
Where: 260 5th Ave. New York, NY

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Need Supply Co Sample Sale will have you digging through the racks

Need Supply co sample saleNeed Supply co sample saleNeed Supply co sample saleNeed Supply co sample saleNeed Supply co sample saleNeed Supply co sample saleNeed Supply co sample saleNeed Supply co sample saleNeed Supply co sample sale

By: Riva Neumann 

The Need Supply Co sample sale was at best a haphazard mess of beautiful clothes just waiting to be purchased. I had to rummage through racks of basic clothes to find the real gems of this sale. While there some really good pieces, many were just basic pieces that many of us already have in our closets. I would recommend this sale to anyone that loves a good hunt for clothes.

Though the pieces and shoes that were available were definitely quality, I had issues with how much they cost. I find $100 for a pair of sneakers at a sample sale to be a bit much, as well as $40 for a shirt. There were pieces that were worth the price, however, it seemed to be a bit much for most items at the sale.

Overall, I gave this sale a 5.5/10. The steep prices and the messy layout of the sale had me looking for a way out, but if you spend the time going through the racks, you’ll definitely find something worth your while!

What: Need Supply Co Sample Sale
Where: 150 Greene Street NY,NY
When: Mar 26, 201- Mar 31, 2019

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Sachin and Babi Spring 2019 Sample Sale is Just Awesome

sachin and babi sample sale spring 2019

We are clearly biased because we at ShopDrop run this Sachin & Babi sale, but given the merchandise and pricing, it’s really difficult to beat this one in terms of how amazing the sale is. There are samples that go for $40 for short skirts and tops, $75 for gowns and jackets.

Stock items are pricier but still a great deal for items that retail at $455 and up. At the sale, stock items range from $60 for earrings to $100 for separates, $200 for cocktail dresses and $300 for evening gowns.

On Instagram we did our first ever styling try-on videos for looks and received a ton of positive and encouraging feedback! Make sure you are following us on Instagram so you don’t miss more events.

Most of the sample sale is on the fancier side – if you’re looking for evening gowns or to outdo the bride at a friends wedding, make sure to check this one out!

What: Sachin and Babi sample sale
When: Mar 26 – Mar 28, 2019
Where: 260 West 36th St, 2nd Fl, Manhattan, NY

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Proenza Schouler Sample Sale will empty your wallet but fill your purse closet

Proenza Schouler sample saleProenza Schouler sample saleProenza Schouler sample saleProenza Schouler sample saleProenza Schouler sample saleProenza Schouler sample saleProenza Schouler sample saleProenza Schouler sample saleProenza Schouler sample sale

By: Riva Neumann 

The Proenza Schouler sample sale had me after one thing: bags, and it did not disappoint. The bags were all absolutely amazing and had me yearning for more money so I could purchase them all. Each of these bags were unique and definitely a statement piece that belongs in anyones’ closets. I would recommend this sale if you are in need of some statement pieces and accessories to mix in to your current wardrobe.

Though I was excited about the 50%-60% discounts, it came to my attention that in previous years, they’ve  discounted their bags a whopping 70% off retail. As amazing as the bags are, I found them to be a bit pricey for a sample sale. In addition to the gorgeous bags, they also had a good variety of shoes that were 70% off retail. While many of the shoes were beautiful, there were also many labeled ‘damaged’ so watch out for that. They were also very limited on shoe sizes, most of them being a 37 (US size 6) which is very restrictive. The clothing selection was also really good as they had some really fun pieces as well as some more edgy ones but I found the prices to be a bit steep.

Overall, I would give this sale a 7/10, I loved the variety of product that was available, however I found prices to be a bit expensive and the discounts to be a let down from previous years.

What: Proenza Schouler Sample Sale
Where: 151 Wooster Street NY,NY
When: Wed Mar. 27, 2019-Sun Mar.31, 2019