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Sample Sale Review: Helmut Lang at Chelsea Market

Helmut Lang Sample Sale Review

If you’re wondering how the Helmut Lang sample sale went over, this post is for you. I spent the weekend hitting up the Helmut Lang sample sale at Chelsea Market and here are my three takeaways. First, great merchandise. Second, love the layout of Chelsea Market. Finally, the discount was significant but not significant enough for many.

So the merchandise. We’ve been to a number of ‘fake’ sample sales where you show up to find two and a half items hanging limply in the closet. That wasn’t the case here. The showroom at Chelsea Market was filled with all the merchandise you can imagine: men, women, shoes, dresses, pantsuits, jackets, outwer-wear, tops, lingerie… you name it. Everything was sorted by category and size, so finding your ideal size and item wasn’t difficult at all.

Second, we love the layout and feel of Chelsea Market. It’s located on the ground level and feels like any other store. They don’t make you check your bag in at the beginning, although they do check your bag when you exit, and there are dressing rooms at the back. That being said, you get what you paid for. Which brings us to point three.

Prices: although the discount was 60% for most items, the items were still quite pricey, and if you chose two items at random, chances are you would be spending more than $500 on your purchase. The funny thing is that the nicer showrooms (like Chelsea Market) charge the brands to run the sample sales, which makes the ultimate price more expensive. If what you’re after is the best deal, then look out for the sales happening in the offices of the brands (i.e. 25th floor or Suite 1608). These are usually marked super low because the brand just wants to get rid of excess merchandise – the last sale I was at had everything marked at $20, when the retail prices were over $300. It was crazy. Okay, okay, back to Helmut Lang. The signs indicated that if the retail price was between X & Y, price would be Z. So for example, at the jacket section, if a jacket was between $595 and $795 at retail, at the sale it would be $295. There were some adorable furry shoes for $189 down from (!!) $595.

Here are some images below about items and prices. All of the images are from our instagram stories, so make sure to follow us there at @shopdropapp. As always, your feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

What: Helmut Lang sample sale
When: Wednesday, June 7 – Sun, Jun 11, 2017
What Time: Wed-Sat, 10:30 AM – 7PM, Sun 10:30 AM-5PM
Where: Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave, NY, NY

Helmut Lang sample sale
Helmut Lang sample sale
Skirts at the Helmut Lang sample sale at Chelsea Market
Skirts at the Helmut Lang sample sale at Chelsea Market
Cute furry heels at the Helmut Lang sample sale
Cute furry heels
Funky Helmut Lang heels at the sample sale
Funky Helmut Lang heels at the sample sale
White Helmut Lang jacket
White Helmut Lang jacket
Helmut Lang coat
Helmut Lang coat selling for almost $600
Helmut Lang sample sale skirts
Helmut Lang sample sale skirts
Fashion Sample Sale

Top Five Sample Sales of the Week

sample sales nyc, shopdrop app,

Happy Monday fashionistas! For those who checked the weather for the week and are slightly less than thrilled, ShopDrop is here with a bit of sunshine. As a wise sales rep at a sample sample once told me, rain is bad for retail. No one is standing in line during their lunch break or schlepping out through the wind to make it to the sales. This means that all of those designer discounts belong to those who are brave enough to claim them. Here’s where you come in; the educated, ambitious shopper who isn’t intimidated by a 75% chance of showers. Check out five of our favorite sample sales that are worth trekking out in the rain for this week.

1. REPEAT Cashmere sample sale

Monday June 5th 2017- Tuesday June 6th, 2017: REPEAT Cashmere HQ, 141 W 36th St., 7th Floor, NY, NY: 9am-5pm

cashmere sample sale, sample sale app, sample sales nyc, designer discounts

I don’t know about you guys, but rainy, sub par weather makes me want to buy comfy, light wardrobe essentials that I can literally just look comfy in. The REPEAT line is all about timeless fashion for affordable price. Be smart and invest in everlasting fashion. Indulge in wardrobe essentials at amazing prices. From silk tops and blouses to cashmere sweaters and cardigans. At REPEAT you will find that timeless piece to complete your everyday outfit. 

There’ll be up to 80% off on blouses, pants, accessories and of course plenty of knitted apparel at this two day sample sale from REPEAT Cashmere in New York.

Warning! Sample sales consist of mostly small and extra small. Other sizes will be available in limited quantities.

2. Chaser Brand sample sale

Monday June 5th 2017- Thursday June 8th, 2017: Chaser Brand Showroom, 231 W 39th St., Suite 924, NY, NY: 11am-4pm

chaser brand sample sale, sample sale nyc, sample sales ny, sample sale, designer discounts, bargain hunter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this season, you’ve probably noticed that graphics and patches aren’t going anywhere fast. Chaser takes that classic California beach blend to the New York City streets with their laid back prints and graphics. We can almost pretend that the weather is on our side this summer while purchasing their summer ready-to-wear clothes. The sample sale will feature 70% off of the women’s collection and graphics.

3. Vince Camuto sample sale

Tuesday June 6th, 2017- Thursday June 8th, 2017: Clothingline, 261 W. 36th St., NY, NY: 10am-6pm

vince camuto sample sale, sample sales nyc, sample sales ny, shopdrop app, designer discounts

That’s right, it’s finally happening. You can finally get out of Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor, Vince Camuto is coming to you at a price that’s right for you. Enjoy a 60% off this luxury, easy-to-wear brand at their sample sale starting this Tuesday. Women’s merchandise only! We plan on checking this sale out for ourselves so stay tuned to our Instagram stories for more insider information on prices and merchandise. Maybe we’ll see you there 😉

4. Nineteenth Amendment sample sale

Thursday June 8th 2017: 335 Madison Ave., New York, NY: 10am-4pm

nineteenth amendment sample sale, sample sales nyc, sample sales ny, 19th amendment

No, we’re not talking about the amendment to the constitution which gave women the right to vote. (Or maybe we kind of are.) For those who may not be so familiar with this wicked brand, Nineteenth Amendment is a marketplace and production platform for designers from around the globe. Shop and discover fashion made sustainably and on-demand, just for you. For their one day sample sale you can find items between $5-$50. Don’t miss out on these treasures made by independent designers.

5.  Carmen Marc Valvo sample sale

Tuesday June 6th, 2017: Carmen Marc Valvo Showroom, 132 W 36th St, Suite 2S, NY, New York:  10am – 6pm.

carmen marc valvo sample sale, sample sales nyc, sample sale ny, designer sample sales

Raise your hand if all your friends and all of their friends seem to be getting hitched this summer. That’s right folks wedding season is most definitely upon us and we want to make sure you look your best for it. (Even if you aren’t the bride just yet.) Come check out the Carmen Marc Valvo showroom to receive up to 80% off on gowns, cocktail dresses and separates for one day only.

And there you have it my fellow sample sale shoppers, your top five sample sales of the week that are certainly worth trekking out for. Remember a little rain and frizzy hair can’t hurt you but missing out on a major sale sure can 😉













Fashion Sample Sale

Leaping Forward: ShopDrop Joins NYU SLP Accelerator

ShopDrop accepted to NYU Summer Launchpad

Dear ShopDroppers,

We are delighted to share the most amazing news with you – ShopDrop App has been selected from over 100 startups to participate in the exclusive NYU Summer Accelerator program. We will be following in the footsteps of other leading startups that went through the program and went on to become multi-million dollar businesses. The most recent startup to emerge from NYU’s Summer Launchpad program and raise $10M in funding is the famous BrookLinen brand!

Brooklinen - Summer Launchpad Alumna
Brooklinen – Summer Launchpad Alumna

You might be wondering what a startup like ShopDrop would do in an NYU accelerator and you would be right to wonder! The awesome program will be there to ‘accelerate’ ShopDrop to such a point, where every New Yorker would be using our app to plan for smart shopping! We will use this Summer to work with our phenomenal mentors, which include Kunal, Risa and Rebecca and other great coaches to better understand you – our customers! We are including images of other startups participating in the cohort with ShopDrop this Summer. They include: TABu, an app that lets you open and close a bar tab with the click of a button, Stereotheque, an app that allows for music discovery using artificial intelligence and Levitas, a company modernizing healthcare safety! To read more about the startups, click here.

Summer Launchpad Startups 2017 Cohort ShopDrop
Summer Launchpad Startups 2017 Cohort

So in summary, our goal this Summer is to get to know you better, to improve our product, and to get more of you to use it more often! Your opinion matters, so if you would like to share your feedback, please let us know here. We want to know what you think and want, so thank you!

And finally, we are including an image of the cool, modern and sleek accelerator that will be our home base and office for this Summer. Can’t wait!

NYU Summer Launchpad at the Leslie eLab
NYU Summer Launchpad at the Leslie eLab
Fashion Interview Sample Sale

Sample Sale Sneak Peak: Inbal Dror for Brides

Whether you were wondering how to snag an Inbal Dror gown on sale in New York or are one of those brides or gala girls who can use a cutting edge gown or have a bit of Beyonce in you, the Inbal Dror sample sale is definitely for you. We got a sneak peak of the exclusive sample sale earlier this month with Ghila and Val and took some stunning pictures, which we will share with you below!

Among the gowns at the sale is the same gown that Beyonce wore to the Grammys. Yes, this was before she was pregnant. No wonder she chose that gown. The collar, lace, mesh and lining created a priceless and powerful image, perfectly suited to Beyonce’s character. Each gown has the most intricate lace and mesh combinations imaginable. Layers upon layers of thin material combine to create the perfect wholistic masterpiece of a design. Although the Inbal Dror gown is renowned, the gowns are really hard to come by. The only retailer selling them in New York is a single exclusive salon, and the prices range between $8,000 and $12,000.

At the 12-day sample sale in early June, the Inbal Dror gowns will be selling at a steep discount. All gowns will be between $5,500 and $6,500. To book an appointment and reserve your spot at the sample sale, email Happy marriage and celebration to you too!

What: Inbal Dror sample sale
When: June 4th – June 16th
What Time: By Appointment
Where: 110 East 40th St, NY, NY

Inbal Dror NY
Val in the ‘Beyonce’ dress
Sample Sale Bridal Inbal Dror long sleeve lace cutting edge gown
Full View Inbal Dror
an underlay with thin layers of delicate lace
This 2-piece gown is powerful: an underlay with thin layers of delicate lace covered with see-through detail for flow
Detailed view: base with sequins. Overlay with flowers Inbal Dror sample sale
Detailed view: base with sequins. Overlay with flowers
The Inbal Dror overlay dress in action
The overlay dress in action
More Inbal Dror Gowns
More Inbal Dror Gowns
Another Inbal Dror Stunner
Another Inbal Dror Stunner

Fashion Sample Sale

Sample Sale Review: Kendall and Kylie Pop-Up

Kendall and Kylie Sample Sale New York

Am I the only one who wants to party when I see clothes from the Kendall and Kylie brand? Imagine how thrilled I was to hear from Lindsay at Clothingline that the Kendall and Kylie sample sale would take place in a gorgeous Soho pop-up. By 10:30 AM, there was a line formed on the street of eager bargain hunters waiting to get first dibs on one of the cool fun brands out there. The showroom was large and filled with natural light. The hanger racks lined the entire floor and they were filled with all sorts of goodies – most of them at a swooping 80% discount!  What I liked most about the sale was the fact that there was clothing for any consumer: the one who wants to wear tiny shorts and crop tops, and the corporate gal, who needs trendy and sharp items for the office.

Tops, bottoms and separates ranged in price but were mostly under $50, dresses were between $79 and $89, and coats and furry items were capped at $199. If you’re looking for a few items to freshen up your wardrobe with that won’t break the bank, head over to the brand new location on Prince St. If you haven’t downloaded our app yet, make sure to do so and follow us on Instagram @shopdropapp for live updates on the coolest NY sample sales!

We did the research for you, so you will find the price list and images of items on sale below! Should you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to email us at

What: Kendall & Kylie Pop-Up sample sale
When: Wednesday, May 17th – Sun, May 21st
What time: Wed-Fri 11-8 I Sat 11-6 I Sun 11-5
Where: 121 Prince St, Soho, NY, NY

Line to Kylie and Kendall sample sale
Line to Kylie and Kendall sample sale
Kendall and Kylie Sample Sale Price List
Kendall and Kylie Sample Sale Price List
Woman Checking Out Top Kendall and Kylie
Woman Checking Out Top
Leather Dress $79
Leather Dress $79
Kendall and Kylie Accessories
Kendall and Kylie Accessories
Fashion Interview Sample Sale

Sample Sale Review: Jimmy Choo

How appropriate is it that the first truly warm day this month coincided with the Jimmy Choo sample sale opening? I showed up near the Met Pavilion at the early hours of dawn to reserve my rightful place in the line of anxious bargain hunters and fashionistas! Okay, maybe it was 11AM and I really didn’t feel like rolling out of bed that early. Whatever, still felt like dawn to me. So I stood there for a good hour staring at my phone and feeling the sun beat down mercilessly on my sweltering head. Observing those in line was fun: the girl who nearly pulled off her shirt in genuine frustration, the man who was saying something quite passionately into his headphone in a different language to someone who must have been thrilled to be on the receiving end and the girls who looked like they walked off the runway to grab some Jimmy Choos. All in all, the line moved relatively quickly, and I made the trek up four flights of stairs to learn that I now earned the right to stand in yet another line, where I would receive a ticket in exchange for my bag and then voila! I entered paradise.

The wait was completely worth it – the white room was filled with people scurrying from table to table. The crowds were managed nicely, there was enough room to approach each table, check out the merchandise, try on a few shoes and move on. The tables were organized by size – so if you are a size 8, you would walk over to the few 8 tables and try on shoes until you were content. The selection was awesome: flats, heels, booties, boots, sandals – you name it. There was also a table with accessories, which included awesome purses, hard-cased clutches and handbags. Prices ranged between $200 and $350 for all items. Considering the fact that at retail, Jimmy Choo shoes cost between $625 and $4,425 (I kid you not), the shoes at the sale are practically free. Well, at least you would think they are by the huge bags of shoes people were walking out with! Anyhow, I’ll stop bogging you down with details and will let you enjoy the pictures from the sale. These are from my iphone but I will try to have more professional photos down the road.

If you want to hit up the sale, you will need a special code so email me at and I will send you all the gory details.
What: Jimmy Choo sample sale
When: Tue, May 16th – Thu, May 18th I 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Where: 123 West 18th St, New York, NY

line on the way to the Jimmy Choo sample sale
Line to Jimmy Choo sample sale
Jimmy Choo Sample Sale Price List
Price List
Jimmy Choo Accessories Sample Sale
Jimmy Choo Accessories
Jimmy Choo Sandals
Jimmy Choo Sandals


Fashion Interview Sample Sale

A Goldmine of Urban Fashion

Interview with Z, founder and manager of 375 pop-up

To passerby, 375 Lexington might seem like any other NY address. However, to those New Yorkers looking for a real steal in urban fashion, the address is a sanctuary. For seven days every month, 375 Lexington turns into a pop-up store for urban designers

375 Pop Up Urban Fashion
375 Pop Up

E: What are some of the unique brands you bring to your customers:

Z: Our popup is always a combination of traditional luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci and Loubutin, combined with up and coming urban designers. Some of the hottest designers include Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, Off-White and FDK One. In May, for the first time ever, we are bringing the ridiculously popular brand called Outlaw Moscow to New York. People will be flying in from all over the world for this one.

E: How do people find out about you? What’s your most prominent source of marketing?

Z: At 375, we don’t use any of the traditional marketing resources. We don’t have a website, a traditional office space or anything like that. We offer quality authentic items at amazing discounts and word travels. At our first pop-up we opened an Instagram account, and within a week had close to 1,500 followers. The lines into the store were around the block and we sold out of merchandise in the first three days of a ten-day pop-up. I realized then and there that we created something unique.

E: Why did you choose a pop-up model over a freestanding store:

Z: I believe that origins and remembering where you come from is important. The popup business changes fast. You never know which location it will take you to next. We fell in love with 375 Lexington as soon as we laid our eyes on it. Our fan base loves it as well – they flock to this location from all over the United States, whether it’s New York, Texas, or Los Angeles.

Additionally, freestanding stores have to have a consistent image and feel to them. We aren’t locked into anything. We stand for promoting unique fashion designers. Every month we choose someone else, and every month, our store looks different. That’s why people keep on coming back – there is always novelty at 375.

E: I imagine you came up with the name 375 because of the location. Is there anything else to the name?

Z: Although we sell clothes only 7 days out of 30, we work 24 hours seven days every single week. Sourcing clothes at discounted prices takes a lot of effort, and we put our all into it – so basically, we work not 365 days a year but 375. By now, the name is than an address, it is a symbol. So no matter where we go next, we will keep the name.

E: Moving forward, how do you see 375 evolving?

Z: No matter where we move or how long we are open for, we will always stay true to what we stand for: offering value to our customers through valuable hard-to-find merchandise for authentic prices. We will always engage with our consumers to ensure the highest quality and service.

What: 375 Pop Up
When: Sun, May 21 – Sun, May 28
Where: 375 Lexington Avenue, NY, NY
What time: Sun-Sun 12PM – 8PM


Sample Sale

Nest Fragrance and S’ip by S’well Sample Sale Review

nest fragrance and s'ip by swell sample sale

Just in time for Mothers Day, 260 sample sale’s 5th ave location has your answers in stock from today until Saturday. Let’s face it, is there anything your mom really needs at this stage in her life? Probably not. Gifts are tough, and finding meaningful ones that won’t break the bank are even tougher. This fusion sample sale of both Nest Fragrances and Swell water bottles has got you covered for both practical and classy gifts. Let’s check out some prices.

nest fragrance and s'ip by swell sample sale
S’ip by S’well Bottles $10
nest fragrance and s'ip by swell sample sale
S’ip by S’well Bottles $10


nest fragrance and s'ip by swell sample sale
S’ip by S’well Bottles $10
nest fragrance and s'ip by swell sample sale
S’ip by S’well Bottles $10

These bottles are great because they keep your drinks hot or cold all day long. So many different colours I literally couldn’t choose one. These water bottles usually cost between 25 and 40 bucks. For this price, get one for you and Mom.

Okay, great. Now that mom has a practical bottle to keep her coffee hot at the office, and her water cold in her bag, let’s talk fragrances. Maybe I’m just a sucker for scented candles, but really, you can’t go wrong people, literally the classic gift. Candle prices ranged from $2- $60. For the record, the $2 ones were mini, and the $60 ones were big enough to use as a fish bowl when they’re through. Keep scrolling to find out how much you’re spending.


nest fragrance and s'ip by swell sample sale


nest fragrance and s'ip by swell sample sale
Grapefruit (Smelled good enough to eat…) ($50)
nest fragrance and s'ip by swell sample sale
Sicilian Tangerine ($35)

Fear not guys, there were also $5 candles which were basically the same, maybe with a less of a higher end feel, more of a Bath and Body Works vibe.

nest fragrance and s'ip by swell sample sale
Diffusers 7.50

Diffusers are a great gift because they’re literally harmless. Add them to any room to make it smell amazing.


nest fragrance and s'ip by swell sample sale

Here’s the fish bowl candle I was talking about before. Not so practical if you ask me but hey, everyone’s different. Maybe your mom is a giant candle kind of person.  Pop by the Nest Fragrance and S’ip by S’well sample sale at 260 5th Ave and walk out smelling like a bucket of roses.

Find anything great? Reach out to us on Instagram at @ShopDropApp and share your finds. Happy shopping everyone.

Fashion Sample Sale

Sample Sale Review: Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire sample sale

This will be short and sweet. If you have any way to schlep down to Franklin street in the next few hours, GO! Since it’s the last day of the two-day sale, prices are reduced even further and they were amazing to begin with. We are suckers for big discounts and these are huge! You can find shorts and TShirts – we kid you not – for $10, real leather tops for $50, gorgeous dresses for $60. The sale is at their office, the people are really nice. They give you this huge logo bag to fill up with the goodies. Oh, and wallets and shoes and booties galore. Most remaining items are a size medium, but their medium runs pretty small. And they have a rack of men’s clothes as well. Go and Enjoy!

I am posting some pictures below and am including the address.

What: Zadig & Voltaire sample sale
When: Open until 6PM, today May 4th
Where: Zadig & Voltaire, 102 Franklin Street, 4th Floor, New York, 10013

Fashion Sample Sale

ShopDroppers: Update Your App

ShopDrop App Update

Dear ShopDroppers,

You spoke and we listened. Thanks to your encouragement and advice, our team has created a new and improved version of the app, about which we will tell you more below. To make sure you get the full experience, go to your app store and make sure to update the ShopDrop App.



You can now create a profile – that’s right! Through inputting your email or connecting to Facebook, you can now personalize the sample sale shopping experience to your very own needs!


When you click the “I want to go” button to RSVP, you’ll see a pop-up to share the event with friends. That’s right, even with those who don’t yet have ShopDrop. You can send the sale via Facebook, Whatsapp or good old text. Going to sample sales with friends has never been easier.


Hate forgetting about events you saw? We know – that’s why now RSVPing will allow you to seamlessly add events to your personal calendar. Using this feature you will never forget a sample sale again.

As always, you make us great. So if you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Lots of shopping love,

The ShopDrop Team