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BA&SH sale had unlimited options but still pricey

By: Gabriella Rose

Set up: The sale was a hit and very crowded, but I was surprised that there was no line out the door. The front of the room consisted of all types of gowns: from casual, to night, to weddings. As you walk in, there were skirt and pants racks, and then some coats and shoes. The set up was fairly organized, however there were tons of black dresses that all looked similar so it was hard to go back and get a new size if need be.

Merchandise/pricing: The sales prices still remained pretty high: Dresses were $95, skirts $80, blazers $100, jeans/shorts $55, t-shirts $40. There were tons of everything in stock, and even in multiple sizes. The people working there were very sweet and were able to go downstairs and get you additional sizes. I saw gorgeous gowns for events beside the wall, all in awesome colors. This sale is worthwhile to go to- there is something for everyone. All of their clothing is gorgeous and great for events. Compared to retail pricing, the prices now are great.

What: BA&SH sample sale

When: Tues March 10th, 2020- Sunday March 15, 2020

Where: 151 Wooster St NY NY

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