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Sample Sale Review: Lionette Jewelry NY

New York Sample Sale Jewelry

By Liza Sakhaie, ShopDrop Fellow

After following the Israeli jewelry line since their start eight years ago, I finally got the chance to purchase some of their statement pieces at their showroom sample sale this week! When I walked in, I was struck by a wall with tons of unique Lionette pieces, all 40% off their original prices.

Their infamous chunky necklaces, typically around 700 dollars, were marked down to almost $400.

Lionette Bracelet Sample Sale NY
Sample Sale Lionette

The colorful, bold earrings add the perfect touch to an all white or all black outfit (originally $150-$250). And lucky enough for me, there were over 30 pairs to choose from!


Lionette Sample Sale NYC
Lionette Sample Sale NY

My favorite of the selection was the buckets of jewelry to the side of the main wall, with pieces marked down to under $100 dollars. In their I found a number of “hand bracelets” that I had seen on bloggers such as Lainy Hedaya, otherwise known as Haute In Habit.

This signature Lionette piece, originally $700, was now just $100!

Since all of Lionette’s jewelry is handmade and they work out of their showroom, I was even able to put in a request to recreate a sold out choker in my favorite colors (in the works now– to be posted on our Instagram soon)!

Lionette Sample Sale NYC
Lionette Sample Sale NYC


Fashion Sample Sale

Pure Baree Sample Sale

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By Francine Szerer

Doing absolutely nothing in active wear is one of my absolute favorite things to do. But this isn’t about me or my favorite things, like at all. This is about Pure Barre’s incredible line of lavish athletic wear and athleisure. Now pair that with a barre class and you’re unstoppable.

Pure Barre is the brainchild of dancer, choreographer and fitness guru Carrie Rezabeck Dorr. Conceived in the basement of an office building in Birmingham, Ml in 2001, with no initial clients or staff- the concept took off through pure passion. More than a workout, Pure Barre is a lifestyle inspiring women to enhance and love their bodies through their effective techniques.

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In July of 2009, Pure Barre became a franchise and since has exploded into 375 studios across America, Pure Barre is the largest and most established barre franchise nationwide.

From Pure Barre’s fitted and cozy Avery Pullover to the versatile Gemini Tight, you can go from your bed straight to barre class and still make it in time for mimosas and brunch with your besties all while looking athletically chic.

Drop the champagne and head over to 150 Greens Street, New York, NY  score luxury athletic wear up to 75% off!

I know I will!


** Final day of the sale- don’t miss it!


Fashion Sample Sale

How to Find the Best Sample Sales

Yumi Kimi sample sale, sample sale, sample sale nyc

By Guest Fashion Blogger, The Lunar Phase

Believe it or not I’ve never been to a sample sale until I used ShopDrop , an app which helps you discover amazing sample sales by location! The reason I’ve never been is because I just didn’t know about them!

Sample sales always seemed so exclusive and I never knew when or where it was happening. I felt so out of the loop! I would have loved to be informed I just didn’t have the time to research my favorite brands so I just gave up.

I heard about ShopDrop, and was so thrilled about the concept I immediately downloaded the app. It was the perfect solution to my problem! As a fashionista I’m always on the lookout for amazing deals on my favorite designers. Who doesn’t like beautiful, unique, quality garments on sale? It’s hard to afford paying full price for your favorite brands, but sample sales make that possible!

Through the app I discovered that Yumi Kim was having a sample sale, so of course I went. The app is so user friendly and easy to navigate so don’t worry about being overwhelmed! I had such a great experience at the Yumi Kim sample sale I bought three items and all  50%-75% off! I was in heaven! It’s a great way to shop for special event dresses. I bought a beautiful cold shoulder black midi dress for a cocktail charity event I went to. Turns out it was one out of two samples ever made! I felt so special wearing it.

Yumi Kimi sample sale, sample sale, sample sale nyc
Yumi Kimi Cold Shoulder Dress

ShopDrop makes it easy to find your favorite sample sales so be sure to download the app to stay informed about all the amazing shopping that’s out there! I’ll be sure to frequently check ShopDrop for any upcoming sales I don’t want to miss, like the Reformation sample sale this weekend March 23rd- 26th! Styles will be up to 80% off for four days! Will I see you there?


Fashion Interview

Power Women: Shira & Ahuva Livi, Founders of Pour L’amour Boutique

Two sisters, Shira & Ahuva Livi created an Instagram account that turned into a business sensation for children’s clothing. In our conversation, Shira explained to me how an Instagram sensation became a booming business for high-quality children’s clothes.


E: When did you come up with the idea of launching a children’s boutique?

S: The idea was born a few years ago. When I was first pregnant, I dreamed of opening a shop, but didn’t know if it would be worth my time.

My sister and I have kids, so until two months, we were stay-at-home moms. Our daily activities revolved around shopping for children: clothing, knapsacks, shoes & tights. We were motivated to start our own business because we were tired of traveling long distances to find cute things. We wanted to create a shop that would provide items that can’t be bought easily online or found at mall stores.

Pour L'Amour Boutique Sample Sale
Pour L’Amour Boutique

Finally, we decided to give the business idea a shot. We went to shows, developed relationships with brands and vendors, created an Instagram account. Our goal was to bring quality European layettes, pajamas and accessories to Great Neck. Although there were shops for wigs, hosiery, and house decorations, Great Neck never had a shop that catered to little children. So that’s how we started.

E: Cool! What makes your shop unique?

S: No one in our neighborhood does European pajamas. And you can be sure that no one offers it for the prices we do. We came up with a strategy – we would sell for less than our competitors. So if you found an item for $40 in Brooklyn, you would find the same one on our Instagram for $29.00. We also have a $5 flat delivery fee across the country, and package our items with love and care.


E: What are the results so far?

S: Customers are beginning to notice. We only opened two months ago and are already nearing 1,000 followers on Instagram and had to restock twice! Not only do we sell in Great Neck, but orders are coming in from many parts of the country: LA, Lakewood and Brooklyn.


E: As someone who was buying to sell for the first time, what was your experience with operations?

S: Good question. There is a lot of trial and error. A month after ordering, we had to restock completely. We are always trying to find the best bang for our buck, and are working with amazing vendors. Vendors who understand the challenges of starting a new business. They provide guidance and allow us to test a few designs at a time before placing bulk orders.

Pour L'amour Boutique Sample Sale
Pour L’amour Boutique

E: What have you learned from your experience?

S: If what you’re trying to buy looks too expensive, it probably is. Once we realized what the pricing options are, we felt so dumb to have spent so much money on something that shouldn’t cost that much. That’s something our shop is good for. We charge what all our customers is is fair price and offer our consumers a bargain. 

E: So what’s your primary source of marketing and words of advice?

S: It’s really word of mouth and Instagram. Based on our friends, we made decisions to buy certain designs and sizes. The friends told their friends and so the word spread pretty fast. We conduct a lot of Instagram flash sales, where we will sell items for crazy-cheap for 72 hours. Sometimes, we’ll cohost shows with other businesses in the community to draw more attention to ourselves. Most importantly, we try to be flexible. We keep our shop open at night, so that working parents can stop over.

When we were young, memories of in-shop houses made us think of ladies who apply pressure, aren’t nice and want you to buy everything. We wanted to make sure the experience in our shop would be pleasant. We like our consumers, are nice to them, and always reward them with special treats and mini-gifts.

Fashion Sample Sale

Top 5 Sample Sales In NYC This Week

Sample Sales in NYC this week

‘Tis the time, ’tis the season…

People await the ending of winter not just because of the thawing temperatures and budding plants, but also because of the massive discounts and number of sample sales that take place during this time of the year. Of the 26 sample sales taking place in NYC this week – yes, you heard correctly, 26 – we will bring you the best five here below. If you want all of them…. ahem, download the ShopDrop app on iTunes and get rolling! And make sure to follow us on Instagram for awesome updates and promotions!

Reformation sample sale

If you’re into femininity, modernity & style all at once, Reformation might just be the sample sale for you. Its adorable dresses can be worn to a party just as to work.

Reformation Sample Sale in NYC
Reformation Sample Sale in NYC

When: Thu-Mon, March 23rd – March 27th
Where: 39 Bond St, NY, 10012
For Women

Prive sample sale

Chelsea Market is always an exciting place to hunt for bargains and this Prive sale is no exception.
The sale will feature Saks Fifth Avenue, Descendant of Thieves & Free People

Free People Sample Sale NYC, Prive Sample Sale NYC, Descendant of Thieves Sample Sale NYC
Free People Sample Sale


Tue-Thu, March 21st to March 24th
Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave, New York, 10011
For Men & Women

Reiss London sample sale

Reiss London Sample Sale
Reiss London Sample Sale

Tue-Thu, March 21st – March 26th
260 Sample Sale, 260 Fifth Ave, NY, 10001
For Men & Women

TRNK sample sale

TRNK Sample Sale NYC
TRNK Sample Sale

Decor furniture of this uber-popular brand for a whooping 80% off!
When: March 25 – March 26th
Where: TRNK, 153 Lafayette St, Floor 7, NY, 10013
For Men & Women

Beretta sample sale

Beretta Sample Sale NYC
Beretta Sample Sale

If you are feeling the shooter in you, and are looking for some hard-core items, this one’s for you! Get 70% off hunting apparel and retail prices on clothes and accessories.
When: Mon-Wed, March 20th – March 23th
Where: Soiffer Haskin, 317 West 33rd St, NY 10001
For Men & Women

Fashion Sample Sale

Spyder Sample Sale Review: 3 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time for Ski-Gear Shopping

Most of us can’t wait to shed the coats, scarves and layers to don chic sandals and tiny tops. By the time the last storm comes around, and city dwellers are forced to bundle up and stay home, thoughts of sunshine, flowers and little dresses fill our minds. However, the smartest among us will cease the moment to stock up on quality fashion merchandise for next season at a ridiculous discount. So here  are three reasons as to why this is the best time to shop for ski clothes along with our review of the Spyder active sample sale in NYC.


Sample Sale Blog Review Spyder Active
Sample Sale Review: Spyder Active


Season is over and so everything is on sale.

Precisely because everyone is focusing on the little flowery dresses, stores like Bogner and Spyder Active are putting their luxury items on massive sales. Bogner held a sample sale earlier this month. Spyder Active is holding its sample sale for another week at 260 5th avenue. Jackets and snow pants, which typically cost over $1,000 are offered at a whooping 60% discount.

Ski coats of high quality can be worn for years. 

If you are one of those awesome fashionistas who doesn’t like to buy items at the end of a season for fear that they will be out of style next year, skiers and snowboarders have nothing to worry about. Fashion trends in the snow sports world are the slowest to change. What has been cool and hip in 2010 is still perfectly hip today, if preserved in good condition, which brings me to the last point.

Fashion turnover is one of the slowest in the skiing industry.

Invest in high quality snowgear. It pays off. Jackets and snowpants from high quality companies will remain in great condition for a number of years. So rather than wait till next year when you want to go skiing when you will have to buy junk or pay full price for a warm pair of snowsuits, go to a sample sale, get a great deal – and then welcome the summer with the rest of us.

Fashion Sample Sale

Put Some “Sole” In Your Step- Frye Sample Sale

Frye Sample Sale

If you have feet, you have a favorite pair of shoes. Be it combat, riding, or heeled booties, there’s nothing like that super comfortable, broken-in pair that completes every outfit. Adding a bold pair of boots can elevate a safe outfit to a statement outfit. Many agree that one’s choice of footwear affects the way they walk, talk and carry themselves.

Frye Sample Sale

The average denizen of New York is not unfamiliar with the clicking of a pair of heels on a linoleum floor, the squeak of a brand new sneaker in a gym, or the clap of flip-flops on a hot, summer day. The sounds and feelings of your chosen footwear manifest themselves in the way you move throughout your day. For example, the right pair of sneakers can evoke feelings of agility and speed, while a lax pair flip flops may lend a carefree attitude.

Good shoes, good news. Fetish or not, our feet are our friends. They keep us grounded and moving about. Be kind to your journey and treat your feet to an awesome pair of shoes that’ll stop city walkers in their tracks.Frye Sample Sale Everyone has that badass pair of boots that makes them feel like they can conquer the world. When I pound my way through New York City wearing a bomb pair of stylish combat boots, I feel strong, independent, and I know that no one can mess with me. Steel-toed and sexy, I like adding a bit of sass to what I wear. Taking powerful steps changes my whole state of mind…

If all of this sounds foreign to you, here’s a quick fix. Check out the FRYE SAMPLE SALE to fall in love with a pair of beautiful boots for up to 70% off.


WHEN? March 28th, 2017- April 2nd 2017

WHERE? 260 Sample Sale (5th Avenue Location)

I’ll see you there,




Fashion Sample Sale

NYC Lifestyle Video

Sample Sale Exploring NY

By Dynasty George, ShopDrop Fellow

I saw many lifestyle videos from my favorite social media influences in LA and London. I thought it would be a cool idea to show people the beauty of the East Coast, specifically the city we all know and love, New York. I wanted to create a video showing inner city females as the face of this beautiful city and have the viewer follow us on a normal Saturday. Coincidentally, everyone involved in the video is from a different borough, I’m from Brooklyn, William, the videographer,  is from Harlem, Kenia, one of the models, is from Queens, and Jennifer, the other model, is from the Bronx. We all met in high school, The High School of Fashion Industries, in Manhattan, which is the heart of New York for us!

In this video we take you to two main places where we often hang out, which are Soho and Dumbo! Soho is great for shopping! There’s a lot of clothing stores and boutiques next to each other which makes shopping easier. We love to use the ShopDrop Sample Sale app to tell us when there are nearby sales!! Living in New York is very expensive so we love deals and sales, especially when it comes to clothing!! They also have a great $2 pizza place called “Champion Pizza” that we adore! Later on in the day we went to Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo. It’s actually one of my favorite spots in NYC and in the summer they host a lot of events! On the off season, which is now, it’s just a great place to hangout at. From the park you can see the Brooklyn bridge, the Manhattan bridge, and the beautiful Manhattan skyline that features the Freedom Tower. I have so many memories there, just sitting by the rocks and talking to my friends about life and our dreams. New York City is such a phenomenal place and I loved showing it to people from our point of view!

Fashion Sample Sale

We Dressed it up at the Derek Lam Sample Sale

By: Liza Sakhaie

Naturally, we don’t all have time to go to every sample sale in the game, forcing us to prioritize our favorites. As a business student, I sometimes find myself weighing the pros and cons of each sale. But considering the fact that on average, Derek Lam’s pieces cost $1000, the choice was simple. I knew I had to seize the opportunity to get my hands on the American designer’s sensible and detailed collection.

When I walked into Clothing Line, the sample sale host, I realized that my experience might be a little thrifty—I was definitely going to have to hunt to find the best items, especially since I only managed to make it there on the final day. After tossing aside some super baggy sweaters (originally $1400!!) and making it past the more matronly pieces of the collection, I came across this gem— (Score!!)

Derek Lam Sample Sale

Lam upgraded the classic statement white blazer with a splatter paint detailing, making it easy to pair with both white and black trousers. I quickly found a pair of wide leg black suit pants to match, creating the perfect outfit to stand out at work or any event. The total cost of the outfit originally came out to almost $3,000 ($2000 for the jacket alone) but I got it for almost 70% off! Thank goodness for ShopDrop for always being there for me when I need to find a good sample sample.

If you’re looking for a timeless yet modern additions to your closet, definitely add Derek Lam to your list of Sample Sales to check out next season. You’ll be sure to find the right combination of classy yet unconventional pieces!

Stay tuned,



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Upcoming Sample Sale: SJP

SJP Sample Sale

Guest post by Francine Szerer

Please note: due to the snowstorm, the SJP sample sale has been postponed until March 29th. 

I may have been too young to even watch- shhh don’t tell my mother, but growing up all I ever wanted to be was Carrie Bradshaw. And who didn’t? Her effortlessly chic, girly, elegant but eccentric style completely changed the game of fashion. From her famous tutu to her newsworthy Dior Newsprint dress, through her role as Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker defined the true meaning of fashion- originality!

SJP Video

SJP Sample Sale
SJP Sample Sale

As a fashion icon, Sarah Jessica Parker is full of endless surprises. The latest: a shoe line. But not just any shoe line. Launched in February of 2014, by Sarah Jessica Parker and George Malkemus III, these new kicks were designed to redefine color as neutrals, inspiring women all over to add a little color, spark and skip to their steps.

Every shoe in SJP’s collection is handcrafted in Italy by the genius hands of a third generation Tuscan shoemaker for maximum luxury and quality.

Reimagined after some of the most classic Christian Louboutin silhouettes, SJP exemplifies the beloved style with an exciting burst of color and unexpected adornments. As another source of inspiration, Sarah Jessica Parker looks to the late seventies for it “was a great time for women’s  shoes.”

Sarah Jessica Parker manages to pull inspiration from the finest sources while still staying true to herself and her style. To make these shoes truly her own each shoe features a strip of grosgrain, a type of fabric that is characterized by its ribbed appearance. In some shoes, it is used in hiding a seam up the back and in others, placed in an unexpected spot. Originally used in one color only- the palest and prettiest shade of salmon pink, and now in a few other shades, this really sets the SJP collection apart from the rest.

In Sarah Jessica Parkers own words this “collection is comprised of classic, timeless silhouettes meant to fit into a woman’s life for many years to come”.

Can’t wait to see what SJP has come up with this time! See you all there!

What: SJP Sample Sale
When: March 29th, 10-6
Where: Warwick Hotel, NY, 65 West 54th St, New York, NY