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The Kooples Sample Sale Discounts OK but Not Great

By: Riva Neumann 

The Kooples Sample Sale was really just an average 260 sample sale with discounts that were not as good. Though they had a good amount of sizes available in pretty much every style, I was disappointed by the discounts and how expensive everything was. $45 for a T-shirt is ridiculous and a dress that retails for $275 sold for $115 is good but could be better. I was also disappointed in the lack of accessories, if you are gonna say that you have them, then provide more than a small table of some bracelets!!

On a nicer note, the staff at this sale was so much nicer and way more helpful! Also the clothes were really good quality and condition, so you don’t have to worry about anything being damaged. Also the jackets are so nice and soft , perfect to transition from fall to winter. Also, the shoes were ok but not a lot of them.

Overall, I gave this sale a 7/10, it was ok, not amazing though.

What: The Kooples Sample Sale
Where: 150 Greene Street, Manhattan, NY
When:Oct 22nd, 2019- Oct 27th, 2019



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nicholas kirkwood sample sale
If you love the boots with pearl heels as much as we do, you’ll be delighted to hear that we found many of them at the Nicholas Kirkwood sample sale. They are called Casatis BTW.
The sale was set up in a boutique shop in Chelsea – staff was sweet (but exhausted), setup was beautiful. The organization of shoes was by size and then style. Current items sold for 75-85% off retail ranging between $120 and $450, while older stock was selling for $70 a pair (we did a double-take as well). There are plenty of $70 options in every size. Sizes range from 34 to 42. And the deeper one gets into the room the higher the sizes get as well.
All in all, if you’re into hot shoes, this sale is a must. We’re rating it 9.5 out of 10.
What: Nicholas Kirkwood sample sale
Where: 807 Washington Street, NY, NY
When: Oct 24 – Oct 26, 2019
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The Bonpoint Sample Sale is NOT on Point

By: Jacqueline Munro

After attending the Bonpoint sample sale today I left feeling amazed… Amazed by the fact that people are actually willing to pay that much money for baby clothes that will fit for about a month during which they will be covered in poop, pee, and barf! But hey, who doesn’t want to dress their infant in a multi-hundred dollar onesie………..

For such expensive baby/children’s clothes, I would like so see discounts better than 60% off. With that said though, there was an insane amount of inventory including a lot of cute options for boys and girls ranging from one month to 10 years old! There were cashmere leggings with matching sweaters, adorable little collared shirts, lined winter onesies, shearling vests, winter coats, and plenty of other items. You’re going to have to do some work sorting through everything though because all of the clothes are just “folded” in piles on the tables. Pretty much nothing is hung up, which makes sense given that the clothes are so small, but unfortunately it creates a colossal mess. Oh and don’t go if you need to ask someone’s opinion before purchasing because if they see you making a facetime call or taking photos you will be asked to leave. Trust me, they’ll actually do it. I know from experience.

Overall I rated this sale a 5/10. Unless you’ve got a fat wallet and a lot of cash to drop on baby clothes, sit this one out.

What: Bonpoint Sample Sale
When: Tue Oct 22nd – Fri Oct 25th, 2019
Where: 123 West 18th Street, 5th Fl, Manhattan, NY

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I’m saying “Boooo” to the Jimmy Choo Sample Sale

By: Jacqueline Munro

Overall I was not impressed by the Jimmy Choo sample sale. The sale is taking place at 123 West 18th St. in the Metropolitan Pavilion. If you’re having trouble finding it, just look for the insanely long line of people standing on the sidewalk.

At this sale there were TONS of shoes; I was shocked by the amount of merchandise when I walked in. All of the shoes were organized by size. Each size ranging from 34.5-41 had its own section of racks/tables that were overflowing with shoes. The prices for women started at $200 and went up to $375 plus an additional $200 for any exotics. There were lots of pumps and wedges but sadly there were not as many boots/booties, sneakers, or flats. The sneaker selection that they did have was pretty underwhelming and the flats weren’t great either. There were a few hot pairs of booties, though! Additionally, there were lots of sandals, which is quite unfortunate given that were almost in the month of November. But for all of you snow birds out there, this sale is the perfect place to start prepping your s-winter shoe-drobe. In addition to all of the shoes, there was also a small selection of bags ranging from clutches to large totes, and they’re selling fast! The mens section was decent and all shoes were $150 which is great! How come women’s shoes couldn’t be priced like that!?

Overall I rated this sale a 6.5/10. Although there were approximately a gazillion pairs of shoes, a lot of them were outdated and just down-right ugly. The pricing was okay, but not amazing and the line was absurdly long. I’d say go if you’re a huge Jimmy Choo fan, but don’t expect to be wow-ed by anything.

What: Jimmy Choo Sample Sale
When: Wed. Oct. 23rd – Sat. Oct. 27th, 2019
Where: 123 W. 18th St., Manhattan, New York







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The Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale has Bags Galore

By: Jacqueline Munro

The Rebecca Minkoff sample sale is currently taking place at 260 sample sale’s 5th avenue location. Personally, I’m not a Rebecca Minkoff fan, and this sale is always super hectic. So I’d advise you all to check out their online sale, which is currently offering up to 75% off retail prices, before succumbing to the misery of 260.

At the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale, there is a s*it ton of bags and a pretty decent shoe selection (but very limited sizing). I recognized a LOT of bags that were at their last sale back in July which means that there was a huge carryover of overstock. In my opinion, that’s really lame; especially given that the last sale was only a few months ago. At least the prices are the same though, there haven’t been any increases. For handbags, sample prices range from $15 – $75 and for production pieces, they range from $50 – $175. For shoes, sample pairs are $30 and production pairs range from $50 – $80. And finally, RTW samples range from $15 – $50 and production pieces range from $30 – $250. Overall I’m not overly impressed by these prices but I’m not super disappointed either.

Overall we rated this sale a 6.5/10. We recommend waiting until the last day for further markdowns, and you don’t have to worry about not being able to find anything at the end because they have a TON of merchandise. Happy shopping!

What: Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale
When: Tue Oct 22nd – Sun Oct 27th, 2019
Where: 260 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York

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You can Stop Holding your Breath, the Alexander Wang Sample Sale is Back!

By: Jacqueline Munro

The Alexander Wang sample sale is back and so far it has been *Drumroll Please* INSANE!!!! We were super excited to hear that this sale was open to the public after years of being invite-only, but now all we feel is anxiety!

If you ever make it into this sample sale (the line was 500 people deep at one point) the main issue you’ll come across is the resellers. 260, how on Earth could you let this happen!? We got pictures of hoarders with mile-high piles of bags, clothes, and shoeboxes, and they were grabbing things off the racks so quickly that not even the employees could keep up with them. So even though 260 started off with a ton of back stock, we’re not sure it’ll last until Sunday. Aside from the resellers, the place was a completely disorganized mess. Shoe boxes were everywhere and the staff could barely navigate their way through the clutter. The prices were decent and the merchandise seemed like it was good if you got there first thing this morning, but apparently, all of the bags are already gone, and they are out of lots of sizes in certain shoes.

Overall we rated this sale a 6/10. 260, you really need to get your sh*t together on this one, we had really high hopes. This sale is not for the faint of heart, so unless you’re ready to wait online for three hours, and throw some elbows once you get inside, avoid this sale at all costs.

What: Alexander Wang Sample Sale
When: Mon. Oct. 21st – Sun. Oct. 27th
Where: 2151 Broadway, Manhattan, NY

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Don’t Fret! The Frette Sample Sale is Here

By: Riva Neumann 

The Frette Sample Sale has some of the most amazing bedding I have seen in a LONG time. Their prices are really good and everything is so nice and looks so cozy. Towels ranged from $5-$20 depending on size and there are so many colors, perfect for anyone’s taste. Adult robes were my personal favorite thing at this sale, they are so soft and only $59. Cushions are $49 and there are so many colors! They also have children’s for $39!

Throw blankets range in price from $169 to $249, and they make gorgeous gifts, especially for the holidays. The quilts were also a good deal at $99-$599 and duvet and duvet sets for $169-$499.

I gave this sale a 9/10. Go for gifts or to update your home, you won’t be disappointed!

What: Frette Sample Sale
Where:50 West 14th Street, Manhattan, NY
When: Oct 19,2019- Oct 27, 2019

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The Row Sample Sale, More Like the Woah Sample Sale

By: Riva Neumann 

The Row Sample Sale is a great place to get merch from this awesome brand , but damn is it expensive. Though discounts were between 50% and 70% off (50% exotics, 60% bags and 70% ready to wear , you need a pretty penny to get anything good. I mean, a white top for $420 retail is a lot but after the discounts its $126 which is still A LOT, especially at a sample sale. There was a gorgeous suede jacket for $1047 after the discount which is cool and all but way too expensive for me.

There was so much at the sale and it wasn’t too crowded which I like at the sales I go to. The amount of racks of clothes were honestly so great and they had a lot of sizes available. They had a decent amount of shoes  but not a lot of sizes which was a bummer. The bags were good in the amount they had but they were still so expensive after the 60% off.

Overall, I gave this sale a 7.5/10, go at the risk of your wallet!

What: The Row Sample Sale
Where:123 West 18th Street, 5th Floor, Manhattan, NY
When: Oct 17,2019- Oct 20,2019 

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Get Your Coat at the Soia and Kyo Sample Sale

The Soia and Kyo Sample Sale is the perfect place for coats, especially with this fall weather coming in (loving it so far!). The staff is so sweet and great and the merch is definitely good quality. They also have a good selection of activewear (only $20). The fall jackets and coats are between $130-$325 which is really great. My favorite is a pink long coat for $144. Hats are also a great deal, from $55 to $20.

There wasn’t much merch at this sale and really only focused on jackets and activewear. There wasn’t much else but its a good sale for those specific things. Overall, 5.5/10, check it out if you need a fall coat or if you just love the brand.

What: Soia and Kyo Sample Sale
Where:231 West 39th Street, Suite 1020, Manhattan, NY
 When: Oct 16,2019- Oct 18,2019

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Don’t Waste Your Time at the Hanky Panky Sample Sale

The Hanky Panky Sample Sale was such a disappointment! Undies on SALE were $12, like excuse me? the fabric is probably $1 a yard and also you have to dig through boxes of gross panties that you couldn’t pay me to wear. Also, you can probably find better deals online that are way more sanitary. The only reason to *maybe* go is for some of the lingerie. Nightgowns are $30 and and bras are $17 but even then I would still be cautious. Also, who displays sexy panties on a poster like material? they didn’t even look cute.

Also. what is up with the staff at 260?!?!! the 5th ave location staff has been especially mean and gross these last few sales that have honestly deterred me from wanting to go to the sales in those locations (the downtown locations are so much better, the staff is way nicer). You would almost think that they don’t want people coming they are that mean.

2/10 for this sale, DON’T BOTHER! it’s a lot of money for some strings!!!!

What: Hanky Panky Sample Sale
Where: 260 5th Ave New York,NY
When: Oct 15,2019-Oct 20,2019