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Adorable Baby Clothes at the Bonpoint Sample Sale

By: Riva Neumann 

The Bonpoint Sample Sale had the most adorable selection of baby clothes that I have ever seen in one place. Tables and tables full of every type of clothing a baby would need for any age. These pieces were very well made and looked absolutely darling and so cute, my favorite being an adorable pink sweater that was so nice, I was actually jealous that it was toddler sized and not my size! The discounts were really good; 70% off pants , socks and shoes and 60% off everything else! what a steal!

The layout of the sale was really good in that it was very well organized by size/age and gender and everything was laid out very neatly on tables and the older kids clothes were hanging on racks in the back of the room. It was very easy to find what you were looking for. The sale was also not crowded at all and very spacious, so it was very easy to shop.

Overall, I gave this sale a 9/10, perfect for anyone with young children! Happy shopping!

What: Bonpoint Sample Sale
Where: 123 West 18th Street, 4th Floor, NY, NY
When: May 14, 2019- May 17, 2019

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

DL1961 Sample Sale Raised Prices on Denim

dl1961 sample sale spring 2019

We gave the DL1961 a 7/10. While we were annoyed that they raised prices from the previous sample sale, the brand is still one of the best luxury denim brands out there, so we’re still happy to score a pair of these jeans.

Setup: The setup in the small showroom is not the most convenient but is okay. A small room has tables in the center and along the walls. In the center are the tables for women, along the wall for men. Every ‘seat’ is a different size, and the jeans/skirts are just folded one on top of the other. So you have to sift through a number of items until you find what you want to try on.

Merchandise: Mostly jeans – the basic cuts. Some skirts, shorts, jumpsuits (very few), 4-5 tops, a box of maternity jeans and a toon of corduroy options. Also, at checkout there are leather pants/leggings.

Pricing: Ugh – this was the most annoying part. Last year and the year before, it was buy 3 pairs for $90. And now it’s 3 pairs for $120. But why though???? Clothing items were $30. We’re not thrilled but we’re not going to the streets to protest this one.

If you need a good pair of premium denim – hit this one up.

What: DL1961 Sample Sale
Where: 498 7th Ave, 21st Fl, NY, NY
When: May 15 – May 16


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Multiple Brands for Children at the Best Kids Sample Sale

best kids sample sale spring 2019

The Best Kids sample sale is unique in its set-up. Rather than walking into a showroom and shopping for a specific brand, multiple brands partner to create a one-stop kickass sample sale.

Set-up: The same building on 33rd Street has multiple showrooms that carry children’s clothing – from casual to fancy to pajamas and accessories. Many of the brands are European and can only be found in unique shops in the States for alarming prices. When you walk into the building, you can go from floor to floor, from showroom to showroom, from brand to brand – and you can shop all these places at wholesale prices.

Merchandise: Given the unique layout of the sale, the merchandise varies greatly from showroom to showroom. Zoe LTD was definitely a highlight with a ton of items for girls. Most showrooms have items for boys and newborns as well.

Pricing: Pricing also varies significantly from showroom to showroom. That being said, most items are 50%-70% off. You’ll be able to find things for $20 and certain things for $160. It’s a pretty wild range in that sense.

If you need to shop for kids and want them to look amazing, this sale is one you should hit up at least once. Because it is definitely part of the NY Shopping Experience!

What: Best Kids Sample Sale
Where: 34 West 33rd St, Floors 3,5,9,10,12, NY, NY
When: May 13 – May 15, 2019

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Darling Clothes at the Nanette Lepore Sample Sale

By: Riva Neumann 

If you want to see the most adorable and darling showroom, head on over to the Nanette Lepore Sample Sale. The showroom itself was absolutely adorable and made shopping the sample sale quite an experience. The clothes were super cute and with a lot of floral patterns, perfect for spring and the transition into the summer months. Each piece was very well made with a lot of attention to detail and they had a lot available at the sale. My personal favorite was this adorable black and white striped sweater dress that is literally perfect.

The sale had a lot of old production pieces at an insane discount. Gorgeous dresses for $65, vintage pants for $20 were only some of the discounts available at this sale. They also had some new samples  as well as vintage samples which were so great. The sale was pretty organized by types of samples which made it easier to shop.

Overall, I gave this sale a 9/10. Head on over for a really good shopping experience!

What: Nanette Lepore Sample Sale
Where: 225 West 35th St, 17th Floor, NY, NY
When: May 14, 2019- May 17, 2019 

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The Rag and Bone Sample Sale is Questionable

By: Jacqueline Munro

After going to this Rag and Bone sample sale, I still can’t decide whether or not I think the discounts are good. But given that this sale is hosted by 260, I’m not surprised. Regardless of that though, I am satisfied by the large selection of merchandise that they have at the sale.

Firstly, I would like to emphasize how annoyed I was going into this sale. It was raining cats and dogs and there was a line of customers waiting to be admitted to the sale. But despite the torrential downpour, the 260 employees would not let anyone in one second before the posted opening time. They really don’t have any regard for their shoppers over there. When I finally got in after being completely soaked though, I was happy with the amount of merchandise they had

available. There was a really good selection of shoes, pants/jeans, and sweaters, but I was expecting there to be more leather jackets; there weren’t any classic styles, only leather bombers. There was one nice suede biker jacket, but that was it. They had sample jeans and shoes for 50 bucks, and they were actually really cute! Most of the womens sample shoes were a size 37, so if you have little feet, hurry over! They also had a ton of awesome hats for the winter and summer, as well as some cute bags. And another thing I noticed is that most of the products came in small sizes; I saw a lot of XS and XXS, but not a lot of M and L.

A lot of the stuff at this sale is selling for around 70% off retail, but not all of the products are discounted that well. Although the prices look really steep on the price list (which they kind of are) relative to the retail prices, they’re not that horrible. Knowing 260 they’ll slash their prices on the final days of the sale, so if you’re willing to wait it out, I’d say do it. Originally on Instagram I rated this sale an 8/10, but after reevaluating I’m giving it a 6/10, and I’m sure you can all tell why. Happy shopping!

What: Rag and Bone Sample Sale
When: Tues. May 14th – Sun. May 19th, 2019
Where: 260 5th Ave, New York, NY

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Lots of Everything at the Ramy Brook Sample Sale

By: Riva Neumann 

The Ramy Brook Sample Sale had literally a little bit of everything for everyone. There were so many options of clothes to choose from many different brands. That is great for someone who likes choices!

Setup: The clothes were neatly organized by brand, and each rack had its own price list, which was great. The clothes available were really good quality and in great condition. The discounts were pretty good and there were some interesting pieces (peep the silver metallic wrap dress) that would definitely make a statement.

I found the sale to be quite overwhelming because of the many brands and amount of clothes available but some may see this as a plus to their shopping experience. My personal favorite brand available was Generation Love since they had the softest cashmere sweatpants I have ever seen.

Overall, I gave this sale a 7/10, I wasn’t wowed by the sale but others may love this experience. Happy shopping!

What: Ramy Brook Sample Sale
Where: 261 West 36th Street, 2nd Floor, NY, NY
When: May 13,2019- May 15, 2019 

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Lela Rose Sample Sale Features Current Season Knits, Separates and Gowns

lela rose sample sale 2019

We were honored to partner with Lela Rose once again for the 2019 Spring sample sale. Granted, we love the brand and think the sample sale is amazing. That being said, we know it’s difficult to be fully objective when writing about our own sample sale. But we love it – we really do and hope you will too.

Setup: The sample sale is taking place in a new showroom on 29th street – not where the past Lela Rose sample sales were. The space was large and well lit. Clothing was on racks alongside the perimeter of the room, gowns were in the back and there were a ton of mirrors in the middle.

Merchandise: At this Lela Rose sample sale, most items are current season – that means they are still selling at Bergdorf and Bloomingdales for full retail. The sale has coats (very popular), dresses, gowns, tops, skirts, pants and knits. The knits are in bins on shelves.

Pricing: Pricing ranges from $195 for past season items to $1695 for fur coats and gowns. Most items range between $400 & $600. For people who shop the brand at full price, these discounts are amazing. For those who shop at sample sales, this one is definitely on the pricier side.

The bottom line is –  the merchandise is of outstanding quality and that is reflected in the price. If you need some high-quality shift dresses to impress with at work, definitely stop over at Lela Rose. First price reductions start tomorrow.

As with all sample sales, cash and cards accepted. No children under 12 allowed. All sales final.

What: Lela Rose Sample Sale
Where: 115 West 29th St, 2nd Fl, Manhattan, NY
When: May 13 – May 16, 2019

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Shoe Inn Warehouse Sale Has More Than Ten Thousand Pairs of Shoes

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak preview of the Shoe-Inn 22nd annual warehouse sale, which took place in a former Duane Reade on 39th St and Madison Ave in NYC. If you told us a week ago that 2 floors of a massive store can be packed from floor to ceiling with shoes and boots for women, we wouldn’t have believed you, but that’s exactly what the Shoe-Inn Warehouse sale is: a warehouse filled to the brim with shoes.

Setup: The street level is filled with non-boots: that includes sneakers, loafers, slides, flats, pumps and heels. The bottom level is lined with boots. All the shoes are in their original boxes and are on tables. It’s important to note that underneath the boxes are additional boxes with different styles. There are very many to choose from. Tables are sorted by size.

Pricing: On a high-level, pricing is straightforward: all shoes are between $29 and $99; boots are between $39 and $249. That being said, every brand has its own price for shoes and boots – that’s when you’ll find the gigantic alphabetical signs hanging from the ceiling super helpful. They tell you the price by brand – so when you pick up a shoe, you can quickly run through your ABCs, find the right brand and figure out how much it will cost you. All accessories are priced with individual tags.

Assortment: The range of shoes at the sale was to die for. Most of them were current season, and many are still selling in stores at full price. The Shoe-Inn owners travel to Italy 6 times per year to stock up on shoes and often close exclusive deals with designer brands. At the sale, we found Botkier, Stuart Weitzmann, Uggs, Via Spiga, Jeffrey Campbell, Vince and Marc Fisher among 30+ other brands. The shoes are affordable and trendy.

Re-Stocking: We know how much you love to ask whether a brand is restocking or not – so this get ready: this one is. There will be 2 truckloads of new merchandise every new day of the sale.

We really hope you enjoy the Shoe Inn warehouse sale as much as we did. Aside from the time we spent searching for pricing, we loved the sale. I walked away with a pair of Rebecca Minkoff loafers ($50). Therefore, we give the Shoe-Inn warehouse sale a 9 out of 10.

What: Shoe-Inn Warehouse Sale
When: May 13 – May 18, 2019
Where: 260 Madison Ave, NY, NY

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Luxury Swimwear and Lingerie Sample Sale

luxury designer lingerie sample sale

We got a sneak peak preview to the designer lingerie showroom for some high-end swimsuits and lingerie set. We were able to find the best finds on swimsuits, with some very hot brands (who we were not allowed to mention).

If you are planning a vacation sometime soon and want to show off your bod in some super-cool swimsuit, this sale is one you should definitely hit up.

Sizing: Since this is a legitimate showroom, most of the items are sample sizes in smalls and mediums.

Items & Pricing: Swimwear, PJs, and lingerie from Jimmy Choo, Zegna and a few more brands we’re not supposed to talk about. Prices were up to 80% off retail so you could expect to find a few nice items for $50.

What: Luxury Swimwear and Designer Sample Sale
Where: 37 West 20th Street, Suite 1208, Manhattan, NY
When: May 13 – May 15, 2019

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The Susan van der Linde and Andrew Stevens Sample Sale has Amazing Shoes

By: Jacqueline Munro

The Susan van der Linde and Andrew Stevens sample sales are occurring in the same wonderful showroom on the upper east side. We got a sneak preview today, and could not be happier about it.

At this sample sale both of the brands have a gorgeous assortment of merchandise. All of the shoes come in a wide range of sizes, and most of them have several color options too! Both Susan van der Linde and Steven Andrews shoes are so comfortable which is really refreshing; these days it is difficult to find comfortable shoes that aren’t hideous. Both brands have options for women of all ages. From trendy pvc pumps and espadrille sneakers, to classic ballet flats, you’re guaranteed to find something you like. Additionally, Susan is selling her bags, which are absolutely stunning. If you love a good matching moment, there are lots of purses that pair well with her shoes! And here is the best part: the markdowns range from 50% to more than 85% off! You can’t beat that; especially given the tremendous quality of all of the products.

Overall I’m giving this sale an 8/10. Coming from a frequent sample sale flyer, it is really nice not to have to go all the way downtown to shop. Furthermore, the kindness of the brand owners is unmatched. If you need new shoes for any occasion, this is definitely the place to be.

What: Susan van der Linde and Andrew Stevens Sample Sale
When: Mon. May 13th – Fri. May 17th, 2019
Where: 34 E 67th St., New York, NY