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Fun Furs Blue Duck Shearling Sample Sale

blue duck shearling sample saleblue duck shearling sample saleblue duck shearling sample saleblue duck shearling sample sale

The Blue Duck Shearling sample sale is about to open – and it’s one of the best go-to places for your furry finds. Below are images and prices of some of the hottest-selling items.

Packed with Style: Retail: $1,699 | Showroom: $550

Standard Bearer: Retail: $2,295 | Showroom: $625

Nice Coat: Retail: $1,995 | Showroom: $500

Storm Coat: Retail: $899 | Showroom: $297

Sporty Reversible Mink coat: Retail: $2,299 I Showroom: $797

What: Blue Duck Shearling sample sale
When: Mar 1 – Mar 3, 2019
Where: 63 7th Ave, Manhattan, NY

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First Isabel Marant Sample Sale in New York City

The first ever Isabel Marant sample sale in New York is here! We had the opportunity to sneak peak it tonight as the staff was applying finishing touches to the setup of the space. First off, the space was great – right near Chelsea Market. The brand itself is super-chic and boho at the same time.

Merchandise was great: lots of outerwear and jackets, amazing jackets! With embroidery and designs. Most of the expensive items are 60% off retail. Most of the jackets fall into that 60% off category. The pricing for shoes are $200-$315 per pair. Jeans were super fun and fabulous and heavily embellished.

This is an innovative brand that doesn’t go on sale too often, and this is the first time in New York. We definitely recommend you put it at the top of your shopping list!

What: Isabel Marant sample sale
Where: 413 West 14th St, Manhattan, NY
When:Feb 27 – Mar 3

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More Bags and Clutches at the Kipling Sample Sale

kipling sample sale

The Kipling sample sale at Clothingline was crazy. The people were lined up all the way around the corner of 36th Street. The bins were filled with wallets, small bags and little suitcases.

Retail prices typically are in the $200+ range, and at the sample sale, they were around $40-$50. Although the tables were full of merchandise, we’re pretty sure the merchandise will sell out. If you’re into Kipling

What: Kipling sample sale
Where: 261 West 36th St, 2nd Fl, Manhattan, NY
When: Feb 26 – Feb 28, 2019

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Discounted Handbags at the Bruno Magli and BCBG Sample Sale

bruno magli bcbg sample salebcbg and bruno magli sample sale

We were pleasantly surprised to find an awesome sample sale for handbags in the showroom that hosts a number of brands. Among them are Bruno Magli and BCBG. While the showroom had multiple rooms, only one was dedicated to sample sales.

The bags were on tables and organized by price ranging from $10 to $200 for the most expensive ones. The $10 table had mostly clutches and cheap makeup bags. Nice wallets were going for $50 and $75. The $100 table had gorgeous leather bags for men. And the $200 table did not disappoint either. Puffer bags in different colors were my personal favorites.

What: Bruno Magli and BCBG sample sale
Where: 25 West 39th St, 3rd Fl, Manhattan, NY
When: Feb 25 – Feb 26, 2019

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Luxury Bags at the LXR and CO sample sale

lxr and co sample sale

Thank you to @holyinmundane for providing us with photos and a review of of the LXR sample sale, which took place in the Century 21 store downtown. The merchandise was high-quality. You could find designers that are typically hard to find on sale.

Some items are damaged, others are used – and prices were only 50% off the ticketed price. Given that information, we thought the sale was a bit too expensive. If you like designer bags, get yourself over there.

What: LXR & Co sample sale
Where: Feb 25 – Feb 27, 219
When: 21 Dey St, Manhattan, NY


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G-Star RAW Sample Sale: Where Men Will Shine

By: Jacqueline Munro

The G-Star RAW sample sale is filled with deals for men, but the options for women are much more limited. With that said, the space (at 260) is very well organized, clean, and the floor has no shortage of helpful employees.

 If you’re a guy who likes G-Star RAW, there is no doubt you will find something at this sample sale. It’s going to take you a while to sift through all of the merchandise they have for you; there’s no shortage of jackets, jeans, shirts, or even shoes. But girls, I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high. Try not to feel offended by the little back corner devoted to you. For women, they have a small offering of clothing including (but not limited to) jackets, shirts, sweatshirts, and shorts. For a brand that is known for its denim, I felt like their jeans section was a bit underwhelming; this disappointed me.

Most importantly though, the markdowns at this sample sale were not jaw-dropping. G-Star RAW is currently having a large online sale that might be worth checking out before you leave your comfy apartment and head over to 260. Overall, I’m going to give this sale a 6 out of 10; if they had more options for women and lower prices I’d reconsider. 

What: G-Star RAW Sample Sale
Where: 260 5th Ave, Manhattan, NY
When: Tues Feb. 19th – Sun Feb. 24th, 2019

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Wilt and Acrobat Sample Sale Offers Sweaters for Amazing Prices

Wilt and Acrobat sample sale

Wilt & Acrobat was one of the best sample sales (old-style). One-day long, cash only, in some random showroom – that’s the way we like ’em!

The place was small, but filled with racks and bins of perfectly good finds averaging out at $15. Two saleswomen were at the sale. One of them was so helpful, she stood by my side searching through bins to find something I like in my size.

A bit about the brand: Wilt & Acrobat is a contemporary brand that sells at major retailers, such as: Bloomingdales, Nordstrom Rack, Lester’s and such. At retail, these sweaters cost $150-$200. At the sale, they were $5, $10 and $15!

I wasn’t looking to shop when I went to the sale, but couldn’t help myself at the sale, and so I walked out in a brand new Wilt & Acrobat sample sale sweater!

What: Wilt & Acrobat sample sale
Where: 215 West 40th St, 12th Fl, NY, NY
When: Tue Feb 19th – Tue Feb 19th

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Paul Andrew Sample Sale: Broken Hearts if You’re Not a 37

Paul Andrew Sample SalePaul Andrew Sample SalePaul Andrew Sample SalePaul Andrew Sample SalePaul Andrew Sample SalePaul Andrew Sample SalePaul Andrew Sample SalePaul Andrew Sample SalePaul Andrew Sample SalePaul Andrew Sample Sale

By: Cristina Martin

The Paul Andrew Sample sale is a match made heaven if you wear a size 37 in shoes. Compared to the other sizes *cough* 38 *cough,* 37 had an entire section devoted to the size. There really wasn’t much of a difference from the last sale. Men felt a bit disappointed with this sale. There were quite a few in line to be the first to grab a pair of Paul Andrew shoes. However, last sale had a better selection.

We rated the Paul Andrew sample sale a 6 out of 10. We would have totally given them a 9 out of 10 easily if they would just add more sizes. This is Paul Andrew’s MO to only have 37s because they put out true samples and very, very little overstock. Some shoes in other sizes were used and in crappy conditions. Those would cost you $50. If you are a size 37 stop by the Paul Andrew and stock up on stilettos for your hot V-day plans. Happy shopping!

What: Paul Andrew Sample Sale
When: Thur. Feb. 14 – Fri. Feb. 15, 2019
Where: 41 W 58th Suite 2A New York, NY


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Jocelyn Fur Sample Sale and Furry Vests Hats and Jackets

jocelyn fur sample sale

While the Jocelyn fur sample sale is definitely happening, we noticed that the Jocelyn Fur website is currently offering 50% off of everything on the website. That means that for many items you might be better off shopping online than at the sample sale.

Proceed with caution and wait for markdowns. 260 typically start marking down prices on Friday. In the case of Jocelyn furs, the markdowns are definitely worth waiting for. The fur is legit, but the quality sucks. Last year, the brand switched providers from the same company that produces Oscar de la Renta and other high-end fur out to China. When you touch and wear the coats, you can feel it. At the same time, the colors are fun and young. So if colored furs are your thing, the Jocelyn sample sale is one you should check out.

What: Jocelyn Fur sample sale
Where: 260 5th Ave, Manhattan, NY
When: Feb 12 – Feb 17

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Canali Sample Sale with Gorgeous Jackets and Coats

canali sample sale

The Canali sample sale is taking place at Soiffer Haskin as usual. What we love most about any sample sale taking place at Soiffer Haskin is the calm and almost luxurious atmosphere that’s nearly absent from all other sample sales. The first day or two are typically most expensive. As the sample sale enters days 2 and 3 and 4 of the sample sale, prices start dropping further and further down (5%-10% a day) reaching 90% off in the last few hours.

The Canali sample sale was not cheap. However, the quality of the jackets, coats and shirts was exceptional. Jackets were 70%-75% off retail, shirts were 60% and pants were 75% off. Everything was organized by size. And there were plenty of accessories and shoes to go around as well. If you’d spend the money at retail, definitely hit up the Canali sample sale and get 3 times the amount of merchandise for your buck.

What: Canali sample sale
Where: 317 West 33rd St, Manhattan, NY
When: Feb 10 – Feb 13, 2019