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Sneak Peak into the Showroom Seven Sample Sale

Showroom Seven Sample Sale

Starting tonight, Showroom Seven will be hosting it’s first sample sale in collaboration with ShopDrop. We had the opportunity to check it out and here is our feedback: great pieces, high prices. If you are looking to discover new brands and unique pieces and price isn’t an issue, then this is a sale for you to check out. If you are looking for great prices, then the Shoe Box sample sale is probably better for you.

So below we are including photos from the event. Thanks to Maura and Swanky Savages for running the model & photography drill. Beautiful job! So while you could find some dresses for $39 from the Robin brand, most items that are really cool range in the $250 or $350 range. Tonight Fashion Sherlock is joining us and will take over our story on Instagram – make sure you are following us! For a list of brands at the sample sale, see our sample sale post from last week.

See images below – most items are one of a kind and come in single copies. There will be free champagne tonight. Can’t wait to see you there!

What: Showroom Seven Sample Sale
When: Tue, Aug 22 5PM-8PM I Wed, Aug 23rd 11AM-7PM
Where: 501 10th Ave (entrance on 38th St, the DHL building)

Showroom Seven Sample Sale NY
Showroom Seven Sample Sale
Day Shoes Showroom Seven Sample Sale NY
Day Shoes Showroom Seven Sample Sale NY
Day Handbags Showroom Seven Sample Sale
Day Handbags Showroom Seven Sample Sale

Save My Bag Showroom Seven Sample Sale NY
Save My Bag Showroom Seven Sample Sale NY
Fashion Sample Sale

Nu New York Sample Sale

NU New York sample sale

By Melissa Atkinson, The Reasonable Style

Just 2 blocks away from Union Square on Broadway, you’ll find the Nu New York Sample Sale. With prices ranging from $9 to $309 and spacious organized sales floor, you’ll be sure to enjoy your shopping experience. There’s a wide selection of tops, dresses, accessories including scarves, small goods and handbags, cold weather items like sweaters and outerwear as well as shoes. Shopping on a budget? No problem, all sales racks and bins are labeled with the sale price for easy shopping.

Scarves $12
Small Goods/ Handbags $39-$309
Pants $49
Sweaters $49
Jumpsuit $75
Shoes $49
Outerwear $109

If you’re headed to the sale I would recommend wearing as little as possible just in case you want to try some items on.
There are no fitting rooms but there are plenty of mirrors throughout the store. The overall fit of the garments are oversized so you should be fine. All sales are final so shop wisely.

There are plenty of great finds at this sale so make sure you
add this to your list of sales to visit this weekend!


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LEMLEM Sample Sale

LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount

By: Nanda Rai

Lemlem Sample Sale

Get all the LemLem thats left! Refreshing sample sale today, August 17th, 2017

I just stopped in for some eye candy window retail at Lemlem’s sample sale located at the studio (3rd floor) on 495 Broadway (heart of Soho), which lasts until 7:00pm today. I must say, Lemlem is an airy fairy Hampton’s goddess, martini gal and fashion force to be reckoned with! To all of our shoppers, if anyone has a vacation on their schedule, stop in for Lemlem’s sale today! 75% off of almost everything including scarves, coverups and my new found favorite bracelets that are being sold at $10 a band, mixed with gold and rainbow silks, to layer up on your wrist. Lemlem you are such a breath of fresh air ! Amazing sales!

LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Sample sale price sheet: 75% off
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Silk/gold bracelets
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Airy-fairy rainbow racks
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Summer wrap-around scarves $25/$50

Other than Lemlem’s apparel showcasing its best of the best highlighter colors on soft linen sheer rompers, dresses, joggers and blouses, I can’t comment enough on how easy the shopping experience was. Everything was spaced out, deserving of their own spotlight and the chart below shows pricing for all accessory lovers 🙂 Upfront in your face like hey, no excuses now, buy me today!

LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Jewelry price archive
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount

Even though theres no private try on area, the minute you hold up one of Lemlem’s statement pieces in the mirror, the gold jewelry display is right beside you, and all of sudden you lose your marbles, —fair warning. Speaking of marble, there’s a beautiful gray marble table, displaying Lemlems very own summer staple, airy beach joggers! Definitely a buy! The pictures below scream, I’m not your boring gray sweatpants for the winter, wear me right now. Also, look out for the treasure box with the cute little bralets. Lemlem you have it all covered for the summer!

LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Summer joggers
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Stapless ocean blue romper

Here’s the info:

What: Lemlem Sample Sale

Where: 495 Broadway, Suite 501, NY, NY

When: August 17- August 17 Thu 11AM-7PM

Fun Fact: Lemlem means to flourish or bloom in Amharic and is recognized through its handcrafted collection that inspire economic independence in the founder, Liya Kebede’s, native country Ethiopia, as well as, preserve the art of weaving.
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Woven bralets
Fashion Sample Sale

New York Fashion Week NYFW with ShopDrop

New York Fashion Week with ShopDrop

NYFW is coming up in early September and ShopDrop has got you covered.

ShopDrop will be hosting and co-hosting 2 events, a promo show, sample sale special and lotto!

Make sure to follow us for all the updates, but posting about the two events below.

We have a limited number of press passes. If you are interested in joining the influencer program, please apply here. 

Always feel free to reach me with questions or comments:

    Join a group of young fashionable influencers in a chic bar in the center of Manhattan. Experience the ascent of fashion, and the revolution ShopDrop is catapulting with the rise in the popularity of sample sales in NY.
    What: ShopDrop NYFW Show 
    When: September 12th, 2017, 5PM-7PM
    Where: The Attic, 251 W 48th St, New York, NY
    Tickets: TICKET (for discount options and press passes email me
    A rising star in fashion, Matan Shaked is an award-winning designer who creates gowns that sweep people off their feet. In collaboration with the Tahor Group, ShopDrop invites you to start off New York Fashion Week with a bang. The event will take place in midtown. See flyer below.
    What: Desert Flower by Matan Shaked
    When: September 6th, 2017, 7:00PM
    Where: 666 Fifth Ave, NY, NY
    Ticket: BUY (10% off with code SHOPDROP) (for press passes email me
    Details TBD
  4. Details TBD
Fashion Sample Sale

Showroom Seven Sample Sale Preview

Showroom 7 Sample Sale NY

Showroom Seven is hosting a sample sale for 5 emerging luxury brands. Doors open exclusively for ShopDrop users on Tuesday 5PM-8PM. Wednesday the sale will be open to the public between 11AM and 7PM. Cocktails will be served – shop and save in style!

Items on sale will include jewelry, clothes, handbags, gowns and shoes. All items will be sold at 75% off retail prices. With the presentation of the ShopDrop app, shoppers will receive an additional 5% off at checkout. Most clothing items will be sample sized. See brands and details below.

Fashion Stylist, Mona Sharaf will be there as well so you could make sure you buy only items that suit you well!

Here are the details and make sure to download the ShopDrop app before the event:

Remember to RSVP

To come free of charge, join our influencer program

What: Showroom 7 Cocktail Sample Sale
When: Tue, Aug 22nd 5PM-8PM, Wed Aug 23rd 11AM-7PM
Where: 501 10th Ave (near 38th St), 7th Fl, NY, NY
Remember: Download the ShopDrop app


SAVE MY BAG sample sale
SAVE MY BAG sample sale

An Italian brand, Save My Bag produces fun beautiful full-of-personality bags. They come in all different sizes, colors and graphics. At retail, they are around $200. Here you will find them for under $40.


Patricia Bonaldi sample sale NY
Patricia Bonaldi sample sale NY

Patricia Bonaldi is a Brazilian founded evening-wear designer that produces lovely gowns for special occasions. At retail, her prices range between $1,000 and $2,000. At the sample sale they will start as low as $250.

DAY Birger Et Mikkelsen

DAY Birger Et Mikkelsen sample sale
DAY Birger Et Mikkelsen

If Marco Polo had a sister – that’s how the brand positions itself. Classic work pieces made out of the finest silks. Full price items range at around $400-$500 so at the sale expect prices in the $100 range: tops, skirts, pants, and blazers. Think modern, clean and fashionable.


Chiara Ferragni sample sale
Chiara Ferragni sample sale

Named one of the world’s most famous influencers, with over 10M followers, Chiara definitely leaves her mark. Originally from Italy, Chiara built up a global following and then topped it with her own quirky brand. The sample sale will feature many of her shoes, heels and flats. Priced at $400-$500 in the store, at the sample sale they will be around $100.

Fashion Sample Sale

Fall ’17 Influencer Ambassador Program – ShopDrop

ShopDrop Ambassador Influencer Program Fall '17

Hey hey hey,

If you are an influencer in NY and want to be part of a hub that offers you exclusive access to events, press passes to NYFW events, and a constant roll of content then the ShopDrop Influencer Ambassador Program (SIAP) is for you. We will take care of you, in return we expect your devotion, passion and energy. All of your followers should know about, be excited about and should be using ShopDrop to shop at sample sales of their choice.

Here are the perks of participating in the ShopDrop Influencer Ambassador Program:

  • Exclusive and/or early access to sample sales
  • Press-passes to NYFW events
  • Endless roll of ongoing (affordable!) fashion content your followers will love you for
  • Additional discounts on already discounted products
  • Dollar per Download earning potential
  • Casting & promotional opportunities
  • A part of a tight-knit club of influencers

Here is what ShopDrop expects of you as an ambassador:

  • Share the ShopDrop sample sale love with your followers
  • Your creativity and opinion in helping us reach larger audience
  • Your shoutouts of the app – all your followers should know you’re an ambassador, love us and want to get us as well
  • Participation in events
  • Love, warmth and enthusiasm
  • You are some of the most creative people we know: we want your ideas

With any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at estee@shopdrop.appThe number of spots is limited, so if we can’t make room for you this season, we will try to find another role for you.



Fashion Sample Sale

Y-7 Warehouse Sample Sale

By: Nanda Rai

Y-7 Sample Sale

The real real review #details

Y-7’s first ever warehouse sale? I couldn’t believe it either, because it was executed to perfection! You can visit the Y-7 warehouse sample sale located at the original Hip-Hop Yoga Studio (Y7 HQ, 262 Bowery, 4th Floor, NY, NY) starting today Tuesday August 15th- Wednesday August 16th; and trust me when I say this, you feel the “namast-ay fly” aesthetic as soon as you walk in. Need I mention their too-good-to-be-true negotiation with the weather? I mean, the temptation to purchase a sweater on a rainy day like today from a vast selection of all-black comfy Y-7 sweatshirts/hoodies with trendy slogan designs?! Y-7 for the win!

Y-7 sample sale, fashion, new york city,
Y-7 studio design

But, lets back it up a bit, trekking 4 stair flights up to the warehouse; Y-7 definitely knows its customers, getting everyone to kick a sweat before the goods and glory sales. Ice-cold tea samples (RUNA) served right before the race to the racks is most definitely a well-thought-out refresher of choice, another check for Y-7. As you head inside, the atmosphere gets you bumping and flowing to the most popular genre of music in the U.S right now, Hip-Hop!! Yep, its pretty damn ideal.

Y-7 sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
Candle lit and 40% sale on yoga fits
Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
Namast’ay tank top

I walked in with a mission, to get all the information on site on behalf of the ShopDrop team, and completely got distracted when I saw this Kanye sweater “inspo.” It was Kanye West in pretzel position, hell yeah!! Y-7 is definitely onto something, unique and genius! Lucky for me, there was only 1 small left, so I dropped everything and called grabs! Don’t worry,  I took tons of pictures, just for you to see! I mean 40% off today? 50% off tomorrow? I couldn’t resist.

Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
Kanye Blessed graphic sweatshirt

For the rest of the apparel, sizes range from XS-XL in most styles including the hoodies/sweatshirts/tour-style t-shirts, sweats, leggings and sports bras. The prices have taken a steep downfall from $250 retail to $16 or less in apparel and accessories (headbands, face towels, bookbags, candles, phone cases, beanie hats, pins). ShopDrop has you covered ! You definitely want to yoga, sleep, study, eat, netflix in this gear!

Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
We Flow Hard tour-styled t-shirt
Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
We Flow Hard yoga jogger
Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
Sweat tribe unite!
Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
Bring the heat yoga pants
Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
B.I.G bomber jacket
Y-7, sample sale, accessories, new york city, yoga apparel
Y-7 tribe book bag

Here’s the info:

What: Y-7 Sample Sale

Where: Y7 HQ, 262 Bowery, 4th Floor, NY, NY

When: August 15 – August 16Tue-Wed 11AM-7PM

P.S. The best part of this sample sale is getting to know the brand! Y-7 established itself in 2013, opening studios all over NYC and LA and has been featured in all the best magazines, (Cosmo, Forbes, InStyle), including Vogue, quoting ” Yoga For People Who Put On Gangsta Rap and Handle It.” It truly cant get better than a recommendation from Vogue, you’ll be surprised how much of a spirit animal this brand can be for you when you shop their gear! Happy Shopping friends!


Fashion Sample Sale

Sneak Peak: Sachin & Babi Sample Sale

Sachin and Babi sample sale new york city 2017

The Sachin & Babi sale is opening on Monday and we were lucky to get a sneak peak. In summary, the merchandise is sick and the prices are even sicker. If you have the opportunity to get there next week, drop everything and go. Below I am including images and price lists from the sale. Remember to mention that you found out about the sale through ShopDrop and next time our users will get early access!

The showroom is in the brand office, which means that prices are low. Items start at $5 and don’t go higher than $200. For gowns that retail at $1,900 this is a steal. The sale includes both stock and samples. Items are from the most recent 2017 season and there are plenty of sizes. I saw a number of size 10 gowns. There were tons of gowns, dresses, tops, skirts, pants, shorts, sweaters, belts and jewelry.

A bit about the Sachin & Babi brand. Trained by Oscar de la Renta himself, Sachin created his own brand in 2009, which is haute couture, young and vivacious all at once. 

Make sure to hit to hit up the sale & mention ShopDrop.

What: Sachin & Babi sample sale
Where: 132 W 36th St, 9th Fl, NY, NY
When: Monday, August 14 – Wednesday, August 16
What time: 9AM-6PM

Sachin andBabi gown
Sachin andBabi gown: originally $895. Sample is $75, stock is $200.

Sachin and Babi sample sale
Retail price $795. Sample $40. Stock $125
Retail price $895. Sample $40. Stock $125
Retail – $395. Sample Sale price $75
Retail price – $595. Sample sale price $125
Sachin & Babi jacket. Retail $595. Sample Sale $40.
Jewelry. Retail $250. Sample Sale $20-$50.
Pants. Retail $450 . Sample Sale $75
Bracelets. Retail $250. Sample Sale $30.


Sachin & Babi gown. Retail $895. Sample Sale $200.
Sachin & Babi Olive Gown
Sachin & Babi Gown $895. Sample Sale price $200.
Sachin & Babi Onassis Dress. Retail $795. Sample $40. Stock $125
Sachin & Babi Retail $850. Sample Sale $125.
Sachin & Babi Neva gown
Sachin & Babi Neva gown Retail $995. Sample Sale $200.
Sachin & Babi $895. Sample $40. Stock $125.
Sachin & Babi $895. Sample $40. Stock $125.
Sachin and Babi Retail $895. Stock $125.
Sachin & Babi sample sale $125
Sachin & Babi Sample Sale price $125




Fashion Sample Sale

Prabal Gurung Sample Sale One More Day!

Guest feature by BeSpoke Bargains

The Prabal Gurung sample sale opened to much fanfare yesterday morning. When I entered the showroom shortly after 10:30am, there were more shoppers than I have ever seen at Prabal Gurung sale before. As I was leaving staff was controlling the number of people in/out of the space, and there was a small line accumulating in the entryway. This sale holds a special place in the history of Bespoke Bargains. It’s a sale I’ve personally been visiting for years, and it’s also the first sale I ever posted about (in fact, it’s my very first post!)

The last PG sale I attended in 2016 offered flat pricing that ranged from $50 knits (including cashmere) to $95 jackets/coats and $100 dresses.  There are usually two PG sample sales per year, and I’ve learned that pricing tends to swing like a pendulum. One sale they raise prices; the next they drop.Prabal Gurung sample sale red dress Prabal Gurung sample sale black pearl dress

Prabal Gurung sample sale  white and black dress

Compared to the last sale—where pricing was flat by category—this sale is definitely more expensive. However it is definitely fair to say that the quality of merchandise here is much higher. There is a lot of merchandise from Resort/Spring ’17 as well as odds and ends from previous collections. Many items are production pieces that are new with tags, but there are a lot of archive and production samples, too. Items are individually marked (or denoted by colored dots), and prices range from $50 to $450. The only flat pricing for RTW is gowns which are all $450 and cashmere sweaters which are $200. The biggest savings today are on gowns and embellished cocktail dresses. Multiple sizes and colors were available in this Silk Pearl Embellished Party Dress which retailed for $3,250.00. Sample sale price was just $350—nearly 90% off!  Gowns ultimately come to about 90% off as well. The median price point for dresses is $175. That includes some recent styles like this Off-The-Shoulder Tiered Ruffle Cotton Dress which retailed for $1,450.00, but mostly encompasses older pieces.

 For under $100, you can find lots of pants, skirts and tops  including pieces like this This Hankerchief Hem Skirt which is reduced to $85 from $1,095.00, or this Tunic Blouse which is also reduced to $85 from a retail of $695.00.

Prabal Gurung sample sale Prabal Gurung sample sale  purple dress Prabal Gurung sample sale shoe boxes Prabal Gurung sample sale price tag

There is a small fitting room in the back left corner of the room, but it fills up fast and most women (myself included) were trying items on right off the rack. Shoes are also located near the fitting room and mostly heels and booties are available. Pricing on shoes is a little high in my opinion ($150 for unworn, $100 for samples, $275 for boots) and most shoppers weren’t really going through them. 

Prabal Gurung sample sale white dress Prabal Gurung sample sale black patterned skirt Prabal Gurung sample sale floral dress

Prabal Gurung Sample Sale

Where: 249 West 37th Street (15th Floor)

When: 8am – 7pm

ENDS TOMORROW Thursday August 10th 2017


Happy Shopping!

Fashion Sample Sale

Fivestory Sample Sale

By Francine Szerer

The Fivestory store is a curated luxury shopping experience. Conceived by native New Yorker Claire Distenfeld, the idea began through Claire’s love for travel and passion for acquiring unique things at a young age. As she grew older, her memories became flooded with museums, shops, gardens, special streets and so much more. With amazing style and incredible experiences, Claire’s style developed into a concoction of everything from classic to avant-garde and all in-between.

five story sample sale, sample sales new york, sample sales new york city, sample sales ny

Through their shared vision, Claire and her father, Fred, decided to take their passion and contribute to the world. Together, they created a store like no other. This father daughter duo was able to come up with a shopping adventure like no other and a store that combined their loves and interests like nothing else. Featuring the finest items from around the world, Claire and Fred decided to name this establishment Fivestory to represent not only the townhouse that holds the store, but also the diverse stories behind each product displayed within.

Now, you can understand my excitement to visit this exquisite sample sale. And on top of that, 260 Sample Sale is the host which is always great news. There’s nothing I love more than a well organized and very well stocked sample sale. (NOTE THAT THIS IS AN OFF SITE SAMPLE SALE)

five story sample sale, sample sales new york, sample sales new york city, sample sales ny

Racks and racks of luxury, high end clothing adorned the floor. Most retailing between $1,000- $3,000 and each tag decorated with a blue or red sticker that reflected discounts from 75% to 90% off!! This sale features an abundance of party dresses, designer jeans, blouses and a many more show stopping pieces. I had a great time browsing the clothing, but I had to be honest with myself— I was really there for the shoes!!

five story sample sale, sample sales new york, sample sales new york city, sample sales ny

five story sample sale, sample sales new york, sample sales new york city, sample sales ny

The selection of heels and platforms from many different brands including Pierre Hardy and Aperlai was certainly impressive! I must have tried on close to every pair. Shoe retail prices start at $800, sample sale price 75% – 85% off!

Fivestory Sample Sale

When: August 8th 2017 to August 13th 2017

Where: 260 Sample Sale, 150 Greene Street, NY, NY