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Steve Madden Sample Sale Voted the Worst Sample Sale

The Steve Madden Sample Sale has hands down been the worst sample sale I have ever been to. First of all, it’s in Queens so it is definitely a shlep from the city. But that isn’t the worst part! The sale is held in this massive warehouse and it is literally crowded to capacity with lines out the door, and for what? the shoes are a mess, you are lucky to find a matching pair in your size in the piles that surround the racks of mismatched shoes. Also, most of the shoes are a size 6, which doesn’t do most of us good (unless you are the lucky size 6). They may be cheap ($10-$20), are you really gonna try to get through this mess?

The bags they had were great, if you could find anything in the million boxes they had. If you found something you liked, you had to grab it right then and there because if you didn’t, it would disappear into the massive blackhole that is the Steve Madden sample sale. Seriously, it would disappear into the massive amounts of stuff that was everywhere. The last time I was there, I waited an HOUR on line to purchase a $15 Betsy Johnson bag and this time was no different.

I rated this a 0/10, don’t go, not worth it.


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Rachel Roy Sample Sale Not Worth the Time

By: Riva Neumann 

The Rachel Roy Sample Sale was one that was not worth the effort to go. By the time I got there, there were only about 4 half racks of clothes available and lots of mannequins. All of the clothes were $5 which is great but you had to look really hard to find anything. I found some cute dresses and a lot of children’s clothes but honestly not much else. They had a bunch of mannequins for sale for $150 but other than that, you were out of luck.

I gave this sale a 3/10, definitely not worth the time or energy, but if you go check the room they are using as a dressing room, there is a ton of stuff there that may have some gems waiting to be discovered.

What: Rachel Roy Sample Sale
Where:58 W 40th Street, Mezzanine, NY
When: September 18,2019- September 19,2019 

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No Need for Reforms at the Reformation Sample Sale

By: Riva Neumann 

The Reformation Sample Sale is honestly such a great sale; nothing is more than $100! The best deals are T-shirts for $20, skirts for $50, short dresses and jumpers for $79, and knit dresses for $40. The long dresses and jumpers are also a great deal at $89. The outerwear, including suede and leather are only $100 and the most expensive clothing items at this sale. They have a lot of everything in all sizes so you will for sure find what you are looking for!

The accessories are also worth a look, handbags and leather accessories are $45 while small, non leather pieces are only $15. Shoes range in price but nothing is more than $100.I found some adorable sandals for $89 that I just loved.

I gave this sale a 7.5, it was pretty good and worth the time to check it out!

What: Reformation Sample Sale
Where: 150 Greene Street, Manhattan,NY
When:Sep 17th, 2019- Sep 22nd, 2019

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Luxe Market is the Place for Designer Goods At Incredible Discounts

By: Riva Neumann 

if you haven’t heard of Luxe Market, get on board right now because you have to go! This store has some of the best designer deals I have ever seen, from Prada suit jackets for $312 to Gianvito Rossi for $240. These discounts don’t stop there, currently everything is an additional 20%. They have a great selection of Fendi bag charms for $278 (retails: $1160) and Roberto Cavalli cardholders for $48.

The shoe selection is! They have a great selection of Gianvito Rossi shoes for a fraction of the retail price. They have a great selection of one-of-a-kind samples, all sizes 37. Don’t worry if you aren’t a size  37, they have plenty of shoes in all sizes and from many designers. Coming this week are a ton of Hugo Boss and Bottega Venetta items, so go check it out!

I gave Luxe Market a 9.5/10, the discounts are almost too good to be true AND it’s an additional 20% off!  This is the place to be for all of your designer needs! Luxe Market is not a typical sample sale but rather a discount store that switches out designer merchandise every couple of weeks.

What: Luxe Market Warehouse Sale
Where:513 Broadway, Manhattan, NY
When:Sep 4th,2019 -Sep 28th, 2019

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Pamella Roland Rolling with the Discounts

The Pamella Roland Sample Sale has a lot of one of a kind pieces, perfect for any family occasion! Beaded gowns are $990, non-beaded gowns are $790, and ball gowns are $1190. The short beaded dresses are $690 and the short, non beaded dresses are $490. They also had other brands as well, all for $390. They have so many gorgeous dresses to choose from and the discounts are good.

There are a lot of pieces to choose from, so if you have any occasion coming up that calls for a stunning gown, now is your chance! it is totally worth it for these pieces at these prices. They also have really nice staff and  so much to choose from!

Overall, I gave this sale a 8.5/10, this is such a good sale for anyone with any special occasion coming up!

What: Pamella Rolland Sample Sale
Where:139 W 35th Street, Suite 510, Manhattan, NY
When: September 15,2019- September 16,2019 


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Bric’s and Paul Stuart Sample Sale has Good Discounts

The Bric’s and Paul Stuart Sample Sale was a good sale to go to. The discounts at this sale definitely make it worth it! Paul Stuart was a cool 70% off all around, while Bric’s items were all priced differently but the discounts were still good. The sale overall was clean and organized with a lot of merch available. There was also a lot of staff at the sale which was also great.

Luggage ranged in price from $210-$238, retail being $525-$595. Blazers went from $2084 to $625. Vests that were $595 to $179. Shoes that retailed for $450 are now $135. Jackets that were once $5995 to $1798.

Overall, I gave this sale an 8/10, the staff is super sweet and there is so much available so head on over!

What: Bric’s and Paul Stuart Sample Sale
Where: 317 West 33rd Street, Manhattan, NY
When:September 15,2019- September 19,2019

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Robert Clergerie Sample Sale Doesn’t Disappoint

By: Riva Neumann

The Robert Clergerie Sample Sale was a sale I would recommend for some great shoes at a great price. Shoes are $99 and boots are $149 as well as a table of slides and sandals for $55. Everything was organized by size which was great, the tables were all full of so many good quality shoes and boots that were absolutely amazing. My favorite pair was a pair of gold high heeled thigh-high boots that were almost as tall as me! and for only $149 that is such a great deal.

The only thing that I didn’t like about this sale was that they didn’t have any men’s shoes, but the women’s shoes do not disappoint! There is something for everyone here and you are crazy if you don’t walk out with something!

I gave this sale an 8.5/10, these shoes are so great and this sale is one you should not miss!

What: Robert Clergerie Sale
Where: 123 West 18th Street, 5th Fl, Manhattan, NY
When: September 10-11, 2019- 8AM-8PM September 12,2019 8AM-3PM

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Florals Galore at the Yumi Kim Sample Sale

By: Riva Neumann 

The Yumi Kim Sample Sale was really impressive this time at Clothingline! They had a wide variety of sizes and styles of dresses, tops and bottoms.  Maxi dresses are $95 and short and midi are $75. Jumpsuits are also $75 and tops, blazers, and bottoms are $50. They had mostly floral patterns, but also had a good amount of velvet, solid colors and shiny fabrics.

The sale was really well organized; everything categorized  by style and color so it was very easy to go through and find what I was looking for. I bought myself a cute midi floral dress for $75 thats perfect for the transition between summer and fall.

Overall, I gave this sale a 7.5/10. I was happy with this sale and you will be too!

What: Yumi Kim Sample Sale
Where: 261 West 36th Street, 2nd Floor, Manhattan, NY
When: September 10,2019- September 12,2019

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Zadig & Voltaire Sample Sale is The Sale to be at

By: Riva Neumann

The Zadig & Voltaire Sample Sale is the place to get everything you need for fall! The Parisian fashion line has so much available at this sale for really good prices. The selection of outerwear is really great and perfect for the colder weather. Faux fur was around $200 and leather was around $350. There were also cooler, lighter jackets for around $100. Cashmere was also a steal ranging from $125-$175. Dresses ranged from $100-$200 and are a great steal. They have leather pants for $75 and some gorgeous sequined ones also for $75. The tees are one of the best deals at $30 a tee. There is also a decent selection of men’s as well!

The shoes are honestly amazing and such a great buy. Sneakers are $150, found some cute boots for $225 and other shoes for $50-$75. The bags are were my personal favorite part! There are some really good pieces for $130 and they also have runway bags available!

Overall, I gave this sale a 9/10, there is such good merchandise at great prices and the staff is so lovely!

What: Zadig & Voltaire Sample Sale
Where: 393 Broadway Manhatten,NY
When: September 10,2019- September 12,2019


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Interesting Stuff at the Vivienne Westwood Sample Sale

By: Riva Neumann 

The Vivienne Westwood Sample Sale was not super impressive and was just like your typical 260 sample sale. They had a lot of good pieces though at some pretty good discounts so I don’t think it was a total bust. They have a good selection of tops starting at $55 for t-shirts and going up to $150 for knitwear. Bottoms are all $50 besides trousers which as $90. Day dresses and jumpsuits are $100, cocktails dresses are $320 and gowns are $450. The jackets were nice but they were $320 which I think is pricey for a sample sale.

There was a lot of fashion jewelry as well as a nice selection of bags. Fashion jewelry starts at $35 and goes up to $130 while bags start at $50 and go up to $250. The shoes were also a great steal, if there was no box they were $15, but by the time I got there I couldn’t find any. Other shoes started at $50 and went up to $250. They also had a nice selection of accessories such as scarves, gloves and wallets.

Overall, I gave this sale a 6/10, I didn’t find it super exciting but if you are a fan, you would probably really like this sale!

What: Vivienne Westwood Sample Sale
Where: 150 Greene Street New York, NY
When: September 3,2019- September 8,2019