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By: Eve Orbach

This CHOCHENG fall and winter sale features discounts of about 68%. Let me save your time: this article has more content than the actual sale! There were legit two racks of clothing. The styles of clothing, the amounts, and prices make this “sale” a total “fail” (and it rhymes so it must be true). 

The prices ranged from about $200–$1,000, but really veered more on the $1,000 side. The only good thing here was the fact that there were lots of sizes. The pieces available were jackets, sweaters, one skirt (no joke) and a scarf.

The small space was easy to navigate because there was just such a teeny amount of stock. The lady working the store was super nice, so yay for that. 

I give this sale a 1/10. 1 point for the range of sizes. (And that one point feels pretty generous)

Cash and credit card accepted. All sales final. Please spare yourself.

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