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Don’t Waste Your Time at the Hanky Panky Sample Sale

The Hanky Panky Sample Sale was such a disappointment! Undies on SALE were $12, like excuse me? the fabric is probably $1 a yard and also you have to dig through boxes of gross panties that you couldn’t pay me to wear. Also, you can probably find better deals online that are way more sanitary. The only reason to *maybe* go is for some of the lingerie. Nightgowns are $30 and and bras are $17 but even then I would still be cautious. Also, who displays sexy panties on a poster like material? they didn’t even look cute.

Also. what is up with the staff at 260?!?!! the 5th ave location staff has been especially mean and gross these last few sales that have honestly deterred me from wanting to go to the sales in those locations (the downtown locations are so much better, the staff is way nicer). You would almost think that they don’t want people coming they are that mean.

2/10 for this sale, DON’T BOTHER! it’s a lot of money for some strings!!!!

What: Hanky Panky Sample Sale
Where: 260 5th Ave New York,NY
When: Oct 15,2019-Oct 20,2019

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