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Guys Can Shop at Sample Sales Too

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By William Guzman

It’s time we finally lay to rest a sample sale myth. As a guy in his early twenties who grew up in NYC, up until a couple of months ago, I never knew what samples were. In fact, I had never even heard of the term. With that in mind, I’ve got a hunch that most men are probably in the same boat I was in; living a life oblivious to the world’s wardrobe-goldmine a.k.a. sample sales.

When it comes to sample sales, there seems to be a misconception about them, a general consensus that they are gender exclusive to women. I can tell you first hand, that is definitely not the case. Yes, women’s clothing is a bit more prevalent in the sample sale world, but there are still a plethora of men’s brands who host sample sales, and plenty more who cater to both.sample saleJust this month alone there have been many sample sales hosted by men’s brands such as Stephen F., Cremieux, Michael Bastian, Dr. Denim, J. Crew, Theory, Eleventy, Asics, Drake’s X Ring Jacket, and more including upcoming ones like Bottega Veneta and J. Brand. That amount of sales is enough to satisfy even the most compulsive of shopaholics.

Whenever I visit a men’s sample sale, I’m always shocked to see that they are either completely void of shoppers, or just two or three who are in on the secret. I used to ask myself: “How can this place not be packed with eager customers taking advantage of all these savings?!” I soon realized that this phenomenon can probably be attributed to most men either not being aware of sample sales, or perhaps they identify sample sales as being solely for women.

theory sample saleIt’s a bit of a shame because sample sales really do make life a little easier. After discovering sample sales, my wardrobe selection has improved exponentially, and no longer do I have to save up for weeks just to purchase from my favorite luxury brands. Sometimes I wish I could have found out about them much sooner. Which is why i urge you to enlighten your boyfriend, your guy friends, your brothers, your dad, even your grandpa! Let’s put an end to this ridiculous myth that keeps so many in the dark. Men don’t deserve to pay full price for clothes when there are so much savings to be made… no one does. Guys can shop at sample sales too!

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