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Jacadi sample sale: is the line down the block worth it?

By: Gabriella Rose

Set up: This sample sale had a line down the block, and was extremely crowded inside as well. The sale was organized for the most part- there were bins throughout labeled with both the size and age. There were tons of merchandise in stock, but defiantly more clothing than shoes. There was a line for the register that looped around half of the whole store – this sale is only worthwhile to attend if you have a few hours of free time.

Merchandise/ pricing: The pricing of this sample sale was as follows: shoes $30, dress $25, top $12, swim $10, baby bodysuit $8, and outwear $40. The prices of this sale were great and very discounted, and there tons of everything in stock. There were great dresses for all sizes and ages, both fancy and casual. I also saw adorable winter boys coats- in blue and grey shades. There was tons of merchandise in stock and it did not look like anything was going out anytime soon.

Rate: 5.5/10 great prices, line down the block- tons left

What: Jacadi sample sale


Where: 260 fifth ave, NY NY

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