Mediocre Margaux

By: Eve Orbach

The Margaux sample sale features handmade women’s flats, loafers, and heels at discounts of over 50%. The Margaux brand emphasizes comfort and style. While I am definitely all for a brand that is about making comfy shoes, some of the shoes look like something my grandma would buy. However, if you are willing to sift through the hundreds of shoe boxes to find some cute options then all power to you, my dear friend.  

Most of the shoes stay within the $75–$100 range. Some of the shoes sold are marked as lightly worn and were sold at a higher discount of $45.

The shoes’ quality was excellent. The leather in the shoes is super soft and I was impressed with the stitching and lining. I’ve been to some sales where the merchandise was literally falling apart, so good job Margaux for delivering on your promise of high-quality. The style of the shoes are very minimalist-friendly. They are solid colored and streamlined.

The space was organized by shoe size. There is tons of sizes (33–45) and even more pairs of shoes. The staff was helpful and friendly.

I give this sale a 4/10. There were lots of nice options to choose from, but the discounts weren’t all that great. 

What: Margaux sample sale.

When: January 29–31, 2020.

Where: 261 W 19th street

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