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Monkeying Around at Kipling

By: Eve Orbach 

Today’s visit to the Kipling sale was the first sale in a while that didn’t make me want to pull my hair out. This sale features bags at discounts of up to 70%. There are suitcases, backpacks, luggage tags, wallets, totes, and more. Before attending the sale I would have said that my favorite part about this brand is the adorable lil’ gorilla that comes attached. But after today’s sample sale, I would say that after spending time looking around, the actual merchandise is in fact pretty cute. In addition to the merch being cute…so were the prices. Which range from $5—$100, but most items fall around the $20–50 range. 

There are bright solid colors as well as interesting patterned pieces.

There was a ton of merchandise and the store was neatly organized by item type. Lots of the merchandise was still wrapped up, which was good because 260’s stuff is known to have stains every now and then…😳

The setting is spacious and easy to navigate. Plus there were no lines—woohoo!

The best deals of the sale by far were luggage tags for $5, large backpacks for $55, and travel cases for $10. But, as always is the case with sales hosted by 260, wait until later in the sale for further markdowns. 

If you’re in the market for some new bags or pieces of luggage, it’s definitely worth a stop by. (On the last day, of course 😉

This sale is a 4.5: it’s solid but nothing to get too jazzed about. 

You’ll find me doling out 10’s the day that Chanel is on sale for 80% off; which in sample sale terms is the equivalent to saying “when pigs fly”. Sorry, people! Your girl has got high standards for you. 

What: Kipling sample sale                                                                                                                                           Where: 260 Fifth Avenue                                                                                                                                       When: February 18–23

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