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SuperDry Sample Sale is Exactly What You Would Expect from 260

superdry sample sale 2019

SuperDry was a typical 260 sample sale: prices that you know will be reduced on the last day, tons of merchandise but no good finds. People on IG were messaging asking us if they have jackets for men, and they didn’t have the items that people want from Superdry, they just have random pieces.

I didn’t even know SuperDry made denim dresses but at the sale we found out. We were expecting a workout brand, but found a lot of 2nd-tier items like dresses, jeans and shorts.  I would have liked to see more leggings, more dry-fit shirts, jackets.

Our recommendation, skip this. If you’re looking for workout gear, hold out for a sale with better pricing and merchandise.

What: SuperDry sample sale
Where: 260 5th Ave, Manhattan, NY
When: Jan 15 – Jan 20, 2019

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