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Leaping Forward: ShopDrop Joins NYU SLP Accelerator

ShopDrop accepted to NYU Summer Launchpad

Dear ShopDroppers,

We are delighted to share the most amazing news with you – ShopDrop App has been selected from over 100 startups to participate in the exclusive NYU Summer Accelerator program. We will be following in the footsteps of other leading startups that went through the program and went on to become multi-million dollar businesses. The most recent startup to emerge from NYU’s Summer Launchpad program and raise $10M in funding is the famous BrookLinen brand!

Brooklinen - Summer Launchpad Alumna
Brooklinen – Summer Launchpad Alumna

You might be wondering what a startup like ShopDrop would do in an NYU accelerator and you would be right to wonder! The awesome program will be there to ‘accelerate’ ShopDrop to such a point, where every New Yorker would be using our app to plan for smart shopping! We will use this Summer to work with our phenomenal mentors, which include Kunal, Risa and Rebecca and other great coaches to better understand you – our customers! We are including images of other startups participating in the cohort with ShopDrop this Summer. They include: TABu, an app that lets you open and close a bar tab with the click of a button, Stereotheque, an app that allows for music discovery using artificial intelligence and Levitas, a company modernizing healthcare safety! To read more about the startups, click here.

Summer Launchpad Startups 2017 Cohort ShopDrop
Summer Launchpad Startups 2017 Cohort

So in summary, our goal this Summer is to get to know you better, to improve our product, and to get more of you to use it more often! Your opinion matters, so if you would like to share your feedback, please let us know here. We want to know what you think and want, so thank you!

And finally, we are including an image of the cool, modern and sleek accelerator that will be our home base and office for this Summer. Can’t wait!

NYU Summer Launchpad at the Leslie eLab
NYU Summer Launchpad at the Leslie eLab