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Alice and Trixie Sample Sale Was HeartBreaking

To understand how devastating the Alice and Trixie sample sale was, you have to understand what the Alice & Trixie sample sale used to be like in the good old days. In the old days, the sale would take place in the brand showroom and all the items would be priced in the $5-$35 range. That included silk dresses, tops, pants and everything else.

This time around (and the last sale as well), the sample sale was still in the brand showroom, the merchandise was still great, but the pricing was awful. There was a chart with utterly confusing prices – different for white labels, black labels and different categories. Here’s the bottom line: tops were $59 or $69. Dresses were $69 or $79. Some November category was $49. Pants were $29 and so were shorts. True, Alice & Trixie has nice quality cute items, but the brand is not elite. This cannot compare to Sandro or DVF, both sales happening at the same time and selling tops for exactly the same prices.

While I was there, no one purchased anything, there were only a few shoppers. Whoever entered left empty-handed. Brands should know that sample sale shoppers are smart and savvy – if the prices aren’t worthwhile, people won’t buy. I almost hope the brand won’t do well at this sample sale so that the next one will go back to true sample sale pricing. Given all of this, we’re rating the sale a 4 out of 10. Skip it and go to a better sale instead where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

What: Alice & Trixie sample sale
Where: Apr 24- Apr 26, 2019
When: 265 West 37th St, 11th Fl, NY, NY