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Parker and Apparis: Lots of Cute Merch!

This Parker and Apparis 260 sale features tons of adorable pieces at discounts that don’t suck! The Parker merchandise has discounts of up to 80% off. While there isn’t a blanket discount for Apparis the pieces fall from $95–$175. Compared to the brand’s website the discounts aren’t that great though.

The sale is organized by brand and item. The Parker section has dresses galore and some tops and pantsuits as well. The sizing is kinda all over the place for both brands, but that’s usually a given at sample sales. The prints are flirty and fun—perfect for this upcoming spring/summer! 

Apparis’s (say that ten times fast) section is filled with impossibly soft vegan fur and leather coats. There are a lot of cool patterns but also some more neutral coats. There is also a quality range of sizes.

As always, wait until the last day for 260 sales to get those extra discounts!!

This sale is a solid 6/10. I’m sure you’ll end up walking away with one or two nice pieces, but it’s not a must go. If you’re not in the area it’s not worth the trip.

Shoutout to the people working the sale: your music was popping!!           

What: Parker and Apparis sale
When: March 4—8, 2020
Where: 150 Greene Street