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Multiple Brands for Children at the Best Kids Sample Sale

best kids sample sale spring 2019

The Best Kids sample sale is unique in its set-up. Rather than walking into a showroom and shopping for a specific brand, multiple brands partner to create a one-stop kickass sample sale.

Set-up: The same building on 33rd Street has multiple showrooms that carry children’s clothing – from casual to fancy to pajamas and accessories. Many of the brands are European and can only be found in unique shops in the States for alarming prices. When you walk into the building, you can go from floor to floor, from showroom to showroom, from brand to brand – and you can shop all these places at wholesale prices.

Merchandise: Given the unique layout of the sale, the merchandise varies greatly from showroom to showroom. Zoe LTD was definitely a highlight with a ton of items for girls. Most showrooms have items for boys and newborns as well.

Pricing: Pricing also varies significantly from showroom to showroom. That being said, most items are 50%-70% off. You’ll be able to find things for $20 and certain things for $160. It’s a pretty wild range in that sense.

If you need to shop for kids and want them to look amazing, this sale is one you should hit up at least once. Because it is definitely part of the NY Shopping Experience!

What: Best Kids Sample Sale
Where: 34 West 33rd St, Floors 3,5,9,10,12, NY, NY
When: May 13 – May 15, 2019