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Brooks Brothers Sample Sale – This Time for Men Only

brooks brothers warehouse sale 2019

We caught wind of the Brooks Brothers warehouse sale at the last minute. This is a sale our guys look forward to for months, because that’s when they get to look all British and proper without spending the big bucks. The warehouse sale took place in the same warehouse as last year near their flagship store in midtown. The place was organized well, with large pricing signs.

Sadly, there were no shoes at this sale and there were no items for the ladies. However, whatever they did have was gorgeous and well-priced. There was definitely a buy-more save-more thing going on, where 1 tie was going for $25 but 6 were selling for $100. One suit was $500, 2 – $900 – see how you saved $100 bucks right there. There was a room and a half of shirt boxes – 3 for $100. Plenty of coats and sport coats as well. Vests were selling for $60, pants for $80 or $110.

For men who like to look sharp, this sale is a definite go! 8 out of 10 for me.

What: Brooks Brothers Warehouse Sale
Where: 11 East 44th St, Ground Fl, NY, NY
When: Nov 4 – Nov 8, 2019


Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Brooks Brothers Spring 2019 Sample Sale – Heaven for Men in Suits

brooks brothers sample sale review ny

Last year the Brooks Brothers sample sale only sold accessories and shoes. This year they stepped it up a notch and added suits and shirts to the mix as well. The sale was in a side showroom close to the main store on 44th St. The space was large, very well organized with very sweet and helpful staff placed all over the place.

Suits were in two categories: $399 and $599 (they are all well over a thousand at retail). Shirts were selling for $39 or $69, depending on the box. Ties were selling 1 for $29 and 4 for $100, shoes 80% off for women, 70% off for men. There was a small table of alligator belts, a few handbags for men and women, and a few boxes of accessories at 80% off such as wallets, scarves, gloves and keychains.

Shoes were definitely a killer find. The items from Brooks Brothers is extremely high quality and lasts for a lifetime, so we definitely recommend investing in a good pair of boots or suits. Giving this sale a solid 9 out of 10 – very impressed.

What: Brooks Brothers sample sale
Where: 11 East 44th St, Manhattan, NY
When: April 2 – April 4th 2019