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Calvin Klein Bedding Sample Sale 2019 Blew Us Away

calvin klein bedding sample sale

The Calvin Klein bedding sample sale is by far one of our favorites: showroom setup, rock-bottom pricing, a ton of merchandise to choose from. We’re giving it a 9/10 and recommend it as one of the best to deck out your bedroom.

Setup: the sample sale is at a showroom (and not a 260 or clothingline) which means that no one else is taking a cut and the prices are as low as can be. On the down low, the sale is cash only, so you have to hit up an ATM before going. The merchandise is in boxes and there are price sheets on the wall.

Merchandise: Definitely a solid amount of bedding and towels to choose. The sale included comforters, quilts, shams, curtain panels and even mattresses for dogs.

Pricing: The sheet sets with high thread count were $20. After buying sheets at the Sferra sample sale for $300, I can vouch for how ridiculously low that is. At retail, these items aren’t ridiculously expensive but cost ~$250, so still a great deal and close to 90% off.

The hours are a bit rough for working folks, but this sample sale definitely makes it worthwhile to sneak out a bit.

What: Calvin Klein Bedding Sample Sale
Where: 261 5th Ave, 16th Fl, Manhattan, NY
When: April 30 – May 2, 2019