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Loro Piana Cashmere Mostly Half Off at the Sample Sale

Loro Piana sample sale review

We hit up the Loro Piana sample sale yesterday and loved the merchandise. But we can’t lie – we cried when we saw the prices. While the prices drop every day, they were still extremely high. So basically, if you have $800 to dish out for a beautiful cashmere sweater, definitely go to the sale. If not, wait it out and maybe check out the sale on the last day. Since images weren’t allowed, we took similar items from the web to serve as a reference. All info below – enjoy!

Price List:

  • Shoes dropped from 50% off to 60% off: originally $650, now $325
  • Clothes 50% off retail: trenches were $1935, now $968
  • Handbags dropped to 65% off retail: were $2,359 now $1,180
  • Gloves 50% off
  • Hats 60 percent off: retail for $560 or $840 for suade

    What: Loro Piana sample sale
    Where: 317 West 33rd St, NY, NY
    When: April 8 – April 12