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Vince is the Highlight of the Prive Sample Sale

prive sample sale chelsea market nyprive sample sale chelsea market ny

We gave the Prive sample sale a 6 out of 10. Here’s why. We loved that they had modern collection Vince shoes and tops, that they had stuff for men and women, that the space was pleasant as it always is in Chelsea Market. We weren’t thrilled about the pricing or the other items at the sale.

Setting and Merchandise: The layout was the usual for Chelsea Market. The right side of the room was filled with men’s merchandise. Shoes were on tables against the walls, and racks had clothing from Onia, Vince, Frame denim. There was a rack of swim shorts as well. The women’s side had the same brands. Shoes were organized by style, there were fifteen styles to choose from. Some of the white slides were current season.

Pricing: To be honest, I didn’t see a single item that was over $100 at the sale. For items from Frame and Vince, that could be impressive. There was a rack with some indie brands, where all items were $15. That being said, I wasn’t able to find anything I couldn’t leave without. The vince tank tops were soft and yummy, but they were $29 each and I just couldn’t justify such a price tag on an undershirt.

And so, I left empty-handed. For those who love Vince and Frame & would be willing to pay full price this sale would be a treasure hunt. For others – a hard pass.

What: Prive sample sale
When: May 7 – May 12, 2019
Where: 75 9th Ave, New York, NY

chelsea market Fashion Prive Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Squeezing Out Every Bit of Summer at the Prive Sample Sale

Prive Sample Sale

Photo Via Diva’s World 

By: Cristina Martin 

Chelsea Market sample sales never disappoint! The Prive sample sale featured summer clothing and swim for both men and women. Chelsea Market has a huge space, so there was plenty of merchandise form a variety of brands to choose from. There are racks of swim for both men and women in so many colors. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up for next year, or that tropical getaway in January. The Prive sample sale also had a dresses, tops, cute pants, and skirts. For the gentlemen, you can choose from tops, trousers, denim and accessories. Prices were also very reasonable!

We rated the Prive sample sale a 8 out of 10. Pros were of course the fabulous clothing, huge selection, and affordable prices. The only con was the fact that it is mostly summer, you only have a few weeks at best to use them before the items go in storage. Don’t loose all hope, some items can definitely be used for fall/early winter. Happy shopping! USA

What: Prive Sample Sale
When: Tue. Aug. 28 – Sun. Sept. 2, 2018
Where: Chelsea Market: 75 9th Ave. New York, NY

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Riedel & Sferra Sample Sale


By: Maura

Some days, you just need to buy a glass of wine. Other days, you just need to buy glasses for said wine. Wednesday was one of those days, so I decided to upgrade my apartment by going to the Riedel & Sferra sample sale in Chelsea Market.

The sale is a little tricky to find; its right off of the food court that has Li-Lac chocolates. If you get lost, chances are there is a friendly security guard who will point you in the right direction, as much as New Yorkers hate asking for directions.

The space was a little crowded when I walked in, but where there is a crowd, there’s amazing discounts nearby. Half the store was lined with luxury glass wears Riedel is known for; the set up was so impeccable, I kept my distance in fear of knocking over 100 wine glasses with my backpack. There were a lot of items that I wish I could find use for; decanters, wine flight sets, votives, vases, glass ice buckets, so essentially everything on a pinterest-bride’s dream registry. However, there was also plenty of great deals on more mundane, everyday stuff. Four wine glasses for $20? Yes, please!

The items don’t just stop at the kitchen; the other side of the store is dedicated to the soft, Italian bed linens of Sferra. Packages of every type of sheet were nestled in boxes like vinyl records, any and all sheet sizes available. Down duvet inserts are in the back of the room, with bath mats, towels, washcloths, and more lining the far wall. I decided that maybe it wouldn’t be the best idea to take off my shoes and lounge in a pile of towels as soft as clouds, so I mercifully restrained myself.

Prices for the Sferra were more of a mixed bag; each product is individually priced, often around the $100 mark. The throws are nice, but more decorative than comfy; perhaps a good gift for a friend who doesn’t eat bagel bites on her bed at 3 in the morning.

All in all, I was able to buy two owl-shaped whiskey stones, priced at $3 each, and a package of four of the sleekest wine glasses ever, for $20. If you want to play grownup and treat yourself for some nice household items, I really recommend this sale.

Fashion Sample Sale

Sample Sale Review: Helmut Lang at Chelsea Market

Helmut Lang Sample Sale Review

If you’re wondering how the Helmut Lang sample sale went over, this post is for you. I spent the weekend hitting up the Helmut Lang sample sale at Chelsea Market and here are my three takeaways. First, great merchandise. Second, love the layout of Chelsea Market. Finally, the discount was significant but not significant enough for many.

So the merchandise. We’ve been to a number of ‘fake’ sample sales where you show up to find two and a half items hanging limply in the closet. That wasn’t the case here. The showroom at Chelsea Market was filled with all the merchandise you can imagine: men, women, shoes, dresses, pantsuits, jackets, outwer-wear, tops, lingerie… you name it. Everything was sorted by category and size, so finding your ideal size and item wasn’t difficult at all.

Second, we love the layout and feel of Chelsea Market. It’s located on the ground level and feels like any other store. They don’t make you check your bag in at the beginning, although they do check your bag when you exit, and there are dressing rooms at the back. That being said, you get what you paid for. Which brings us to point three.

Prices: although the discount was 60% for most items, the items were still quite pricey, and if you chose two items at random, chances are you would be spending more than $500 on your purchase. The funny thing is that the nicer showrooms (like Chelsea Market) charge the brands to run the sample sales, which makes the ultimate price more expensive. If what you’re after is the best deal, then look out for the sales happening in the offices of the brands (i.e. 25th floor or Suite 1608). These are usually marked super low because the brand just wants to get rid of excess merchandise – the last sale I was at had everything marked at $20, when the retail prices were over $300. It was crazy. Okay, okay, back to Helmut Lang. The signs indicated that if the retail price was between X & Y, price would be Z. So for example, at the jacket section, if a jacket was between $595 and $795 at retail, at the sale it would be $295. There were some adorable furry shoes for $189 down from (!!) $595.

Here are some images below about items and prices. All of the images are from our instagram stories, so make sure to follow us there at @shopdropapp. As always, your feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

What: Helmut Lang sample sale
When: Wednesday, June 7 – Sun, Jun 11, 2017
What Time: Wed-Sat, 10:30 AM – 7PM, Sun 10:30 AM-5PM
Where: Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave, NY, NY

Helmut Lang sample sale
Helmut Lang sample sale
Skirts at the Helmut Lang sample sale at Chelsea Market
Skirts at the Helmut Lang sample sale at Chelsea Market
Cute furry heels at the Helmut Lang sample sale
Cute furry heels
Funky Helmut Lang heels at the sample sale
Funky Helmut Lang heels at the sample sale
White Helmut Lang jacket
White Helmut Lang jacket
Helmut Lang coat
Helmut Lang coat selling for almost $600
Helmut Lang sample sale skirts
Helmut Lang sample sale skirts