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Clothingline Blowout Sale- Super Discounted, Super Messy

By: Riva Neumann 

The Clothingline Blowout Sale was a sale some would not miss, the lines in the morning were insane and almost impossible to get in. I went at about 2:30pm and there was absolutely no line. I see why people made sure to go early since by the time I got there, most of everything was already sold and what was left was damaged and stained. The good part was that nothing was over $30 with most items being around $10-$15.

Almost all of the items that were left weren’t on the correct rack so figuring out which item was from what brand took a few minutes to figure out. It was very messy and unorganized which was frustrating. Some of the clothes that were there were really a steal but many pieces were damaged in some way.

Overall, I gave this sale a 4.5/10, I didn’t find this sale to be worth going to but it’s possible that going earlier would have a better selection, though there will be long lines and it would be very crowded.

What: Clothingline Blowout Sale
Where: 261 West 36th St, 2nd Fl, Manhattan, NY
When: April 16, 2019


Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Clothingline Kicks Off 2019 with a Massive Blowout Sample Sale

clothingline blowout sale

In the past year, Clothingline has been hosting less independent sales and more blowout sales, where leftovers from previous sample sales sell for dirt cheap. To kick off 2019, the sample sale house launched another blowout sale, advertising that most items will be under $35.

We stood in line and checked out the sale to see if the rumors were true. They were. Plenty of contemporary brands selling for $5-$35. EFM, Halston (capped at $35), Eva Franco, Alala (sport bras and leggings for $10)m Schutz shoes for $10 (yes, the most random sizes and styles – and you might never find a 2nd shoe – but still? $10? We’re glad we went).

What: Clothingline Blowout sale
Where: 261 West 36th St, 2nd Fl
When: Jan 9th 2019