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DL1961 Sample Sale is the Place for Sustainable Jeans With These Discounts

By: Riva Neumann 

The DL1961 Sample Sale has it all- in terms on jeans that is. They had so many styles available in all sizes all for $60 a pair, and the best part is that the more you buy, the more you save! It is $60 for 1 pair, $50 for 2 and $40 for 3! I was able to get a pair of shorts, a pair of jeans and a denim skirt all for $120, which is much less than the price of a single pair retail. They had a full table of jeans as well as boxes marked by size. There was also a table in front for kids jeans as well. They had a small section for men, but it was great they had some available.

The fitting room was a small, communal space that was sectioned off but that is pretty typical for sample sales, I was just happy that there was a place to try them on!  They also had some ready to wear as well, but definitely come for the denim.

I gave this sale a 9/10, go check it out if you are in need of a new pair (or just want one honestly, the discounts are too good to pass up)

What: DL1961 sample sale
Where: 498 7th Avenue, 21st Floor, Manhattan, NY
When: August 19,2019- August 20,2019 




Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

DL1961 Sample Sale Raised Prices on Denim

dl1961 sample sale spring 2019

We gave the DL1961 a 7/10. While we were annoyed that they raised prices from the previous sample sale, the brand is still one of the best luxury denim brands out there, so we’re still happy to score a pair of these jeans.

Setup: The setup in the small showroom is not the most convenient but is okay. A small room has tables in the center and along the walls. In the center are the tables for women, along the wall for men. Every ‘seat’ is a different size, and the jeans/skirts are just folded one on top of the other. So you have to sift through a number of items until you find what you want to try on.

Merchandise: Mostly jeans – the basic cuts. Some skirts, shorts, jumpsuits (very few), 4-5 tops, a box of maternity jeans and a toon of corduroy options. Also, at checkout there are leather pants/leggings.

Pricing: Ugh – this was the most annoying part. Last year and the year before, it was buy 3 pairs for $90. And now it’s 3 pairs for $120. But why though???? Clothing items were $30. We’re not thrilled but we’re not going to the streets to protest this one.

If you need a good pair of premium denim – hit this one up.

What: DL1961 Sample Sale
Where: 498 7th Ave, 21st Fl, NY, NY
When: May 15 – May 16