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Nu New York Sample Sale

NU New York sample sale

By Melissa Atkinson, The Reasonable Style

Just 2 blocks away from Union Square on Broadway, you’ll find the Nu New York Sample Sale. With prices ranging from $9 to $309 and spacious organized sales floor, you’ll be sure to enjoy your shopping experience. There’s a wide selection of tops, dresses, accessories including scarves, small goods and handbags, cold weather items like sweaters and outerwear as well as shoes. Shopping on a budget? No problem, all sales racks and bins are labeled with the sale price for easy shopping.

Scarves $12
Small Goods/ Handbags $39-$309
Pants $49
Sweaters $49
Jumpsuit $75
Shoes $49
Outerwear $109

If you’re headed to the sale I would recommend wearing as little as possible just in case you want to try some items on.
There are no fitting rooms but there are plenty of mirrors throughout the store. The overall fit of the garments are oversized so you should be fine. All sales are final so shop wisely.

There are plenty of great finds at this sale so make sure you
add this to your list of sales to visit this weekend!


Fashion Sample Sale

Sample Sale Review: Eleventy

Eleventy sample sale menswear ny

By: William Guzman

Eleventy Sample Sale: Contemporary Italian fashion for men at an irresistible 80% off!

Shopping at the Eleventy sample sale was an outright therapeutic experience for me – the aroma of extravagant Italian fabrics and leathers invited me in to peruse the eclectic variety of classy yet stylish collection. Jackets, pants, ties, shoes, and messenger bags lined the shelves of the store. The experience was uniquely satisfying, and highly addictive. Located on the 9th floor of 80 W 40th St in Manhattan, Eleventy’s sample sale is super convenient to reach regardless of what part of New York City you’re visiting from- not to mention the ideal place for some post-brunch shopping. 

At 80% off, what would otherwise be an intimidating price tag becomes a huge steal, especially considering the craftsmanship and tangible quality Eleventy’s collection boasts!

Unfortunately, just as all good things must come to an end, so must Eleventy’s sample sale. But it’s not too late, you still have until Friday, June 16th to bask in the graces of the discount gods and deck out your wardrobe with fresh apparel worthy of Mr. Bond himself! Enjoy my photos from the sample sale. 

What: Eleventy sample sale
When: Monday, June 12th – Friday, June 16th
What time: 9AM-6PM
Where: Eleventy, 80 W 40th St, NY, NY

Eleventy sample sale menswear ny

Eleventy sample sale menswear ny

Eleventy sample sale menswear ny

Eleventy sample sale menswear ny

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