6 Funny Fashion Ads

Although commercials usually present opportunities to click the ‘skip’ button or to search for other videos to watch or catch up on emails, there are always a few that pleasantly surprise me… Below I am listing some ads that inspired a laugh or at least a chuckle on my end. As always, comments and additional funny ads are welcome!

  1. Rolling on the floor from this Satis Fashion Footwear commercial

2. H&M by Madonna

Count on Madonna to bring you to tears from her “be like me” attitude…

3. Although a BMW commercial, this one has a lot of fashion innuendos.

4. Lambuji Fashion

Hey, who said Americans have to always be the funny ones? This Lambuji commercial had me laughing on the floor.

5. H&M recycle your clothes

And trust H&M to make recycling sexy by questioning every single stereotype under the sun.

6. LittleWoods Christmas “Own It”

Finally, this beat filled and exciting commercial brings a new meaning to the two words ‘own it’