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Gray Matters

This Gray Matters sample sale features shoes such as flats, heels, and boots. The items range from $95–$225. The discounts were around -$300 on retail price. Honestly, a lot of the merchandise here wasn’t stylish, and the discounts were a total snooze fest. 

The shoes are separated by price. The space is well-decorated and has a modern, minimalist vibe. Most of the shoes are sizes 37–39.

The shoes were either flat out ugly, just okay, or just slightly interesting. Maybe I just don’t “get” the brand as a whole, but this sale didn’t make so much sense to me. I would recommend (more like strongly urge) you to skip this one! Cuter shoes and better deals can be found from the safety and comfort of your quarantine—I mean home.

1/10. Poor discounts, ugly (and sometimes even stained) merchandise, and limited sizes=🙄👎

What: Gray Matters sample sale.
Where: 213 Bowery, NY, NY
When: March 11–15, 2020