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The Hard Tail Sample Sale is Indeed Forever

hardtail sample sale april 2019

The Hard Tail sample sale was held in the brand showroom – and it’s one of the sample sales that follows the pattern of what real sample sales used to be like. Cash only, cheap prices, a ton of merchandise, and bring your own bag. Okay, maybe we’re not crazy about the last part, but overall, the sale gives a worthwhile way to shop for adorable workout clothes without breaking the bank.

Pricing: Every item was $20 a piece. Sadly, there were no five-dollar boxes this time and no additional discounts either. At retail, items are priced at $50-$150. That’s a solid ~80% off on most things.

Merchandise: There were 7 racks total, two of them with tops, two with slacks and one with skirts. The remaining racks had leggings and other random accessories.

Sizes: Women sample sizes mostly. If you ate too much over the weekend and your jeans don’t fit, you’re probably not going to be thrilled with this sale.

Fitting Room: Yes, there was a fitting room at the sample sale.

We are giving the HardTail sample sale a 8/10. Hit this one up if you’re in the area and need workout gear in sample sizes for cheap.

What: HardTail sample sale
When: Apr 29 – May 10, 2019
Where: 231 West 39th Street, 1102 NY, NY

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

HardTail Sample Sale – The Way Sample Sales Used To Be

hardtail sample sale review shopdrop app new york

The HardTail Forever sample sale is one of those sample sales from the old days. To shop, you need to go to the brand showroom in the fashion district. You show up with your own bag, and literally stuff it with as many items as you can, because the more items you buy, the lower the cost per item. One item costs $20, while 4 items sell for a total of $50 ($12.5 per item).

Expect to find plenty of workout bras, leggings, stretch skirts and athleisure tops at the sale in small and medium sizes. The sale is cash only so hit up the ATM before you go. As always, photos and prices below. Enjoy.

What: HardTail sample sale
Where: 231 W 39th St, 1102, NY, NY
When: Apr 30 – May 12