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Helmut Lang Sample Sale- Good Discounts,Still Expensive

By: Riva Neumann 

The Helmut Lang Sample Sale had a lot of product available for both men and women. They had a good selection of previous seasons’ sweatshirts but not a lot of sizes (mainly larges). Even though they were discounted, this sale was still pretty expensive. Sweatshirts were $99 and dresses were $129 which I think is a lot for a sample sale.

They had a nice selection of menswear and womenswear as well as accessories. They had some shoes, but not a lot, for $149 and a good selection of bags and belts, bags being $99 and belts being $20. They also had a lot of leather goods available, all for $349. Skirts were a bit expensive for $120 but they were cute and they had a lot available.

Overall, I gave this sale an 8/10, overall the sale had a lot available and there were good discounts, but I felt they could have been better for a sample sale.

What: Helmut Lang Sample Sale
Where: 151 Wooster Street New York, NY
When: July 23, 2019- July 28, 2019

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Theory and Helmut Lang Sample Sale – Reductions on the Last Day

theory and helmut lang sample sale ny spring 2019

The Theory and Helmut Lang at Clothingline was a solid 6 out of 10. The brands are relatively popular. We’re happy to have them hanging in our closets, but no one ever died for those brands either.

The racks are filled with merchandise, a lot of it is relatively recent merchandise (and not items from some warehouse from 30 years ago), and the prices reflect that as well. In comparison to retail, the prices are a good 70% off, but you still have to shell out $155 for a coat and $65 for a sweater.

Since the sale is at Clothingline, reductions take place as well. Thursday prices drop 25%, and we bet that by Friday, prices will drop another 15%-25%. If you’re looking for staple items to fill your wardrobe, don’t miss this one. As always, detailed photos (and pricing) below.

What: Theory & Helmut Lang sample sale
When: Jan 22 – Jan 25, 2019
Where: Clothingline, 261 West 36th St, 2nd Fl,  NY, NY

Fashion Sample Sale

Sample Sale Review: Helmut Lang at Chelsea Market

Helmut Lang Sample Sale Review

If you’re wondering how the Helmut Lang sample sale went over, this post is for you. I spent the weekend hitting up the Helmut Lang sample sale at Chelsea Market and here are my three takeaways. First, great merchandise. Second, love the layout of Chelsea Market. Finally, the discount was significant but not significant enough for many.

So the merchandise. We’ve been to a number of ‘fake’ sample sales where you show up to find two and a half items hanging limply in the closet. That wasn’t the case here. The showroom at Chelsea Market was filled with all the merchandise you can imagine: men, women, shoes, dresses, pantsuits, jackets, outwer-wear, tops, lingerie… you name it. Everything was sorted by category and size, so finding your ideal size and item wasn’t difficult at all.

Second, we love the layout and feel of Chelsea Market. It’s located on the ground level and feels like any other store. They don’t make you check your bag in at the beginning, although they do check your bag when you exit, and there are dressing rooms at the back. That being said, you get what you paid for. Which brings us to point three.

Prices: although the discount was 60% for most items, the items were still quite pricey, and if you chose two items at random, chances are you would be spending more than $500 on your purchase. The funny thing is that the nicer showrooms (like Chelsea Market) charge the brands to run the sample sales, which makes the ultimate price more expensive. If what you’re after is the best deal, then look out for the sales happening in the offices of the brands (i.e. 25th floor or Suite 1608). These are usually marked super low because the brand just wants to get rid of excess merchandise – the last sale I was at had everything marked at $20, when the retail prices were over $300. It was crazy. Okay, okay, back to Helmut Lang. The signs indicated that if the retail price was between X & Y, price would be Z. So for example, at the jacket section, if a jacket was between $595 and $795 at retail, at the sale it would be $295. There were some adorable furry shoes for $189 down from (!!) $595.

Here are some images below about items and prices. All of the images are from our instagram stories, so make sure to follow us there at @shopdropapp. As always, your feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

What: Helmut Lang sample sale
When: Wednesday, June 7 – Sun, Jun 11, 2017
What Time: Wed-Sat, 10:30 AM – 7PM, Sun 10:30 AM-5PM
Where: Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave, NY, NY

Helmut Lang sample sale
Helmut Lang sample sale
Skirts at the Helmut Lang sample sale at Chelsea Market
Skirts at the Helmut Lang sample sale at Chelsea Market
Cute furry heels at the Helmut Lang sample sale
Cute furry heels
Funky Helmut Lang heels at the sample sale
Funky Helmut Lang heels at the sample sale
White Helmut Lang jacket
White Helmut Lang jacket
Helmut Lang coat
Helmut Lang coat selling for almost $600
Helmut Lang sample sale skirts
Helmut Lang sample sale skirts