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IRO Sample Sale – The Most Merchandise We’ve Ever Seen

IRO sample sale new york 2019

This was the first time IRO hosted an independent sample sale in New York and we were blown away. The space was huge and was filled with racks for both men and women. The stuff you’ll be the happiest with are the leather motto jackets (priced 60%-70% off retail), the flair dresses, and button down tops.

The sample sale is perfect for this time of the year. A large sweater selection offered heavy winter sweaters, along with light-weight knits. Lots and lots of jeans for the ladies of all different cuts and washes. There was definitely a good amount to choose from.

In terms of shoes, there was also a gamut: sandals, ankle boots, booties, flats and casual sneakers. The sale also sported branded clutches that would go perfectly with a flair dress, motto jacket and booties in this random March weather.

For men, the selection was still generous but smaller (duh – what did you expect!) – plenty of sweats, long-sleeve shirts and knits, but less pants.

Overall, this sale is definitely worth the trip and therefore, we’re offering it an 8 out of 10. If you go and are willing to shell out some cash, you will definitely find a super-cute outfit for the spring weather ahead. And we’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed for price reductions. Keep following us on Instagram stories and we will keep you posted!

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What: IRO sample sale
Where: Mar 19 – Mar 24, 2019
When: 427 West 14th St, Manhattan, NY