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The James Perse Sample Sale is the Worst Sample Sale Out There

james perse sample sale

The James Perse sample sale was not a f*** sample sale. You’d do better with a white tee at a five below store. First of all, this is the second time this season that James Perse is having a sample sale – that must mean that the brand isn’t doing well. And still, they keep the prices sky-high.

$40 t-shirts, $70 sweatpants – what are they made out of, gold? We still remember the days when the t-shirts at the James Perse sample sale had t-shirts selling for $15-$20. Someone dm’d us on Instagram mentioning that the sample sale takes place in LA at the same time, and LA prices half of NY. So we ask you – WHAT THE F***!

The sample sale was completely empty and that serves the brand right. Sample sale shoppers are smart and savvy – and they won’t go to a “sample sale” that barely resembles a sale at all. Don’t fool us – we won’t go. Stay home and skip this one.

What: James Perse sample sale
Where: 666 Broadway, NY, NY
When: Apr 25 – Apr 28, 2019