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Milly Sample Sale For the First Time Not at Clothingline and We Love It

Milly sample sale spring 2019

This is the first time that we can remember Milly hosting a sample sale through a venue that isn’t Clothingline. This time the sale took place at Chelsea Market. And that is a definite improvement.

Setup: The sale was extremely organized. Everything was on the correct rack. The prices were clearly marked and were on the rack. Two large public fitting rooms in the back.

Merchandise: the stuff was just nice. There were no items with damages, so no need to inspect every item off the rack. The dresses were cute. The merchandise was much more current than at some previous sales.  There were also tables with Schutz shoes (and 2 other brands), which were really cute and affordable Р$59 average.

Pricing: Prices were marked on each rack individually, so there was no need to go guessing. The items were reasonable. $19 for cute t-shirts with slogans. Some separates for $49, others for $69. Lots of merchandise and plenty to choose from.

The sale wasn’t packed so one didn’t feel the pressure to hoard or so uncomfortable that one had to leave. Adding this to the ‘sample sales to hit up’ list. Nice sale 7.5/10.

What: Milly sample sale
Where: Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave, Manhattan, NY
When: May 21 – May 23, 2019