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Narciso Rodriguez – Not Cool

By Ahuva Levy

Hi there, can you see this? This sale is exclusive for senior citizens. Call your access-a-ride because you will find the perfect outfit to wear to your great-granddaughter’s birthday party.

This sale was as good as 6-week-old organic exotic fruit, shriveled up, limited quantities, expensive and BASIC. The sale was downtown, there were about 50 items in the room  and prices were not impresive. $350 for a something super basic is just not me! This is coming from the QUEEN of finding some good LBDs… but this situation was a NO GO. There were current season items as well as previous but they were not priced differently, there was not much of a selection either. It looked like the clientele was full of people who loved the brand itself for a REALLY LONG LONG time.

I say skip, save your uber money for a massage. Spend $350 on something that has a little quality or style to it in my opinion.

What: Narciso Rodriguez sample sale
Where: 30 Irving Place, 9th Floor, Manhattan, NY
When: Wed Feb 26th – Fri Feb 28th