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Dreams On Air Sample Sale Review

Dreams On Air Sample Sale

By Melissa Atkinson, The Reasonable Style

Make your dreams come true, your shopping dreams that is, at the Dreams On Air Sample Sale. With the entire front of the store filled with discounted luxury items, you might want to check this sale out! Spacious and tidy with pleasant sales associates, you will be sure to enjoy your shopping experience. Enjoy up to an additional 50% off already marked sample and stock items for up to an overall 80% off.

There are T-Shirts by Millennial as low as $20 and a suede duster trench vest by Sarah Swann for $500. With this price range, everyone will be able to find some items within their budget. Not to mention, there is a wide selection of shoes and accessories. The most disappointing part about the shoe selection is that all shoes are sample size so if you’re a size 36, you’re in luck. Mules, pumps, and flats, they have them all.

Here are some pieces you’ll find at the sale:

Sunglasses Originally $450-$600 now 1 for $135, 2 for $225 or 3 for $300

Dreams On Air Sample Sale

Femme Sans Peur Shoes Originally $500-$600 now $120 for Heels & $80 for Flat Heels


Earrings Originally $195 now $90

Dreams On Air Sample Sale

Sarah Swann Suede Duster Trench Vest Originally $1,400 now $500

Dreams On Air Sample Sale

Millennial NYFW Fuel T Originally $42 now $20

Gwen Salakaia Originally $350 now 40% off ($210)

Dreams On Air Sample Sale

This sale is going on until Sunday so be sure to check it out!

Dreams On Air Sample Sale

August 24th through August 27th

Thursday- Sunday 11am-7pm

120 Wooster Street New York, NY


Fashion Sample Sale

Showroom Seven Sample Sale

Showroom seven, sample sale, new york city, 2017, nyfw, fashion, luxury, high end

Showroom Seven Sample Sale

Lucky 7? Sounds like a fashion house heaven!

by: Nanda Rai

The Solar Eclipse (August 21, 2017) did have a few of us squinty eyed huh? A visit to Showroom Seven had myself as well as a few ShopDroppers doing the same! Up to the 7th floor, walking into a maze of showrooms, mini offices huddled in centerfield, fashion archive bookshelves, racks and tables; stacked with clothing, jewelry, bags, belt and shoes. Not forgetting, the bloggers (thats me), ShopDrop team (thats us!) mixed in all the fun. What was my perspective you might ask? Hmm, with a paintbrush in hand,* “what was I really looking at?” A stellar fashion house that is! In its truest art form, “organized chaos,” INDEED! Cheers to another fun sample sale adventure because isn’t that what we all are working to spend our money on, its no secret. 😉

There is a ShopDropApp special event sample sale today at Showroom Seven located at (501 10th ave) and before scrolling down for an exclusive sneak peak, I must say the price range is a little obscure. Putting the “responsible spending” shopping advice aside, what I loved most about this sample sale is you’re guaranteed a good buy with this melting pot of designers.

Did I mention, free champagne, 5% off if you’re coming on behalf of ShopDrop, lets turn it up a notch right before NYFW, shall we? Thank you Showroom Seven for opening your doors to us on this special occasion. H.A.S.H.T.A.G : #eclipse #OnceInASolarEclipseSale. So here it goes, pretty pink suede, cool corduroy, heavy leather, light down feather jackets. All of these pieces decorated the racks and I was immediately convinced that I wasn’t prepared for Fall as I am now, after this sale! Take a peak at my favorite finds!


Showroom seven, sample sale, new york city, 2017, nyfw, fashion, luxury, high end
suited in pink suede
Showroom seven, sample sale, new york city, 2017, nyfw, fashion, luxury, high end
Cashmere comfort – $185- $107
Showroom seven, sample sale, new york city, 2017, nyfw, fashion, luxury, high end
good leather for any kind of weather- price range $370-$390
Showroom seven, sample sale, new york city, 2017, nyfw, fashion, luxury, high end
Jacket galore ($180-$395)


Showroom seven, sample sale, new york city, 2017, nyfw, fashion, luxury, high end
Playful overcoat- $317 

 Here’s the info:

What: Showroom Seven Sample Sale

When: August 22-August 23 Tuesday 5pm-8pm & Wednesday 11am-7pm

Where: Showroom 7, 501 10th ave, 7th floor, New York, NY

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LEMLEM Sample Sale

LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount

By: Nanda Rai

Lemlem Sample Sale

Get all the LemLem thats left! Refreshing sample sale today, August 17th, 2017

I just stopped in for some eye candy window retail at Lemlem’s sample sale located at the studio (3rd floor) on 495 Broadway (heart of Soho), which lasts until 7:00pm today. I must say, Lemlem is an airy fairy Hampton’s goddess, martini gal and fashion force to be reckoned with! To all of our shoppers, if anyone has a vacation on their schedule, stop in for Lemlem’s sale today! 75% off of almost everything including scarves, coverups and my new found favorite bracelets that are being sold at $10 a band, mixed with gold and rainbow silks, to layer up on your wrist. Lemlem you are such a breath of fresh air ! Amazing sales!

LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Sample sale price sheet: 75% off
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Silk/gold bracelets
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Airy-fairy rainbow racks
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Summer wrap-around scarves $25/$50

Other than Lemlem’s apparel showcasing its best of the best highlighter colors on soft linen sheer rompers, dresses, joggers and blouses, I can’t comment enough on how easy the shopping experience was. Everything was spaced out, deserving of their own spotlight and the chart below shows pricing for all accessory lovers 🙂 Upfront in your face like hey, no excuses now, buy me today!

LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Jewelry price archive
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount

Even though theres no private try on area, the minute you hold up one of Lemlem’s statement pieces in the mirror, the gold jewelry display is right beside you, and all of sudden you lose your marbles, —fair warning. Speaking of marble, there’s a beautiful gray marble table, displaying Lemlems very own summer staple, airy beach joggers! Definitely a buy! The pictures below scream, I’m not your boring gray sweatpants for the winter, wear me right now. Also, look out for the treasure box with the cute little bralets. Lemlem you have it all covered for the summer!

LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Summer joggers
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Stapless ocean blue romper

Here’s the info:

What: Lemlem Sample Sale

Where: 495 Broadway, Suite 501, NY, NY

When: August 17- August 17 Thu 11AM-7PM

Fun Fact: Lemlem means to flourish or bloom in Amharic and is recognized through its handcrafted collection that inspire economic independence in the founder, Liya Kebede’s, native country Ethiopia, as well as, preserve the art of weaving.
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Woven bralets
Fashion Sample Sale

Build The Perfect Summer Outfit From These Sample Sales

sample sales nyc, sample sales ny

Tocca x Stila Sample Sale

Tocca x Stila Sample Sale, sample sales new york

Let’s take it from the top, your face. Be sure to hit up the Stila makeup sale at 250 Sample Sale for amazing makeup under $15! While you’re there check out the Velvet by Graham and Spencer for incredible finds for men and women, up to 85% off! But hurry, the sale ends on Sunday July 9th at 7pm!!!!



Next, let’s not forget about those long Summer days spent tanning and relaxing at the beach. Hit up the Babajaan swimsuit sale at the Juju Showroom for your beachwear needs. Everything in the sale will be $75.

These high quality bathing suits usually begin retailing at $300 and can go up all the way to $800. And on top of all that, there will be beautiful high end hats (pun intended). This sale runs until July 28th.

Tracy Reese

tracy reese sample sale, sample sales ny, sample sales nyc

Now it’s time to sculpt the perfect outfit for less! Hit up the Tracy Reese sale in their showroom on 260 West 39th st., 19th floor, for great Spring/Summer dresses, blouses, culottes and so much more for crazy good prices. Price point is in the $50 range ;)) 

And the best part, ShopDroppers who present their app at the door get early access a day early on July 10th from 5pm to 8pm. You really don’t want to miss out on this sale. 


miista sample sale, sample sales new york, sample sales nyc

And finally, for some bangin footwear, check out the MIISTA sample sale from July 7th to the 9th. Starting price for these cool kicks will start at $30 when most can retail up to $400! Make sure to email us at with your receipt and your Venmo or PayPal account to receive $10 back for every $100 that you spend.

For those whose summer wardrobes are lacking, you now have an abundance of sample sales to populate it. Happy shopping! (RIP next month’s paycheck)



Fashion Interview Sample Sale

Sample Sale Sneak Peak: Inbal Dror for Brides

Whether you were wondering how to snag an Inbal Dror gown on sale in New York or are one of those brides or gala girls who can use a cutting edge gown or have a bit of Beyonce in you, the Inbal Dror sample sale is definitely for you. We got a sneak peak of the exclusive sample sale earlier this month with Ghila and Val and took some stunning pictures, which we will share with you below!

Among the gowns at the sale is the same gown that Beyonce wore to the Grammys. Yes, this was before she was pregnant. No wonder she chose that gown. The collar, lace, mesh and lining created a priceless and powerful image, perfectly suited to Beyonce’s character. Each gown has the most intricate lace and mesh combinations imaginable. Layers upon layers of thin material combine to create the perfect wholistic masterpiece of a design. Although the Inbal Dror gown is renowned, the gowns are really hard to come by. The only retailer selling them in New York is a single exclusive salon, and the prices range between $8,000 and $12,000.

At the 12-day sample sale in early June, the Inbal Dror gowns will be selling at a steep discount. All gowns will be between $5,500 and $6,500. To book an appointment and reserve your spot at the sample sale, email Happy marriage and celebration to you too!

What: Inbal Dror sample sale
When: June 4th – June 16th
What Time: By Appointment
Where: 110 East 40th St, NY, NY

Inbal Dror NY
Val in the ‘Beyonce’ dress
Sample Sale Bridal Inbal Dror long sleeve lace cutting edge gown
Full View Inbal Dror
an underlay with thin layers of delicate lace
This 2-piece gown is powerful: an underlay with thin layers of delicate lace covered with see-through detail for flow
Detailed view: base with sequins. Overlay with flowers Inbal Dror sample sale
Detailed view: base with sequins. Overlay with flowers
The Inbal Dror overlay dress in action
The overlay dress in action
More Inbal Dror Gowns
More Inbal Dror Gowns
Another Inbal Dror Stunner
Another Inbal Dror Stunner

Fashion Sample Sale

Sample Sale Review: MAJE

MAJE sample sale in NY

This morning we headed out to the MAJE sale hosted in midtown. The nice part was that there were no lines so we had an easy time getting in. From the first few moments at the sale it is obvious that MAJE is not an American brand. (It’s French). The sizes are European, so you had to translate numbers like 1,2,3 into 4,6,8. The racks at the entry are filled with jackets and tops perfect for the corporate woman. There were long tweed jackets in light pastel and bright pink colors. The designs are clean, chic and classy. Jackets were priced at $145, while tops were at $85. Leather tops and blazers were gorgeous and more expensive. Original prices are north of $500 – so all things considered, the sample sale offers significant bargains.

Maje Sample Sale NY
MAJE Sample Sale

Toward the back of the store were the dresses – all selling for $105. This is where being a savvy consumer comes in handy. All of the dresses are nice. But at $105, some are nice and some are a steal. There were a number of long-sleeved dresses that can be worn to the office in the summer. A few slimming silhouettes, and some power cocktail dresses. Another awesome perk is that the dressing room was pretty convenient – we could try on dresses, make decisions and be in and out within 20 minutes.


If you have half an hour and can get to the area of 5th Ave and 28th St, we highly recommend you go. Details of the sale are below.

MAJE Sample Sale
Where: 260 sample sale, 260 5th Ave (between 28th and 29th St)
When: Until Sunday. Thu-Sat 10AM-7PM. Sun 10AM-5PM

Fashion Interview Sample Sale

Sample Sale Review: Multi-Designer at Katya Dobryakova

Katya Dobryakova at the Multi-Designer Sample Sale in NY

Descending to the basement of the Katya Dobryakova store on Broome street, we were greeted by a large room, which held the multi-designer sample sale. One thing united all the stands: each one had one-of-a-kind merchandise.


Marteau Jewelry Multi-Designer Sample Sale NY
Marteau Jewelry Multi-Designer Sample Sale NY

We first chatted with Ariana Boussard-Reifel, who designed the bangles Beyonce wore to the Grammys. Aside from being extremely friendly, her jewelry is stunning! She sells bangles, earrings and rings all made out of metal. Each item is raw and sharp in its design. I couldn’t help myself and bought a pair of gorgeous silver earrings: long oval hoops that instantly made me feel extremely dressed up. All of her items were sold at a steep 80% discount! Yes, that means that items which typically sell for $500 were now selling for $125.


Sample Sale NY Katya Dobryakova
Katya Dobryakova Sweatshirt

After that we headed to the podium at the back of the showroom, where we discovered the most stunning collection of designer sweatshirts. We had the opportunity to chat with the founder and designer, Katya Dobryakova, about her brand. Unlike most designers, Katya didn’t start her career in  fashion, rather, she started in graphic design. Her dream was to transplant the detail of graphics into clothing. And her brand is exactly that. This year’s collection is themed around the circus and her sweatshirts have the most exquisite circus-themed designs. They are all machine-washable, easy to take care of and create a gorgeous effortless look. At the sample sale, they were sold at an 80% discount. So at $100, they were a steal. If you have the time to get to Broome street, do it. You will have no regrets.


Vintage Jewelry Aruana Marteau
Vintage Jewelry Aruana Marteau

For the vintage lovers out there, Marteau was selling some awesome pieces from the 40s in America, Ethiopia and the Middle East. From beads to pearls to knits, there are items for every taste and every budget. There are awesome finds for $25 dollars each! In addition to those designers, there were other items from Alyssa Less, KZ_K, Meredith Marks, Les Savage, Raul Penaranda.

Photo Credits: Ghila Krajzman