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ShopDrop Special: Earn Rewards at the Miista Sample Sale

ShopDrop special with Miista Sample Sale Earn Cash Back

ShopDrop Special:

Dear ShopDroppers,

For every sample sale that comes up, we reach out to brands asking for partnerships. We ask them if they’ll do something special for our VIP sample sale fashionistas. Here’s an exciting partnership and the first of its kind with the British shoe brand, Miista. The program will allow you to earn cash back and here is how it works. Retail prices for the brand range between $95 and $375, and at the sample sale prices will start as low as $30!

  1. Hit up the Miista sample sale 
    MIISTA sample sale
    Fri, July 7th – Sun, July 9th I Fri-Sat 10AM-7PM I Sun 10AM-6PM
    Circle Studios, 83A Hester St, NY, NY (Directions, this is on the Lower East Side)
  2. When you check out you will receive an email receipt.
    Forward the receipt to and include your Venmo or Paypal name. 
  3. We will send you 10% back! That’s right! If you spent $100 at the sale, we will send you $10 to enjoy!

xo, the ShopDrop team!

Miista heels $95 retail price

Musings about Miista from Lexi

Last week I boarded the downtown A train feeling comfy and confident in a soft blue shift dress I purchased from Old Navy for the ridiculous price of $8. I always receive compliments on the dress due to its functional combo of both comfort and class. Whenever people ask where I purchased I, they’re usually pretty surprised with the answer.

When I stepped out off of the subway, the bounce in my step imitated that of a deflated beach ball, as I acknowledged my dress, on another girl, walking into the same building that I was. Well, so much for that…

A line of MIISTA shoes all lined up and ready for the sale
A line of MIISTA shoes all lined up and ready for the sale

At that moment I realized that if I wanted to stop looking like everyone else, I had to stop shopping at main stream retailers. Just in time for my fashion crisis, cue the Miista sample sale.

For those who don’t know what all the hype is about, keep reading. This unique, luxury sample sale is custom made for a true Fashionista. The sale will feature specially designed shoes that actually never made it to the production line. This is a chance to find some really special, unique pieces that no one else will have.

Miista Boots: range between $185 & $350
Miista Boots: range between $185 & $350

All of Miista’s shoes are designed in London and crafted in Spain. Merchandise includes all types of shoes including sandals, heels, slip ons, over the knee boots made from real Italian leather and more. 

Come check out this unique shopping event on Friday July 7th, 2017 – Sunday July 9th 2017 next door to Miista’s boutique at Circle Studios, 83A Hester Street, New York, NY Special treat, come meet the founder of Miista, Lara Villasenin who will be at the sale.

Miista adds a unique twist to your classic wedges and pom pom slip ons. Don’t run into your shoes on someone else this summer, happy sample sale shopping!

Miista lineup