ROLLER Rabbit is a ROLLER coaster of all things flannel!

By: Gabriella Rose

Set up: The set up of this sample sale was not the most organized. There were boxes of accessories, bedding, and children clothing all scattered throughout the space. From the second you walk in, you may get a minor headache! Roller Rabbit had accessories on the left-hand side of the room, kids racks in the far back, and the rest of the clothing throughout. There were tons of racks, and it was quite chaotic to say the least. This sale is worthwhile if you are looking for flannel pajamas!

Merchandise/ set up: The pricing of the merchandise was as follows: HOME merchandise ranged from prices $3-$80, mens clothing ranged from $2-$40, kids from $5-$20, and women’s $2-$70. Prices were low, but the brand itself is not so expensive to begin with. There were tons of merchandise in stock, ranging from basic denim jeans to cute winter sweaters. However, there was only one men’s rack and about two children’s.

Rate: 6/10, low prices, lots of accessories, and only one men’s rack.

What: Roller Rabbit sample sale

When: Tue Feb 4th – Sun Feb 9th

Where: 260 Fifth Ave, NY NY