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Dreams On Air Sample Sale Review

Dreams On Air Sample Sale

By Melissa Atkinson, The Reasonable Style

Make your dreams come true, your shopping dreams that is, at the Dreams On Air Sample Sale. With the entire front of the store filled with discounted luxury items, you might want to check this sale out! Spacious and tidy with pleasant sales associates, you will be sure to enjoy your shopping experience. Enjoy up to an additional 50% off already marked sample and stock items for up to an overall 80% off.

There are T-Shirts by Millennial as low as $20 and a suede duster trench vest by Sarah Swann for $500. With this price range, everyone will be able to find some items within their budget. Not to mention, there is a wide selection of shoes and accessories. The most disappointing part about the shoe selection is that all shoes are sample size so if you’re a size 36, you’re in luck. Mules, pumps, and flats, they have them all.

Here are some pieces you’ll find at the sale:

Sunglasses Originally $450-$600 now 1 for $135, 2 for $225 or 3 for $300

Dreams On Air Sample Sale

Femme Sans Peur Shoes Originally $500-$600 now $120 for Heels & $80 for Flat Heels


Earrings Originally $195 now $90

Dreams On Air Sample Sale

Sarah Swann Suede Duster Trench Vest Originally $1,400 now $500

Dreams On Air Sample Sale

Millennial NYFW Fuel T Originally $42 now $20

Gwen Salakaia Originally $350 now 40% off ($210)

Dreams On Air Sample Sale

This sale is going on until Sunday so be sure to check it out!

Dreams On Air Sample Sale

August 24th through August 27th

Thursday- Sunday 11am-7pm

120 Wooster Street New York, NY


Fashion Sample Sale

Showroom Seven Sample Sale

Showroom seven, sample sale, new york city, 2017, nyfw, fashion, luxury, high end

Showroom Seven Sample Sale

Lucky 7? Sounds like a fashion house heaven!

by: Nanda Rai

The Solar Eclipse (August 21, 2017) did have a few of us squinty eyed huh? A visit to Showroom Seven had myself as well as a few ShopDroppers doing the same! Up to the 7th floor, walking into a maze of showrooms, mini offices huddled in centerfield, fashion archive bookshelves, racks and tables; stacked with clothing, jewelry, bags, belt and shoes. Not forgetting, the bloggers (thats me), ShopDrop team (thats us!) mixed in all the fun. What was my perspective you might ask? Hmm, with a paintbrush in hand,* “what was I really looking at?” A stellar fashion house that is! In its truest art form, “organized chaos,” INDEED! Cheers to another fun sample sale adventure because isn’t that what we all are working to spend our money on, its no secret. 😉

There is a ShopDropApp special event sample sale today at Showroom Seven located at (501 10th ave) and before scrolling down for an exclusive sneak peak, I must say the price range is a little obscure. Putting the “responsible spending” shopping advice aside, what I loved most about this sample sale is you’re guaranteed a good buy with this melting pot of designers.

Did I mention, free champagne, 5% off if you’re coming on behalf of ShopDrop, lets turn it up a notch right before NYFW, shall we? Thank you Showroom Seven for opening your doors to us on this special occasion. H.A.S.H.T.A.G : #eclipse #OnceInASolarEclipseSale. So here it goes, pretty pink suede, cool corduroy, heavy leather, light down feather jackets. All of these pieces decorated the racks and I was immediately convinced that I wasn’t prepared for Fall as I am now, after this sale! Take a peak at my favorite finds!


Showroom seven, sample sale, new york city, 2017, nyfw, fashion, luxury, high end
suited in pink suede
Showroom seven, sample sale, new york city, 2017, nyfw, fashion, luxury, high end
Cashmere comfort – $185- $107
Showroom seven, sample sale, new york city, 2017, nyfw, fashion, luxury, high end
good leather for any kind of weather- price range $370-$390
Showroom seven, sample sale, new york city, 2017, nyfw, fashion, luxury, high end
Jacket galore ($180-$395)


Showroom seven, sample sale, new york city, 2017, nyfw, fashion, luxury, high end
Playful overcoat- $317 

 Here’s the info:

What: Showroom Seven Sample Sale

When: August 22-August 23 Tuesday 5pm-8pm & Wednesday 11am-7pm

Where: Showroom 7, 501 10th ave, 7th floor, New York, NY

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LEMLEM Sample Sale

LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount

By: Nanda Rai

Lemlem Sample Sale

Get all the LemLem thats left! Refreshing sample sale today, August 17th, 2017

I just stopped in for some eye candy window retail at Lemlem’s sample sale located at the studio (3rd floor) on 495 Broadway (heart of Soho), which lasts until 7:00pm today. I must say, Lemlem is an airy fairy Hampton’s goddess, martini gal and fashion force to be reckoned with! To all of our shoppers, if anyone has a vacation on their schedule, stop in for Lemlem’s sale today! 75% off of almost everything including scarves, coverups and my new found favorite bracelets that are being sold at $10 a band, mixed with gold and rainbow silks, to layer up on your wrist. Lemlem you are such a breath of fresh air ! Amazing sales!

LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Sample sale price sheet: 75% off
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Silk/gold bracelets
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Airy-fairy rainbow racks
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Summer wrap-around scarves $25/$50

Other than Lemlem’s apparel showcasing its best of the best highlighter colors on soft linen sheer rompers, dresses, joggers and blouses, I can’t comment enough on how easy the shopping experience was. Everything was spaced out, deserving of their own spotlight and the chart below shows pricing for all accessory lovers 🙂 Upfront in your face like hey, no excuses now, buy me today!

LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Jewelry price archive
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount

Even though theres no private try on area, the minute you hold up one of Lemlem’s statement pieces in the mirror, the gold jewelry display is right beside you, and all of sudden you lose your marbles, —fair warning. Speaking of marble, there’s a beautiful gray marble table, displaying Lemlems very own summer staple, airy beach joggers! Definitely a buy! The pictures below scream, I’m not your boring gray sweatpants for the winter, wear me right now. Also, look out for the treasure box with the cute little bralets. Lemlem you have it all covered for the summer!

LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Summer joggers
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Stapless ocean blue romper

Here’s the info:

What: Lemlem Sample Sale

Where: 495 Broadway, Suite 501, NY, NY

When: August 17- August 17 Thu 11AM-7PM

Fun Fact: Lemlem means to flourish or bloom in Amharic and is recognized through its handcrafted collection that inspire economic independence in the founder, Liya Kebede’s, native country Ethiopia, as well as, preserve the art of weaving.
LEMLEM sample sale, new york, shopping, nyc, 2017, fashion, luxury priced items, discount
Woven bralets
Fashion Sample Sale

Showroom Seven Sample Sale Preview

Showroom 7 Sample Sale NY

Showroom Seven is hosting a sample sale for 5 emerging luxury brands. Doors open exclusively for ShopDrop users on Tuesday 5PM-8PM. Wednesday the sale will be open to the public between 11AM and 7PM. Cocktails will be served – shop and save in style!

Items on sale will include jewelry, clothes, handbags, gowns and shoes. All items will be sold at 75% off retail prices. With the presentation of the ShopDrop app, shoppers will receive an additional 5% off at checkout. Most clothing items will be sample sized. See brands and details below.

Fashion Stylist, Mona Sharaf will be there as well so you could make sure you buy only items that suit you well!

Here are the details and make sure to download the ShopDrop app before the event:

Remember to RSVP

To come free of charge, join our influencer program

What: Showroom 7 Cocktail Sample Sale
When: Tue, Aug 22nd 5PM-8PM, Wed Aug 23rd 11AM-7PM
Where: 501 10th Ave (near 38th St), 7th Fl, NY, NY
Remember: Download the ShopDrop app


SAVE MY BAG sample sale
SAVE MY BAG sample sale

An Italian brand, Save My Bag produces fun beautiful full-of-personality bags. They come in all different sizes, colors and graphics. At retail, they are around $200. Here you will find them for under $40.


Patricia Bonaldi sample sale NY
Patricia Bonaldi sample sale NY

Patricia Bonaldi is a Brazilian founded evening-wear designer that produces lovely gowns for special occasions. At retail, her prices range between $1,000 and $2,000. At the sample sale they will start as low as $250.

DAY Birger Et Mikkelsen

DAY Birger Et Mikkelsen sample sale
DAY Birger Et Mikkelsen

If Marco Polo had a sister – that’s how the brand positions itself. Classic work pieces made out of the finest silks. Full price items range at around $400-$500 so at the sale expect prices in the $100 range: tops, skirts, pants, and blazers. Think modern, clean and fashionable.


Chiara Ferragni sample sale
Chiara Ferragni sample sale

Named one of the world’s most famous influencers, with over 10M followers, Chiara definitely leaves her mark. Originally from Italy, Chiara built up a global following and then topped it with her own quirky brand. The sample sale will feature many of her shoes, heels and flats. Priced at $400-$500 in the store, at the sample sale they will be around $100.

Fashion Sample Sale

Y-7 Warehouse Sample Sale

By: Nanda Rai

Y-7 Sample Sale

The real real review #details

Y-7’s first ever warehouse sale? I couldn’t believe it either, because it was executed to perfection! You can visit the Y-7 warehouse sample sale located at the original Hip-Hop Yoga Studio (Y7 HQ, 262 Bowery, 4th Floor, NY, NY) starting today Tuesday August 15th- Wednesday August 16th; and trust me when I say this, you feel the “namast-ay fly” aesthetic as soon as you walk in. Need I mention their too-good-to-be-true negotiation with the weather? I mean, the temptation to purchase a sweater on a rainy day like today from a vast selection of all-black comfy Y-7 sweatshirts/hoodies with trendy slogan designs?! Y-7 for the win!

Y-7 sample sale, fashion, new york city,
Y-7 studio design

But, lets back it up a bit, trekking 4 stair flights up to the warehouse; Y-7 definitely knows its customers, getting everyone to kick a sweat before the goods and glory sales. Ice-cold tea samples (RUNA) served right before the race to the racks is most definitely a well-thought-out refresher of choice, another check for Y-7. As you head inside, the atmosphere gets you bumping and flowing to the most popular genre of music in the U.S right now, Hip-Hop!! Yep, its pretty damn ideal.

Y-7 sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
Candle lit and 40% sale on yoga fits
Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
Namast’ay tank top

I walked in with a mission, to get all the information on site on behalf of the ShopDrop team, and completely got distracted when I saw this Kanye sweater “inspo.” It was Kanye West in pretzel position, hell yeah!! Y-7 is definitely onto something, unique and genius! Lucky for me, there was only 1 small left, so I dropped everything and called grabs! Don’t worry,  I took tons of pictures, just for you to see! I mean 40% off today? 50% off tomorrow? I couldn’t resist.

Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
Kanye Blessed graphic sweatshirt

For the rest of the apparel, sizes range from XS-XL in most styles including the hoodies/sweatshirts/tour-style t-shirts, sweats, leggings and sports bras. The prices have taken a steep downfall from $250 retail to $16 or less in apparel and accessories (headbands, face towels, bookbags, candles, phone cases, beanie hats, pins). ShopDrop has you covered ! You definitely want to yoga, sleep, study, eat, netflix in this gear!

Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
We Flow Hard tour-styled t-shirt
Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
We Flow Hard yoga jogger
Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
Sweat tribe unite!
Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
Bring the heat yoga pants
Y-7, sample sale, fashion, new york city, yoga apparel
B.I.G bomber jacket
Y-7, sample sale, accessories, new york city, yoga apparel
Y-7 tribe book bag

Here’s the info:

What: Y-7 Sample Sale

Where: Y7 HQ, 262 Bowery, 4th Floor, NY, NY

When: August 15 – August 16Tue-Wed 11AM-7PM

P.S. The best part of this sample sale is getting to know the brand! Y-7 established itself in 2013, opening studios all over NYC and LA and has been featured in all the best magazines, (Cosmo, Forbes, InStyle), including Vogue, quoting ” Yoga For People Who Put On Gangsta Rap and Handle It.” It truly cant get better than a recommendation from Vogue, you’ll be surprised how much of a spirit animal this brand can be for you when you shop their gear! Happy Shopping friends!


Fashion Sample Sale

Sneak Peak: Sachin & Babi Sample Sale

Sachin and Babi sample sale new york city 2017

The Sachin & Babi sale is opening on Monday and we were lucky to get a sneak peak. In summary, the merchandise is sick and the prices are even sicker. If you have the opportunity to get there next week, drop everything and go. Below I am including images and price lists from the sale. Remember to mention that you found out about the sale through ShopDrop and next time our users will get early access!

The showroom is in the brand office, which means that prices are low. Items start at $5 and don’t go higher than $200. For gowns that retail at $1,900 this is a steal. The sale includes both stock and samples. Items are from the most recent 2017 season and there are plenty of sizes. I saw a number of size 10 gowns. There were tons of gowns, dresses, tops, skirts, pants, shorts, sweaters, belts and jewelry.

A bit about the Sachin & Babi brand. Trained by Oscar de la Renta himself, Sachin created his own brand in 2009, which is haute couture, young and vivacious all at once. 

Make sure to hit to hit up the sale & mention ShopDrop.

What: Sachin & Babi sample sale
Where: 132 W 36th St, 9th Fl, NY, NY
When: Monday, August 14 – Wednesday, August 16
What time: 9AM-6PM

Sachin andBabi gown
Sachin andBabi gown: originally $895. Sample is $75, stock is $200.

Sachin and Babi sample sale
Retail price $795. Sample $40. Stock $125
Retail price $895. Sample $40. Stock $125
Retail – $395. Sample Sale price $75
Retail price – $595. Sample sale price $125
Sachin & Babi jacket. Retail $595. Sample Sale $40.
Jewelry. Retail $250. Sample Sale $20-$50.
Pants. Retail $450 . Sample Sale $75
Bracelets. Retail $250. Sample Sale $30.


Sachin & Babi gown. Retail $895. Sample Sale $200.
Sachin & Babi Olive Gown
Sachin & Babi Gown $895. Sample Sale price $200.
Sachin & Babi Onassis Dress. Retail $795. Sample $40. Stock $125
Sachin & Babi Retail $850. Sample Sale $125.
Sachin & Babi Neva gown
Sachin & Babi Neva gown Retail $995. Sample Sale $200.
Sachin & Babi $895. Sample $40. Stock $125.
Sachin & Babi $895. Sample $40. Stock $125.
Sachin and Babi Retail $895. Stock $125.
Sachin & Babi sample sale $125
Sachin & Babi Sample Sale price $125




Fashion Sample Sale

5 Top Sample Sales in NY This Week

Happy Independence Day! Hope you’re enjoying the warm weather as much as we are!

While it’s true that many sample sale hosts shut their doors for the Summer, there are still a number of awesome sample sales coming up every single week. So if you are the discovery shopper on the lookout for rising quality brands at affordable price points, stick with us, and we’ll make sure you are the best dressed person around. Below is a list of the best upcoming sample sales this week. As always, we love your input so keep your feedback coming!


The based-in-England made-in-Spain shoe brand Miista is holding a three day sample sale in the heart of the Lower East Side at the end of this week. If you are into chunky heels  and cutting edge styles, this one’s hot. The prices will drop from an average of $250 to $30, and on top of that you could earn cash back if you email us your receipt. Details here. 

When: July 7-July 9
Where: 83A Hester St, NY, NY

Shoes Sample Sale NY
Miista Block Summer Shoes


The coolest leather totes are on sale! That’s right, the leather totes which usually retail in the $600-$700 range will be selling for a few days for under $70. The sale is in a showroom in the fashion district, and it’s cash only.

When: July 6-7 10:30AM-5:30PM
Where: 209 West 38th Street, Suite 503, NY, NY


3. INBAL DROR blowout bridal sale

The Tahor group is hosting its final blowout sale of all the Inbal Dror gowns remaining in its collection. What that means in practice is that all the gowns that retail between $8,000 and $10,000 will be selling for only $4,500. If you have a wedding coming up and need something sexy to slip into, make sure you don’t miss this one. This sale is appointment only, so email me at for an appointment.
When: July 5-7
Where: 110 East 40th St, NY, NY

Inbal Dror blowout sale NY
Inbal Dror Gowns

4. VELVET by GRAHAM & SPENCER sample sale

Shop 85% off VELVET by GRAHAM & SPENCER sample sale, which is hosted by 260 sample sale. This is for men and women. Prices for T-shirts are typically around $119, so the sample sale will offer amazing quality at even better prices.

When: July 5-July 9 I 10AM-7PM
Where: 260 Sample Sale, 260 Fifth Ave (28th St)

Velvet By Graham & Spencer sample sale
Velvet By Graham & Spencer sample sale

5. KAS sample sale

KAS, the India-inspired NY brand is on sale. Everything is at least 50% off at this sample sale that is almost over. Make sure to hit up the ATM because the sale is cash-only. Thanks to our users for giving us the heads up.

When: Up to July 7th I 10AM-6PM
Where: 231 W 39th St, Suite 1002, NY, NY

KAS NY sample sale
KAS NY sample sale


Like this dress? We do too! Tracy Reese, the designer is having a sample sale next week – and as a special perk for you guys, doors are opening one day early for ShopDropppers. To come early, all you have to do is download the ShopDrop app. It’s that easy! Details here – can’t wait to see you on July 10th!

Tracy Reese sample sale
Michelle Obama in a Tracy Reese dress
Fashion Interview Sample Sale

Sample Sale Review: Jimmy Choo

How appropriate is it that the first truly warm day this month coincided with the Jimmy Choo sample sale opening? I showed up near the Met Pavilion at the early hours of dawn to reserve my rightful place in the line of anxious bargain hunters and fashionistas! Okay, maybe it was 11AM and I really didn’t feel like rolling out of bed that early. Whatever, still felt like dawn to me. So I stood there for a good hour staring at my phone and feeling the sun beat down mercilessly on my sweltering head. Observing those in line was fun: the girl who nearly pulled off her shirt in genuine frustration, the man who was saying something quite passionately into his headphone in a different language to someone who must have been thrilled to be on the receiving end and the girls who looked like they walked off the runway to grab some Jimmy Choos. All in all, the line moved relatively quickly, and I made the trek up four flights of stairs to learn that I now earned the right to stand in yet another line, where I would receive a ticket in exchange for my bag and then voila! I entered paradise.

The wait was completely worth it – the white room was filled with people scurrying from table to table. The crowds were managed nicely, there was enough room to approach each table, check out the merchandise, try on a few shoes and move on. The tables were organized by size – so if you are a size 8, you would walk over to the few 8 tables and try on shoes until you were content. The selection was awesome: flats, heels, booties, boots, sandals – you name it. There was also a table with accessories, which included awesome purses, hard-cased clutches and handbags. Prices ranged between $200 and $350 for all items. Considering the fact that at retail, Jimmy Choo shoes cost between $625 and $4,425 (I kid you not), the shoes at the sale are practically free. Well, at least you would think they are by the huge bags of shoes people were walking out with! Anyhow, I’ll stop bogging you down with details and will let you enjoy the pictures from the sale. These are from my iphone but I will try to have more professional photos down the road.

If you want to hit up the sale, you will need a special code so email me at and I will send you all the gory details.
What: Jimmy Choo sample sale
When: Tue, May 16th – Thu, May 18th I 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Where: 123 West 18th St, New York, NY

line on the way to the Jimmy Choo sample sale
Line to Jimmy Choo sample sale
Jimmy Choo Sample Sale Price List
Price List
Jimmy Choo Accessories Sample Sale
Jimmy Choo Accessories
Jimmy Choo Sandals
Jimmy Choo Sandals


Fashion Interview Sample Sale

A Goldmine of Urban Fashion

Interview with Z, founder and manager of 375 pop-up

To passerby, 375 Lexington might seem like any other NY address. However, to those New Yorkers looking for a real steal in urban fashion, the address is a sanctuary. For seven days every month, 375 Lexington turns into a pop-up store for urban designers

375 Pop Up Urban Fashion
375 Pop Up

E: What are some of the unique brands you bring to your customers:

Z: Our popup is always a combination of traditional luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci and Loubutin, combined with up and coming urban designers. Some of the hottest designers include Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, Off-White and FDK One. In May, for the first time ever, we are bringing the ridiculously popular brand called Outlaw Moscow to New York. People will be flying in from all over the world for this one.

E: How do people find out about you? What’s your most prominent source of marketing?

Z: At 375, we don’t use any of the traditional marketing resources. We don’t have a website, a traditional office space or anything like that. We offer quality authentic items at amazing discounts and word travels. At our first pop-up we opened an Instagram account, and within a week had close to 1,500 followers. The lines into the store were around the block and we sold out of merchandise in the first three days of a ten-day pop-up. I realized then and there that we created something unique.

E: Why did you choose a pop-up model over a freestanding store:

Z: I believe that origins and remembering where you come from is important. The popup business changes fast. You never know which location it will take you to next. We fell in love with 375 Lexington as soon as we laid our eyes on it. Our fan base loves it as well – they flock to this location from all over the United States, whether it’s New York, Texas, or Los Angeles.

Additionally, freestanding stores have to have a consistent image and feel to them. We aren’t locked into anything. We stand for promoting unique fashion designers. Every month we choose someone else, and every month, our store looks different. That’s why people keep on coming back – there is always novelty at 375.

E: I imagine you came up with the name 375 because of the location. Is there anything else to the name?

Z: Although we sell clothes only 7 days out of 30, we work 24 hours seven days every single week. Sourcing clothes at discounted prices takes a lot of effort, and we put our all into it – so basically, we work not 365 days a year but 375. By now, the name is than an address, it is a symbol. So no matter where we go next, we will keep the name.

E: Moving forward, how do you see 375 evolving?

Z: No matter where we move or how long we are open for, we will always stay true to what we stand for: offering value to our customers through valuable hard-to-find merchandise for authentic prices. We will always engage with our consumers to ensure the highest quality and service.

What: 375 Pop Up
When: Sun, May 21 – Sun, May 28
Where: 375 Lexington Avenue, NY, NY
What time: Sun-Sun 12PM – 8PM


Fashion Sample Sale

Sample Sale Review: MAJE

MAJE sample sale in NY

This morning we headed out to the MAJE sale hosted in midtown. The nice part was that there were no lines so we had an easy time getting in. From the first few moments at the sale it is obvious that MAJE is not an American brand. (It’s French). The sizes are European, so you had to translate numbers like 1,2,3 into 4,6,8. The racks at the entry are filled with jackets and tops perfect for the corporate woman. There were long tweed jackets in light pastel and bright pink colors. The designs are clean, chic and classy. Jackets were priced at $145, while tops were at $85. Leather tops and blazers were gorgeous and more expensive. Original prices are north of $500 – so all things considered, the sample sale offers significant bargains.

Maje Sample Sale NY
MAJE Sample Sale

Toward the back of the store were the dresses – all selling for $105. This is where being a savvy consumer comes in handy. All of the dresses are nice. But at $105, some are nice and some are a steal. There were a number of long-sleeved dresses that can be worn to the office in the summer. A few slimming silhouettes, and some power cocktail dresses. Another awesome perk is that the dressing room was pretty convenient – we could try on dresses, make decisions and be in and out within 20 minutes.


If you have half an hour and can get to the area of 5th Ave and 28th St, we highly recommend you go. Details of the sale are below.

MAJE Sample Sale
Where: 260 sample sale, 260 5th Ave (between 28th and 29th St)
When: Until Sunday. Thu-Sat 10AM-7PM. Sun 10AM-5PM