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Coats & Blazers at THE ARRIVALS NYC sample sale

One of the hottest contemporary brands is hosting a sample sale in SoHo. That’s right – at The Arrivals NYC sample sale you will find a variety of coats (some for men, others for women, and others in UniSex) for up to 70% off. The lowest cost item I found cost $75, while the most expensive items were $400 after the discount was applied. If you are a huge fan of the brand and are used to paying full-price then you should definitely check out the sample sale before it ends. As always, images & prices below – enjoy!

What: The Arrivals NYC sample sale
Where: Feb 9th – Feb 18th I Sun-Tue 11AM-7PM I Wed-Sat 11AM-8PM
Where: 42 Crosby St, NY, NY


Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

All Under $50 at the Karen Miller Sample Sale

The Karen Miller brand is having it’s second sample sale this year at Clothingline. While I’m not the biggest fan of the brand, I have to admit that prices are quite low. Everything except for the leather items is under $50. There are lots of options for larger sizes (6-12) in clothes and quite a few shoe options as well. The sample sale has clothes for women only – and includes dresses, jackets, tops, cardigans, skirts and pants. A lot of the merchandise is dirty or damaged, so make sure to double check the items before checking out. If you like the British brand, then you still have two days to shop at the sale.

What: Karen Millen sample sale
Where: Clothingline, 261 West 36th Street, 2nd Floor, NY, NY
When: January 30 – February 01, 11AM-7PM


260 Sample Sale Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Absolute Stunners at the Herve Leger Sample Sale

ShopDrop Review

We have good news and bad news. The good news is that the Herve Leger sample sale for women at 260 has the most phenomenal items at crazy discounts. Many items are over 90% off. The bad news is that items are still quite pricey. So here is the rundown: most items are size small, but the selection of dresses is enormous. Embellished and non-embellished band-aid dresses, long and short, beautiful skirts, tops and jackets. No shoes, fragrances or handbags. Collections span current seasons to past. Every item is over $100 except for the bathing suits, which are an amazing $40 (down from $790!!!). The sale opens to the public today so make sure to snag some goodies while they last.

What: Herve Leger sample sale
Where: 260 sample sale, 150 Greene St
When: January 30 – February 04, Tue 9AM-8PM I Wed-Sat 10AM-7PM I Sun 10AM-5PM


260 Sample Sale chelsea market Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Less Shoes, More Clothes at the Schutz Sample Sale

Photo Credit: Glamourai

If you were hoping for an awesome selection of Schutz boots, don’t bother going to this sale. Go to the Modern Vice sample sale two blocks away. If you are looking for awesome pieces from The Arrivals (gorgeous wool coats, parkas and leather jackets), Kal Reiman goods or dresses from Mi Jong Lee, then Clothingline has a nice selection at even better prices. Oh, and not to forget the 2 racks of bodysuits from Alix – all for under $65. The thing I love most about Clothingline sample sales is that prices drop every day. So if you aren’t sure about a certain blazer or pair of pants, come back on the last day. Good chance you’ll get desired items for an additional 40%-50% off. As always, photos and prices below. Enjoy!

What: Schutz, Arrivals, Alix sample sale
Where: Clothingline, 261 West 36th St, 2nd Floor, NY, NY
When: Jan 24-26, Thu-Fri 11AM-7PM

Fashion Jimmy Choo Oscar de la Renta Sample Sale

Score Your Favorite Golden Globe Looks at the Next Sample Sale

By Cristina Martin

This year at the Golden Globes award, most stars wore black gowns to support theTimes Up Now and #MeToo campaigns to end sexual harassment. Whether you’re looking for that perfect LBD or long gown for your next big event, you can shop the same brands worn at the Golden Globes at sample sales in NY. Our fav was Alexis Bledel in an Oscar de la Renta romper (sample sales 2x year), Jimmy Choo heels (sample sales 2x year). A list of sample sales and looks below. Enjoy!

Here are Golden Globe favorites that have recently held sample sales in New York City:

Looking to shop right now? The next high-end sample sales coming your way will be Jason Wu, Theory, and Helmut Lang.

Big Little Lies producer, actress and Golden Globe winner, Reese Witherspoon is wearing a Zac Posen Dress and Jimmy Choo heels.
Big Little Lies producer, actress and Golden Globe winner, Reese Witherspoon is wearing a Zac Posen dress and Jimmy Choo heels.






Alexis Bledel, known for Gilmore Girls, is wearing an Oscar de la Renta Dress with Jimmy Choo heels. A full sample sale look!
Alexis Bledel, known for Gilmore Girls, is wearing an Oscar de la Renta Dress with Jimmy Choo heels. A full sample sale look!
Fashion Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

About The Manolo Markdown & Why There Aren’t Too Many Sample Sales in January

Manolo Blahnik 60% Markdown NY ShopDrop app

As 2018 begins, we can’t help but notice that the number of sample sales per week dropped from over 100 to a mere 10-20. True, this is the week of the Holiday itself, perhaps the slowest week of the year. None the less, we’d like to go over the reasons that sample sale season is slower between January and February.

  1. It is cold – people want to stay indoors and shop online – not in physical brick and mortar stores, where they could freeze their *** off waiting in line.
  2. Regular stores have their biggest markdowns during this time of year (think Manolo Blahnik – that is why we covered their 60% markdown here) so sample sales only offer an additional 20%-30% off in that case.
  3. It’s post gifting season. Most New Yorkers are exhausted after shopping for the Holiday season: all the equipment, gifts and festive prep leaves shoppers exhausted – both financially and emotionally.
  4. Jan-March is known as ‘the dead season’ for physical retail across the board!

    That is why we decided to cover the Manolo Blahnik 60% markdown taking place in their headquarters in midtown Manhattan. Half the store was on sale, the other half was still selling at full price. Shoes and boots ranges from $205 to $1,000, when retail prices ranged between $600 and $1,600. Items included Summer, Fall and Winter collections with sandals, velvet heels, boots and booties. Styles included both classic and holiday. As always, images & prices are included below. Enjoy.



Fashion Interview Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Tutorial: What’s New in the New Version of ShopDrop App

ShopDrop App Update

Dear ShopDrop users, we are thrilled to announce that after 4 months of toil, we have finally released the next version of ShopDrop app. The goal of this post is to walk you through the updates and to make sure you know how to use all the new features. Make sure to go to the app store and update your ShopDrop app, if you haven’t done so already. As always, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback

Our first note of appreciation goes to our talented, patient and brilliant CTO, William DeMuro, who spent countless hours perfecting the ShopDrop app so that shoppers can enjoy the app and get the most use of it. Bill says: “Working on ShopDrop is one of my favorite projects, because our users are so involved in the creative process. Share the app with your friends – the more the merrier – and most importantly, enjoy!”

Our second word of thanks goes to Tomas Uribe, our brilliant UX/UI Designer, who managed to change the buttons just so, and create a visual flow that is so appealing, I sometimes go to the app just for fun!

Finally, thank you – dear ShopDrop users – who believed in us, used our app, told us how to improve the app, and helped us get to this point. Please enjoy it, rate and review it on the app store and share it with friends! Below is an instruction guide for the new features – use’m & enjoy!

    1. FILTER

      Select the hamburger in the top left corner of the feed page.
      You will see the filter pop up.
      You can now choose the filer option to see sales that meet specific criteria:
      a. men, women, children
      b. happening now
      c. near me (select radius)
      d. price
      e. category (contemporary, shoes, bags, evening, etc)


      You can now comment on sales, see what other people thought and recommended.
      To access the comment click on the speech box on every sale (either from the main page or from the detail page).
      A pop-up will appear which will prompt you to type a comment – after you are done typing – you can add an image.
      Walla – now others can see what you think of the sale.


      Now you will be able to pay through the ShopDrop app at any partnering sales.
      When a sale is partnering with us, you will see a large “PAY WITH SHOPDROP” on the screen.
      Selecting it will allow you to pay with credit card or apple pay. Paying through ShopDrop is completely safe.
      We are using STRIPE as our processor. The good news is you will be able to apply ShopDrop credit toward real purchases.


      You can let us know how and when you want alerts about your sample sales.
      Your choices are push notifications, sms messages and emails.
      To set your preferences, click on the profile section – bottom right.
      Then click on the settings icon – top right. There you will see three buttons – each one for a different notification.
      Make sure to select the ones that are relevant to you.

    5. PROFILE

      Update your profile picture & name on your profile page so that friends will know who you are and which sales you like.
      You can update your profile by selecting the profile section in the bottom right – and then clicking on the edit profile button.
      That is here you will be able to customize your username and profile picture.


      Select your favorite brands so you could receive alerts when that brand is having a sample sale.
      Remember to make sure your notifications are on (see point 4) . To select favorite brands, go to profile (bottom right icon),
      select settings (top right icon) and click on MY BRANDS. That is where you select your favorite brands. Remember to press SAVE when you’re done.

    7. MAP

      The map feature allows you to search for sample sales right near you. We updated this feature so now you only see events happening now.
      You can access the map by clicking on the second button on the bottom to the left.


      Now you can earn credit toward shopping when you share ShopDrop with your friends!
      To do so, click on the middle icon on the bottom (the gift box), and share your unique link with friends via mail, text or social!







5 Startups That Will Change Fashion

NYFW event Future of Fashion

Our startup lineup is complete for the New York Fashion Week. The fashion world is evolving rapidly, and that affects both mobile and in-store experiences. At the Future of Fashion event on September 12th, you will have the opportunity to hear from the founders of the five startups listed below.


Perch Interactive

Perch Interactive

Below is a list of the revolutionary startups presenting at the event.
To buy your tickets, click here. 



FRENZY AI Image Recognition Technology

FRENZY AI Image Recognition Technology

Frenzy is an automated algorithm that identifies exact clothing in photographs. Using deep learning and computer vision, it’s able to parse through each item in a blog image to determine the exact brand, SKU and where it can be purchased. Instead of spending hours to several days curating product links, Frenzy lets publishers monetize site images with no manual work or added fees. There’s almost 300 fashion blogs and magazines signed up to use Frenzy’s WordPress Site Plugin with a combined audience reach of 34Million.



PRADUX - Shop Your Favorite TV Show Items
PRADUX – shop off TV shows

Discover, share and get paid for your style. Browse and shop the items you see in the world and the largest database of products seen on your favorite TV shows.




Nineteenth Amendment
Nineteenth Amendment

Nineteenth Amendment lets independent designers sell directly to customers without traditional inventory and engage with shoppers in a way not previously possible. Shoppers, eager to obtain cutting-edge brands, find exclusive styles at below-retail prices by being one of the first to purchase. It matters because the fashion industry was made for this: connecting the patronage of style-conscious shoppers with designers with talent and beautiful designs that aren’t ubiquitous.


Perch Interactive


Perch InteractivePERCH is a startup intent on revolutionizing retail. PERCH unites digital content with physical products with the goal of maximizing engagement, capturing analytics and driving sales. Our patent pending sensing technology detects when shoppers touch and pick up products, and responds immediately with dynamic and compelling content


Brick and Portal


Brick & Portal is a social commerce platform, which brings the true experience of shopping with friends online. Users can create and request unique outfits for any occasion specially designed for each other with the Brick & Portal app.

Brick & Portal allows users to request and curate outfits for each other from a robust cornucopia of items found at top retailers such as Saks and Bloomingdales. A fashionista can now not just get asked for obscure fashion advice on what to wear on a special occasion, but get a concrete request with budget and event in mind. For the curator, the process is like dressing a barbie, gamified and exciting, where a complete look can also be sent to someone outside of the network – naturally spreading the word about this great new way to shop with friends online.

Host: TABu App

Tabu app
TABU app

Tabu App allows you to open and close your bar tab on your phone – no more forgotten credit cards or long lines to close out your bar tab at the end of a crazy night. Tabu is not an ordering platform. With TABu, the relationship between bartender and customer continues.


ShopDrop App helps NY fashion lovers discover sample sales so they can wear brands they love for prices they can afford. With the ShopDrop app, you will never have to pay full-price for designer clothes again.

What: NYFW Future of Fashion Event
Where: AtWood Bar, 986 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10022
When: September 12th, 6PM-8PM
Buy Your Ticket Here


Fashion Sample Sale

ShopDrop is Now a Community – App Update

Next Version of the ShopDrop App

An in-depth explanation of the next version of the sample sale app: easy comments, profile pics, access to blog from the app & deep linking.

Hello Dear ShopDrop Users,

Estee here. I’d like to introduce you to our Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Bill. He is a tech genius and thanks to him we just released the new version of the ShopDrop app. My goal this morning is to tell you about the new features, explain how they are used and then to move on with life. If you are experiencing any difficulty with the app, please email me at – we will fix your problem ASAP. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Until then, enjoy!

  1. Troubleshooting: If you updated your app and it keeps on crashing, try deleting it and downloading it again. That should reload all the data on the app in a visible manner.
  2. We added the SEARCH feature. That’s right, now you don’t have to scroll through the app endlessly to find your favorite sales: you can search for a specific one you like.
  3. Single file. Each sale has a tag now telling you when the sample sale will take place. Instead of separating by week, everything is organized in a single scroll.
  4. We are now a community: what that means is that you could see who else is going to the sale by seeing their icons pop up. So please upload your pics!
  5. Commenting is now easy – you can comment right by your icon – and tell everyone about the merchandise you are finding at the sale.
  6. Check in – now once you’re at a sale, you can actually check in – that way you become our trusted ambassador to report on the state of the merchandise at the sale
  7. Read our blog – now you’ll be able to read our blog straight from the site. It’s interesting, fun and easy.
  8. Deep linking: now we can link to the brand page in the app – so that you can look at full prices and styles before making a decision about the sample sale.
  9. Finally, in the profile section, you can now see which sales you RSVP’d to, so that you don’t have to scroll through all the sales from scratch to find the ones you love.

We are still far from done and are working on more features day by day, so if you have any ideas, definitely let me know!






Fashion Sample Sale

ShopDrop Special: Earn Rewards at the Miista Sample Sale

ShopDrop special with Miista Sample Sale Earn Cash Back

ShopDrop Special:

Dear ShopDroppers,

For every sample sale that comes up, we reach out to brands asking for partnerships. We ask them if they’ll do something special for our VIP sample sale fashionistas. Here’s an exciting partnership and the first of its kind with the British shoe brand, Miista. The program will allow you to earn cash back and here is how it works. Retail prices for the brand range between $95 and $375, and at the sample sale prices will start as low as $30!

  1. Hit up the Miista sample sale 
    MIISTA sample sale
    Fri, July 7th – Sun, July 9th I Fri-Sat 10AM-7PM I Sun 10AM-6PM
    Circle Studios, 83A Hester St, NY, NY (Directions, this is on the Lower East Side)
  2. When you check out you will receive an email receipt.
    Forward the receipt to and include your Venmo or Paypal name. 
  3. We will send you 10% back! That’s right! If you spent $100 at the sale, we will send you $10 to enjoy!

xo, the ShopDrop team!

Miista heels $95 retail price

Musings about Miista from Lexi

Last week I boarded the downtown A train feeling comfy and confident in a soft blue shift dress I purchased from Old Navy for the ridiculous price of $8. I always receive compliments on the dress due to its functional combo of both comfort and class. Whenever people ask where I purchased I, they’re usually pretty surprised with the answer.

When I stepped out off of the subway, the bounce in my step imitated that of a deflated beach ball, as I acknowledged my dress, on another girl, walking into the same building that I was. Well, so much for that…

A line of MIISTA shoes all lined up and ready for the sale
A line of MIISTA shoes all lined up and ready for the sale

At that moment I realized that if I wanted to stop looking like everyone else, I had to stop shopping at main stream retailers. Just in time for my fashion crisis, cue the Miista sample sale.

For those who don’t know what all the hype is about, keep reading. This unique, luxury sample sale is custom made for a true Fashionista. The sale will feature specially designed shoes that actually never made it to the production line. This is a chance to find some really special, unique pieces that no one else will have.

Miista Boots: range between $185 & $350
Miista Boots: range between $185 & $350

All of Miista’s shoes are designed in London and crafted in Spain. Merchandise includes all types of shoes including sandals, heels, slip ons, over the knee boots made from real Italian leather and more. 

Come check out this unique shopping event on Friday July 7th, 2017 – Sunday July 9th 2017 next door to Miista’s boutique at Circle Studios, 83A Hester Street, New York, NY Special treat, come meet the founder of Miista, Lara Villasenin who will be at the sale.

Miista adds a unique twist to your classic wedges and pom pom slip ons. Don’t run into your shoes on someone else this summer, happy sample sale shopping!

Miista lineup