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We Are Excited To Host Our First Ever Sample Sale! Here Is Why You Should Be Too!

ShopDrop Sample Sales New York

Dear ShopDrop Users,

We are so excited to announce our first official hosted sample sale along with Sachin & Babi,Gracy Accad and Naz New York. In the year that we have been living, breathing and covering sample sales, we have been listening to your feedback, suggestions and frustrations and learned about the things that really piss you off.

Our next mission at ShopDrop is to create an amazing shopping experience where the prices are great, shoppers aren’t made to feel like criminals and don’t have to spend hours weltering in the heat or rain. A good price doesn’t have to equal a terrible experience.

Here is a summary of what people hate most about sample sales:

When discounts don’t go deeper than 60%
When you expect one set of prices, but see a totally different set at the sale (we all hate surprises like that)
When there is a ton of staff, yet no one is helpful
When you’re forced to check your bag and then are expected to tip on top of that
Waiting for hours in the boiling heat, pouring rain or freezing cold
Hoarders and re-sellers
Horrible hours and inconvenient locations
Mean staff

Here is what we are doing about it:

Transparency with regard to pricing, merchandise and traffic within the store (you will be told if there is a line!)
Pleasant environment where the staff is friendly, knowledgable and helpful (remember, a smile doesn’t cost extra!)
Everything is catered to the customer – that’s right, you, the ShopDrop Users always come first!

Getting to this point has taken us months of blood, sweat and tears. We are so grateful to our partners, believes and users for sticking with us all this time. We love you and cannot wait to see you this week! We can’t wait to embark on the next part of this amazing journey with you!


The ShopDrop Team